TextPipe Lite 11.7.1 DataMystic    

... for 'fuzzy' text patterns using popular perl-style regular expressions, and friendly EasyPatterns, with predefined patterns for [Whitespace], [Date], [Time], [IPAddress], [EmailAddress] and more. TextPipe is unique in that you can restrict replacements to line ranges, column ranges and also to HTML elements such as within the ALT tag of an .... Free download of TextPipe Lite 11.7.1

HTMLPad 2020 16.2 Blumentals Software    

... templates * Goto anything * Find/Replace with regular expressions * Find/Replace in files * Multi-item clipboard * Code folding * Countless goodie features (bracket matching, line highlighting, text indentation...) .... Free download of HTMLPad 2020 16.2

Simple Disable Key 12.0 4dots Software    

... exclude users from a list or using regular expressions for the usernames. The application is also multilingual and translated into 39 different languages. .... Free download of Simple Disable Key 12.0

Multiple Search and Replace 6.1 4dots Software    

... document based on keywords of its content. Regular expressions and wildcards can be used for the search. The searches can have multiple search terms with different search operators The found files can be copied or moved to a folder, deleted, copied to the clipboard, or compressed to a file. The .... Free download of Multiple Search and Replace 6.1

Cartoon Animator 4.2.1709.1 Reallusion Inc.    

... images to animated characters, control characters with your expressions, generate lip-sync animation from audio, accomplish 3D parallax scenes, produce 2D visual effects, access content resources, and wield a comprehensive photoshop pipeline to rapidly customize characters and create content. Furthermore, there are "360 Head Creator", "Smart IK Motion Editing" and "Facial .... Free download of Cartoon Animator 4.2.1709.1

SSuite Penumbra Editor 14.8.4 SSuite Office Software    

... SSuite Penumbra Editor: - Insert tables, word art, expressions and equations. - Insert images, objects, and photos from digital sources. - Online dictionary to check the correct meaning of words. - A live word and character count displayed in the status bar. - Online language translations for international document distribution. .... Free download of SSuite Penumbra Editor 14.8.4

software award   

Devart ODBC Driver for Google BigQuery 1.0 Devart    

... Google BigQuery API, data types, and standard SQL expressions, including functions and operations. * We have implemented advanced Data Conversion mechanisms that provide bi-directional mapping between any Google BigQuery and ODBC data types. * The driver provides full support for common ODBC interface. .... Free download of Devart ODBC Driver for Google BigQuery 1.0

SSuite WordGraph Editor 8.48.12 SSuite Office Software    

... - Create Word-Art, Tables, and Math Equations / Expressions. - Optional extras for exporting to presentation format - SSP format. - Export your documents to PDF, PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, EMF, TIFF and SSP. - Create presentations that are viewable in any web browser and SSuite Image viewer. Simply the .... Free download of SSuite WordGraph Editor 8.48.12

VeryUtils Search Everything 2.3 VeryUtils.com Inc.    

... and folder names using simple queries or regular expressions. VeryUtils Search Everything is a best local search tool to help users quickly locate files or folders instantly by keywords. It is a much faster and easy-to-use alternative to Windows Search. It searches initially when you enter key letters and displays .... Free download of VeryUtils Search Everything 2.3

Logic Minimizer 1.2.2 LogicMinimizer    

... versatile application for simplifying Karnaugh maps and logical expressions step by step. It is geared for those ... digital devices constructors or anybody involved with logical expressions. With its powerful minimization capabilities and full-fledged features, you can work with all forms of logic expressions. Features: Minimize Boolean and propositional formulae up to .... Free download of Logic Minimizer 1.2.2

Altova XMLSpy Professional XML Editor 2020r2 Altova, Inc.    

... assist in the building and testing of XPath expressions, which can be evaluated against multiple JSON or XML files. A schema-aware XQuery 1.0/2.0/3.0/3.1 editor and debugger facilitate intelligent querying of XML data. Intelligent HTML, HTML 5, XHTML, and CSS3 editing are also provided. XMLSpy supports all major SQL databases, including .... Free download of Altova XMLSpy Professional XML Editor 2020r2

PyQt5 5.13.2 Riverbank Computing Limited    

... includes abstractions of network sockets, threads, Unicode, regular expressions, SQL databases, SVG, OpenGL, XML, a fully functional web browser, a help system, a multimedia framework, as well as a rich collection of GUI widgets. Qt classes employ a signal/slot mechanism for communicating between objects that is type safe but .... Free download of PyQt5 5.13.2

grepWin x64 2.0.0 Google    

... search and replace tool which can use regular expressions to do its job. This allows to do much more powerful searches and replaces. .... Free download of grepWin x64 2.0.0

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Database Tour Pro Vitaliy Levchenko Software    

... report engine and visual report designer with templates, expressions, preview etc. -Expression builder for report and export expressions. -Building and executing SQL queries. -Support for execution of multi statement SQL scripts. -Syntax highlighting in SQL editor. -Support for parameterized SQL queries. -Enhanced .... Free download of Database Tour Pro

LaunchBar 6.12 Objective Development    

... From simple numeric calculations up to complex scientific expressions - just open LaunchBar, type your calculation and press Return to get the result. Quick Look Get a quick preview of your current selection just by tapping the space bar. Instant Open Open items even more quickly. Just hold .... Free download of LaunchBar 6.12

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Altova XMLSpy Enterprise XML Editor 2020r2 Altova, Inc.    

... / Evaluator assists in writing and testing XPath expressions, while the schema-aware XQuery 1.0/3.1 editor, debugger, and profiler facilitate efficient querying of data. XMLSpy is the only tool of its kind to support instant creation of charts based on XML or JSON data via XSLT or XQuery. Robust XBRL tools .... Free download of Altova XMLSpy Enterprise XML Editor 2020r2

Quod Libet 4.3.0 Quod Libet Team    

... It lets you make playlists based on regular expressions (don’t worry, regular searches work too). It lets you display and edit any tags you want in the file, for all the file formats it supports. This software program enables you to view information pertaining to a selected file, such as .... Free download of Quod Libet 4.3.0

Reallusion FaceFilter PRO (Mac) 3.05 Reallusion Inc.    

... system allows you to reshape features and enhance expressions. Add lens filters and DSLR effects to give an ultra realistic studio polish to your photo. .... Free download of Reallusion FaceFilter PRO (Mac) 3.05

NumberMate 2.1.3 Solutionwright Software    

NumberMate is an arithmetic and scientific calculator, adding machine, and time calculator that records and documents your calculations on multiple tapes which you can edit. It also performs unit conversion and arithmetic expression evaluation directly on a tape. Use it to (1) make simple everyday calculations, (2) organize and work simultaneously .... Free download of NumberMate 2.1.3

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TextPad 8.4.0 Helios Software    

... bar. A powerful search/replace engine using UNIX-style regular expressions, with the power of editor macros. Sets of files in a directory tree can be searched, and text can be replaced in all open documents at once. Incremental search toolbar for literal text. Visible bookmarks can be placed on individual lines, .... Free download of TextPad 8.4.0

Maxima for Mac and Linux 5.43.2 Sourceforge    

... system for the manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions, including differentiation, integration, Taylor series, Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, systems of linear equations, polynomials, and sets, lists, vectors, matrices, and tensors. Maxima yields high precision numeric results by using exact fractions, arbitrary precision integers, and variable precision floating point numbers. .... Free download of Maxima for Mac and Linux 5.43.2

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Rapid CSS 2020 16.0 Blumentals Software    

... to use code templates * Find/Replace with regular expressions * Find/Replace in files * Go to anything * Multi-item clipboard * Code folding * Countless goodie features (bracket matching, line highlighting, text indentation...) .... Free download of Rapid CSS 2020 16.0

Scientific calculator - ScienCalc 1.3.34 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics    

... messages *Simple mode (medium size on desktop) *Paste expressions into ScienCalc *Comprehensive documentation *All the benefits that Windows bestows, such as multi-tasking and print formatting are available .... Free download of Scientific calculator - ScienCalc 1.3.34

Advanced Renamer 3.84 Advanced Renamer    

... Real time preview of renamed file names Regular Expressions MP3/ID3 naming Image and photo renaming with EXIF support Video file support Thumbnail view Supports both files and folders Several renaming methods Use multiple methods at once Tag rename Copy and move batch mode Scripting support with JavaScript Language support (English, .... Free download of Advanced Renamer 3.84

SnakeTail SnakeNest    

... log file, filter Windows Event Logs using regular expressions. This tool will display simple process statistics in window title bar (RAM + CPU usage + TRX/Sec); stop and start Windows service by right clicking in the tail window or customize tail window color and font. .... Free download of SnakeTail

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