Doc Sorter 1.0 eDocfile Inc.    

Automatically Sort and Name your scanned files or facsimiles. Doc Sorter is a program designed ... folders based upon the text content of the file. It will process tiff images if Microsoft Office ... Imaging is present as well as searchable PDF files. The program can also capture one piece of ... for further processing as well as rename the file this value. The program is designed to run .... Free download of Doc Sorter 1.0

Document Indexer 1.0 eDocfile Inc.    

Document Indexer is a tool to increase the productivity of ... in conjunction with a Document Management Program. Document Indexer monitors a file folder(s) for TIFF and PDF files, when a file arrives the operator is notified and can quickly ... information about the document. Along with the CSV file the user also has the option of embedding .... Free download of Document Indexer 1.0

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