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RdpGuard 6.8.9 NetSDK Software    

... from password-guessing brute-force attacks. It monitors the Security EventLog on your server and detects failed login attempts. If the number of failed login attempts from a single IP address reaches a set limit (three by default), the attacker's IP address will be blocked on the firewall. .... Free download of RdpGuard 6.8.9

TailExpert 1.0.7402.15777 Neware    

... application dedicated to helping you analyze log files, eventlogs or even system logs. The software is designed ... Additionally, it also allows you to load Windows eventlogs or open serial ports. The software can also use a LUA script to open and read log files. The application permits several analysis .... Free download of TailExpert 1.0.7402.15777

EventSentry Light 4.1.1 B54 Netikus.net    

EventSentry is the proactive, real-time monitoring solution that watches over your servers, workstations and network devices to ensure maximum availability and that also helps with SOX, HIPAA and other compliance requirements. With EventSentry you can consolidate and monitor event logs and log files in real-time as well as monitor performance, .... Free download of EventSentry Light 4.1.1 B54

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NXLog Community Edition 2.9.1716 NXLog    

... supports platform specific sources such as the Windows Eventlog, Linux kernel logs, Android device logs, local syslog etc. Writing and reading logs to/from databases is also supported for many database servers. The collected logs can be stored into files, databases or forwarded to a remote log server using various protocols. .... Free download of NXLog Community Edition 2.9.1716

logview4net 17.08 jsiSoft    

... Files * Incomming UDP and TCP traffic * EventLogs * SQL tables * Atom and RSS feeds ... in broadcast or single endpoint mode. Monitors an eventlog, uses events on the local machine and polling on remote machines. Monitors a log file or folder. Doing a tail using polling. Monitors a .... Free download of logview4net 17.08

RDP Sentinel 1.0 Blaser Software    

... Internet and show up in your server's security eventlog as 4625 failed logon events. Blaser RDP Sentinel monitors the eventlog your server and detects failed these failed logon attempts. If the number of failed logon attempts from a single IP address reaches a set .... Free download of RDP Sentinel 1.0

WinAgents EventLog Translation Service WinAgents Software Group    

WinAgents EventLog Translation Service is a server that monitors the ... to SYSLOG server or to SNMP management station. EventLog Translation Service allows you to forget about manual ... network management system to analyze the event logs. EventLog Translation Service is running as a background process ... them to SYSLOG server or to SNMP station. EventLog Translation Service equips the administrators with additional tools .... Free download of WinAgents EventLog Translation Service

Nxlog 2.5.1089 Botond Botyanszki    

... supports platform specific sources such as the Windows Eventlog, Linux kernel logs, Android logs, local syslog etc. ... for different formats such as syslog, csv, windows eventlog or even custom formats Offline processing mode for post processing, conversion or transfer Event classification and pattern matching Log message rewrite, conversion between different .... Free download of Nxlog 2.5.1089

PC Network EventLog Scanner Remote PC Tools, Ltd.    

PC Network EventLog Scanner is a program that allows you to scan your network computers for all types of eventlogs added, including eventlog data from 'application', 'security', ' system' and other custom added eventlog criteria available in Microsoft Windows. .... Free download of PC Network EventLog Scanner

WhatsUp Gold Syslog Server 1.0 Ipswitch, Inc.    

Are you a network administrator who needs a tool to easily collect, save, view or forward syslog messages from anywhere on your network? WhatsUp Gold's free Syslog Server provides you with a feature rich tool to help you manage your syslog needs, including enhanced export capabilities. View the messages in real-time .... Free download of WhatsUp Gold Syslog Server 1.0

HSS Core Framework 4.3.200 CodePlex    

... logging · Optionally writes to the Local Machine EventLog · Data Access library: greatly reduces amount of code required to integrate a database into any application Data Object Model Generator (DOMGen): · Quickly generate object model code from SQL Objects (Tables, Views and Stored Procedures · API built into the .... Free download of HSS Core Framework 4.3.200

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