Gromacs for Mac OS X and Linux 4.6.5    

... to perform molecular dynamics, i.e. simulate the Newtonian equations of motion for systems with hundreds to millions ... primarily designed for biochemical molecules like proteins, lipids and nucleic acids that have a lot of complicated ... virial from the innermost loops over pairwise interactions, and we use our own software routines to calculate .... Free download of Gromacs for Mac OS X and Linux 4.6.5

GPAnalyser 0.9.2 tonkos    

... is a tool for fluid analysis of massively parallel systems. The core of GPA is based on ... showing how to derive systems of ordinary differential equations approximating moments of populations in models described in ... algebra PEPA. GPA efficiently implements these techniques and extensions allowing calculation of accumulated rewards and computation .... Free download of GPAnalyser 0.9.2

ALGEBRA 2 : Developments & applications 4.00.005 Evalutel Multimedia    

... which reconciles the struggle against failure in school and the valorisation of the most talented students. Among the subjects covered: Elementary identities, properties and operations on equalities, roots of a polynomial, factorization, absolute values, square roots, properties and graphs of linear and quadratic functions, equations of parallel and perpendicular lines, etc. .... Free download of ALGEBRA 2 : Developments & applications 4.00.005

equations of parallel and web results