FeyTorrents 3.6.0 Fey Tools    

... its functionality on that of the p2p client Vuze to which it adds a plus of convenience. ... Mp3s, applications, games, documents etc will be downloaded fast and efficiently due to useful features like intelligent bandwidth, queue and speed management. The program offers multiple downloads capability (multiple torrents can be downloaded .... Free download of FeyTorrents 3.6.0

BitZilla 3.6.0 ShareZillas    

BitZilla is an advanced Java based BitTorrent client loaded with powerful configurable features and options bound to ensure a most reliable downloading process. In addition, BitZilla includes plug-in capabilities able to tweak the download experience depending on the user's needs. The app which is very viable with regard to CPU usage .... Free download of BitZilla 3.6.0

Vuze Leap BitTorrent Client 1.4.1 Azureus Software, Inc    

Vuze Leap simplifies and streamlines the torrent protocol experience. ... an exceptionally lightweight product that utilizes few resources, Vuze Leap is optimized for speed to provide faster data exchanges. It also targets security and privacy to better preserve user anonymity and free .... Free download of Vuze Leap BitTorrent Client 1.4.1

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