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Valentine's Day Sudoku 1.0 Valentine's Day Sudoku    

... You found your one true love, Valentine's Day Sudoku! Valentine's Day Sudoku is the only way to celebrate true love ... inspire you to gallantly win every level of sudoku you conquer on Valentine's Day Sudoku in the name of amore. There are multiple levels of sudoku play on Valentine's Day Sudoku for you to .... Free download of Valentine's Day Sudoku 1.0

Thanksgiving Sudoku 1.0 Thanksgiving Sudoku    

It's a bountiful harvest here at Thanksgiving Sudoku! The Thanksgiving fun never stops with hundreds and hundreds of free sudoku games at several different levels. Play easy, medium, hard, and expert sudoku all day with our delicious Thanksgiving Turkey graphics! ... on Plymouth rocking with 24/7 Games strategic web sudoku puzzles. If this is your first foray into .... Free download of Thanksgiving Sudoku 1.0

Expert Fall Sudoku 1.0 Fall Sudoku    

We applaud you, Expert Sudoku player! You are obviously a glutton for punishment or an amazing sudoku player (or both)! Nonetheless, we honor your commitment ... game and your desire to play the best sudoku game on the web - Fall Sudoku! As you know, Fall Solitaire Expert levels will require some of the .... Free download of Expert Fall Sudoku 1.0

Hard Fall Sudoku 1.0 Fall Sudoku    

The air gets crisper with Hard Fall Sudoku! This difficult sudoku puzzle level is sure to test your sudoku level to the extreme. You'll need to start ... if you haven't done so already. To activate sudoku notes click the pencil. You'll notice the squares ... numbers are removed. This denotes you are in sudoku note mode. Enter the number into the space .... Free download of Hard Fall Sudoku 1.0

Medium Fall Sudoku 1.0 Fall Sudoku    

Harvest those numbers with Medium Fall Sudoku! Medium Sudoku on Fall Solitaire is a mid-level sudoku puzzle game for those players who want to ... a bit harder of a game than Easy Sudoku! In Medium Sudoku, the player can still solve the puzzle with ... you no longer have extra clues on the sudoku board. Sudoku games at any difficulty are all .... Free download of Medium Fall Sudoku 1.0

Fall Sudoku 1.0 Fall Sudoku    

The colors of fall are sure to bring in beginners and sudoku lovers to Easy Fall Sudoku year round! This simple Fall Sudoku is sure to teach you the ropes of playing sudoku in a fast and fun game great for players of all ages! Sudoku is an amazing game that will keep your .... Free download of Fall Sudoku 1.0

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