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PhysPro Fluid Properties WeBBusterZ Engineering Software    

... humid air properties and has the ability to estimate mixture properties using common property packages. You can ... + Calculate Constant properties and mixture properties + Estimate Humid Air Properties including dew point, Humidity ratio, ... bulb temperatures, Enthalpy, Entropy, specific volume, density and viscosity. + Generate saturation tables for more than 80 .... Free download of PhysPro Fluid Properties

MixProps 1.8.5 GP Engineering Software    

... of engineering units: * Equilibrium vapor and liquid compositions * Equilibrium K-Values * Flash phase fractions ... Mixture heat capacities * Phase enthalpy/entropy * Mixture viscosity/thermal conductivity * Mixture heat capacity ratio * Mixture Joule-Thompson coefficient * Sonic velocity through mixtu .... Free download of MixProps 1.8.5

PhysProps 1.6.1 GP Engineering Software    

... is not in the database, properties can be estimated from an advanced and extremely powerful estimation module ... for engineers and chemists who need to obtain estimates of properties for complex compounds that possibly have ... synthesized before. And as with the data base, estimated properties can be viewed in a tabular or .... Free download of PhysProps 1.6.1

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