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SSuite Accel Spreadsheet SSuite Office Software    

SSuite Accel is a professional, very useful, and practical spreadsheet application for everyday use at home or the office, and it's also absolutely and completely free! This powerful spreadsheet application has all the tools you need to calculate, analyse, summarise, and present your data in numerical reports or colourful graphics. A .... Free download of SSuite Accel Spreadsheet

SSuite WordGraph Portable SSuite Office Software    

... your disposal, as well as several emoticons, an equation builder and word counter, while it is also possible to use an integrated translation engine and add custom phrases to a list so that you can use them at a later date. Last but not least, you can easily save items .... Free download of SSuite WordGraph Portable

software award   


... effects, Survival models, Conjoint analysis, PLS modelling, Structural Equation Modelling, OMICS data analysis... Optional modules include 3D Visualization and Latent Class models. The XLSTAT statistical analysis software is compatible with all Excel versions from 2003 to 2016. A Mac version is also available on the XLSTAT website, and works on .... Free download of XLSTAT Mac 2018.3

Stella4D 5.4 Robert Webb    

... Great Stella, now adding the four-dimension to the equation! .... Free download of Stella4D 5.4

Fractal Science Kit 1.24 Hilbert, LLC    

... Trap)Like other mathematical ideas, fractals involve numbers and equations. Unlike most other mathematical ideas, fractals can be ... fractal image is created by evaluating a complex equation or by performing a sequence of instructions, and feeding the results back into the equation over and over again. During the iteration, you ... colors, creating the fractal image. By varying the equation or the instructions, you can create Mandelbrot Fractals, .... Free download of Fractal Science Kit 1.24

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5dchart Add-In (for MS Excel) 3.1 System Approach Ltd.    

... Also you can compute the best fit plane equation using least squares and display a 3D regression plane easily! 5dchart Add-In is designed to allow 3D charts drawing directly in Microsoft Excel without using any standalone applications. We believe it's one of the most sophisticated 3D bubble chart drawing tools .... Free download of 5dchart Add-In (for MS Excel) 3.1

ChemMathsDroid 3.9 ChemEng Software Design    

... General gas and liquid data etc. Solve standard equations in the following categories Physics, Electrical Engineering, Maths ... Acid Base Indicators, periodic table properties and more, Equations in Maths - Geometry, Physics, Electrical, Dimenionless Numbers, ... containing the main categories and each sub categories. Equations are solved by checking the correct checkbox for .... Free download of ChemMathsDroid 3.9

Simple Solver 5.4.2 SimpleSolver Logic    

... application that can simplify computer logic systems, Boolean equations, and truth tables. The application includes six different ... or truth tables. Boolean - Generates minimized Boolean equations from Boolean equation or Truth table inputs. Boolean operator formats are .... Free download of Simple Solver 5.4.2

CHEMIX School 7.00 Arne Standnes    

... solubility (Ksp) and common ion effect calculator, gas equations, spectroscopy assignment tool (NMR H[1] C[13], IR and MS) and stoichiometry (chemical equation balancer that also balances chemical equations containing free electrons). Ability to insert colors and .... Free download of CHEMIX School 7.00

Zim Desktop Wiki 0.67 Jaap G Karssenberg    

... additional functionality, like a task list manager, an equation editor, a tray icon, and support for version control. Zim can be used to: Keep an archive of notes Take notes during meetings or lectures Organize task lists Draft blog entries and emails Do brainstorming Zim handles several types .... Free download of Zim Desktop Wiki 0.67

Math ActiveX 1.1 Sensalgo Soft    

The element calculates determinants, linear equation systems and generates matrices. It provides additional basic functionality like faculty, subdeterminant and matrix reduction calculations. Further more an event is implemented to support a progress bar for time intensive operations. The interface is arranged in such a way that the return values of .... Free download of Math ActiveX 1.1

Regression Analysis - DataFitting 1.7.22 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics    

... DataFitting determines the values of parameters for an equation, whose form you specify, that cause the equation to best fit a set of data values. ... * x) + c Quickly Find the Best Equations that Describe Your Data: DataFitting gives students, teachers, ... complex data, by putting a large number of equations at their fingertips. It has built-in library that .... Free download of Regression Analysis - DataFitting 1.7.22

Equation Graph Plotter - EqPlot 1.3.22 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics    

Graph plotter program plots 2D graphs from complex equations. The application comprises algebraic, trigonometric, hyperbolic and transcendental ... results of nonlinear regression analysis program. Graphically Review Equations: Equation graph plotter gives engineers and researchers the power to graphically review equations, by putting a large number of equations at their fingertips. The program is also indispensable .... Free download of Equation Graph Plotter - EqPlot 1.3.22

Desktop Calculator - DesktopCalc 2.1.22 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics    

... to find values for even the most complex equation set. DesktopCalc uses Advanced DAL (Dynamic Algebraic Logic) mechanism to perform all its operation with the built-in 38-digit precision math emulator for high precision. DesktopCalc combines fast "just-one-click" interface with broad set of functions. It was designed as a tool that .... Free download of Desktop Calculator - DesktopCalc 2.1.22

Regression Analysis - CurveFitter 4.5.22 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics    

... curve fitting. Fit thousands of data into your equations in seconds: Curvefitter gives scientists, researchers and engineers ... model for even the most complex data, including equations that might never have been considered. You can build equation set which can include a wide array of ... data fitting includes the following capabilities: *Any user-defined equations of up to nine parameters and eight variables. .... Free download of Regression Analysis - CurveFitter 4.5.22

Scientific Calculator - ScienCalc 1.3.22 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics    

... FPU floating-point machine instructions. Find values for your equations in seconds: Scientific calculator gives students, teachers, scientists ... to find values for even the most complex equation set. You can build equation set, which can include a wide array of linear and nonlinear models for any application: *Linear equations *Polynomial and rational equations *Nonlinear exponential, logarithmic and .... Free download of Scientific Calculator - ScienCalc 1.3.22

Multipurpose Calculator - MultiplexCalc 5.4.22 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics    

... problems ranging from simple elementary algebra to complex equations. Its underling implementation encompasses high precision, sturdiness and ... * You can build linear, polynomial and nonlinear equation set * Unlimited customizable variables * Scientific notation for numerical value * Scientific calculations and unlimited expression length * Parenthesis compatible and unlimited nesting .... Free download of Multipurpose Calculator - MultiplexCalc 5.4.22

Compact Calculator - CompactCalc 4.2.22 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics    

... * You can build linear, polynomial and nonlinear equation set. You are not limited by the size or the complexity of your mathematical expressions. * Scientific calculations and unlimited expression length. * Parenthesis compatible and unlimited nesting for expression. * Accurate result display - features up to 24 digits after .... Free download of Compact Calculator - CompactCalc 4.2.22

ndCurveMaster for mac OS 1.2.2 TCScienceSof    

ndCurveMaster was designed to find optimum equations to describe empirical data using a regression method. ... first and only program to find the ideal equation to allows the auto fitting of an unlimited ... curve fitting - user may repeatedly add new equations to any model from ranking list - user ... build in set includes 120 array of nonlinear equations - powerful and easy to use - unlimited .... Free download of ndCurveMaster for mac OS 1.2.2

ESBPCS-Stats for VCL 6.9.0 ESB Consultancy    

... routines covering Probability Distributions, Linear Regression, Hypothesis Analysis, Equation Solving and more. The subset includes a good collection of Edits, SpinEdits, ComboBoxes, Memos, CheckBoxes, RadioGroups, CheckGroups as well as a huge collection of routines. Also Includes Data Aware Components, Help and full source. .... Free download of ESBPCS-Stats for VCL 6.9.0

xFunc 3.4.0 sys_27    

xFunc is a handy and reliable tool designed to provide you with a simple solution for building mathematical expressions and calculate them. Build complex expressions by adding logarithms, trigonometric functions, constants and fractions. Now, you can use this handy tool to perform the calculations you need. You can even use .... Free download of xFunc 3.4.0

Process Engineering Calculator 2.0.0 Webbusterz Engineering Software    

... and pipe cross sectional area using Darcy Weisbach equation also plot profile charts + Heat Exchanger Unknown ... Factor: Darcy and fanning friction factors using 2 equations! + other calculators including Pipe Sizing, Pumping Power, Reynold's Number, Scale Resistance, Sonic Velocity, Vapor Pressure, Velocity in Pipe, Vessel Volume and Vessels Liquid .... Free download of Process Engineering Calculator 2.0.0

Flowchart Maker 8 EdrawSoft    

... programs. With one-click buttons to import word, excel, equation files. Insert your EDraw charts into other document in just minutes. 7. XML file format. Save Common graphic format support and printing what your see is what you get. Enhanced export EMF, WMF, SVG, PDF, Html, Multiply tiff and SlideShow. 8. .... Free download of Flowchart Maker 8

Xtreme Calculations 32.0 Rahul Yedida & Vaisakh M    

Xtreme Calculations is a free calculator software which has been developed to provide users with the best set of features to perform various calculations. XC has been designed in an attractive manner and even allows users to select their own themes to customize their calculator. Also XC has an organized desktop .... Free download of Xtreme Calculations 32.0

MadCalc 1.1 MadLogic    

... MadCalc you can graph rectangular, parametric, and polar equations. Plot multiple equations at once. Change the colors of graphs and the background. Use the immediate window feature to evaluate complex multivariate expressions. Teachers can use MadCalc .... Free download of MadCalc 1.1

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