TextPipe Standard 11.2 DataMystic     update

... in line or column ranges, CSV- or tab-delimited fields, lines that match or do not match a pattern, and search replacements (allowing replacement text to be capitalized etc). TextPipe can be fully automated via the command-line or scripted via a COM interface. Handles files even larger than 2 GB. Full .... Free download of TextPipe Standard 11.2

EasyBilling Invoicing Software for Mac 7.6.1 Evinco Solutions Limited     update

... customizable. Option boxes feature allows user specify the field, like signature box, is display or not. You can stamp your document with Urgent, Revised, Confidential or any you want. It allows you to generate the document in PDF file and print freely. EasyBilling provides easy-to-use customer list and item list. .... Free download of EasyBilling Invoicing Software for Mac 7.6.1

Devart ODBC Driver for QuickBooks 2.0 Devart     update

... Compatibility ODBC driver has full support for QuickBooks Field data types and, moreover, the driver is compatible with the QuickBooks API itself. *ODBC Conformance The driver provides full support for common ODBC interface: -ODBC API Functions support -ODBC Data Types support In addition, we provide support for Advanced Connection String .... Free download of Devart ODBC Driver for QuickBooks 2.0

XLSTAT 2019.4.1.0 ADDINSOFT     update

... includes more than 200 features in general or field-specific solutions. The use of Excel as an interface ... tests, ANOVA, ANCOVA, mixed models and much more. Field-specific solutions allow for advanced multivariate analysis (RDA, CCA, MFA), Preference Mapping and other sensometrics tools, Statistical Process Control, Simulations, Time series analysis, Dose response .... Free download of XLSTAT 2019.4.1.0

How to Open .eml File in Outlook 10.0 How to Open .eml File in Outlook     new

... utility without having any technical info in technical field. Through this tool users can easily learn how to open .eml file in Outlook. It supports all latest and below editions of Windows OS including current edition of Windows 10. To get more knowledge about how to open .eml file in .... Free download of How to Open .eml File in Outlook 10.0

The Reverse Experience 2020.01.01 Dynamic Applications     update

... theory. This will also introduce you into the field of strategy scenario variation - learn how to choose from a variety of strategic options. An evaluation window will show you precisely how each move was calculated internally, explain briefly the strategy you're exploring, and you can compare the impact of .... Free download of The Reverse Experience 2020.01.01

IP Tools for Excel 3.6.2 Productive Solutions Inc.     update

... and test the expiry date. Any x.509 certificate field - Nslookup - DNS lookup forward or reverse -- Do they match - Trace Route via the tracert command - Ping any selected list of IP addresses or host names - sweep it - run continuous - openTCP ports and scan .... Free download of IP Tools for Excel 3.6.2

Import vCard 5.6.3 Import vCard     update

What is the best solution to import vCard contacts of various applications to PST? There are many application, which supports vCard format. The need to Import vCard files arise when you want to access the files in Excel (XLS), CSV or Outlook (PST). vCard Importer software comes with both single mode .... Free download of Import vCard 5.6.3

SoftSpire Gmail Converter 1.0 SoftSpire Solutions     new

... and Hard Drive without proper expertise in technical field. While Gmail export emails to hard drive, the software ask you to choose the desirable location in which you want to save the resultant file. Gmail Converter preserve all email properties in exact form and also maintains folder hierarchy in original .... Free download of SoftSpire Gmail Converter 1.0

Geodata Germany 24.00 Killet Software Ing.-GbR     update

... often it is necessary to reference an address field e.g. like town or municipality name, postal code or telephone preselection, to corresponding geographical data and coordinates - a Geo Reference. The geo reference can be used e.g. to direct a customer to the closest store locations of a retail store .... Free download of Geodata Germany 24.00

Slitheris Network Discovery 1.1.287 Komodo Laboratories LLC     update

... like the MAC Address, but leave the OS field empty and don't even bother identifying device types. Our IP scanner uses standard multi-threaded ping sweeps to find pingable devices, and uses ARP pings and other advanced network discovery technology to detect unpingable hidden devices. Other state-of-the-art features include operating system .... Free download of Slitheris Network Discovery 1.1.287

Video Kiosk 7.5.1 BurningThumb Studios     update

... update, secure and control your devices in the field. Remotely update settings and content loop on your off-site video kiosk android devices without leaving the office. Video Kiosk has everything you'll need to have your video kiosk displaying what you want, how you want and running, unattended and reliably in .... Free download of Video Kiosk 7.5.1

Export Messages to MSG for Outlook 4.14 Relief Software     new

... template, you can use values of various message fields. For example, subject, sender or recipient name, email ... subject, the message text, or any other message field in the names of target folders and files to be saved. Save received and sent messages together or separately. Set up one folder for .... Free download of Export Messages to MSG for Outlook 4.14

Virtual Data Access Components 11.1 Devart     update

... records filtering - Local sorting ability by several field - The performance of TVirtualQuery is significantly improved ... Application-defined collations in TVirtualQuery are supported - AutoInc fields in TVirtualTable are supported .... Free download of Virtual Data Access Components 11.1

PDF Data Extractor 1.06 Traction Software     update

... Number: text is on the same page. Different fields can also be merged into one, so say ... Name and Surname can be output as one field in the CSV file. Many options are available: ... on the command line, Header output, page number field, filename field, Batch list of files to process. .... Free download of PDF Data Extractor 1.06

KeyTurion 6.4 KeyTurion     new

... as a result of perennial experience in the field of computer monitoring. The easiness of use and vast configuration options make the application perfect for monitoring actions performed on a computer either at home or in a company. Remarkable possibilities of monitoring the user's activeness, activating alerts, and the possibility .... Free download of KeyTurion 6.4

DataNumen DBF Repair 2.1 DataNumen, Inc.     update

... repair DBF files with memo or binary data fields stored in DBT or FPT files. 3.Support to ... files. 4.Support to split the table when its field count reaches a predefined maxmimum field count. 5.Support to fix DBF files on corrupted .... Free download of DataNumen DBF Repair 2.1

Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate Lottery Software     update

... of that filter, simply by clicking on the field of datas and you're given a comprehensive graph to analyse and predict the next move of that filter. With these new unique features you can now play the whole pool of numbers of your lotto game, this lottery software programs can .... Free download of Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate

WholeClear TGZ to HTML Converter 2.0 WholeClear     new

... User don’t need to be expert in IT field. It’s easily operated by any user. WholeClear TGZ to HTML Converter offers the free demo version for testing its features and capabilities of it. It’s only for trial purpose. So through this version user checks the feature and functions of the .... Free download of WholeClear TGZ to HTML Converter 2.0

WholeClear TGZ to PDF Converter 2.0 WholeClear     new

WholeClear TGZ to PDF Converter, this software is highly tested by the experts themselves. They highly suggests it for best conversion results. Through this software user simply moves the TGZ files to PDF without disturbing the conversion process. This software supports the all versions of Zimbra as well as Windows. There .... Free download of WholeClear TGZ to PDF Converter 2.0

WholeClear TGZ to PST Converter 1.0 WholeClear     new

... user. User don’t need to expert in IT field. This software offers the free demo version for testing the functions of it. With this version, user can simply evaluate the features and functions of the software by himself. But there is an exception that is only limited data will be .... Free download of WholeClear TGZ to PST Converter 1.0

AI Image Mover 1.00 Traction Software     new

... pavement, pillow, plant - other, plastic, platform, playing field, railing, railroad, river, road, rock, roof, rug, salad, sand, sea, shelf, sky - other, skyscraper, snow, solid - other, stairs, stone, straw, structural - other, table, tent, textile - other, towel, tree, vegetable, wall - brick, wall - concrete .... Free download of AI Image Mover 1.00

OrgChart JS 5.3.3 BALKANGraph     update

... your users work with big diagrams, a search field which allows finding a particular item will serve as a handful tool. The edit mode makes it easy to create and edit diagram items. All you have to do is type a name, title, some additional info, and OrgChart JSwill build .... Free download of OrgChart JS 5.3.3

Soil Profile Visualization Software - VisLog 4.0 Novo Tech Software Ltd.     update

Using VisLog, the user will be able to enter borehole information make a 3-dimensional interactive view of the subsurface layers. Input data can be entered manually or imported directly from gINT. The 3D model can then be exported to PDF, image formats and movie format which are easily viewable by the .... Free download of Soil Profile Visualization Software - VisLog 4.0

Soil Liquefaction Analysis Software - NovoLIQ 4.0 Novo Tech Software Ltd.     new

... covering 10 different analysis methods using the following field tests: -Standard Penetration Test (SPT) -Becker Penetration Test (BPT) -Shear Wave Velocity (Vs) Soil resistance (CRR) is calculated based on: -Seed et al. (1983) -NCEER Workshop (1996) -Vancouver Task Force (2007) -Idriss & Boulanger (2008) -Cetin & Seed (2004) -Japanese Bridge .... Free download of Soil Liquefaction Analysis Software - NovoLIQ 4.0

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