Krita x64 4.2.6 Stichting Krita Foundation     update

Krita x64 is a bitmap imaging suite included as an ... adjust their brightness and contrast levels. Krita x64 has relied on Qt's graphics tablet support since ... and other colour modes A highly flexible brush engine Tight integration with the rest of the Koffice suite. .... Free download of Krita x64 4.2.6

MaxVeloSSD EliteBytes Limited     update

... cache Data Volumes removed. Bugs in the Cache engine were removed. Bugs with recovery after power loss were removed. Recovery is now quicker, especially when the write cache is filled up. Earlier versions needed to write the Write Cache back completely before boot. That could result in frustrating long boot .... Free download of MaxVeloSSD

Renoise 64-bit 3.2.0 Renoise     update

... High resolution timing With the new timing engine added in Renoise 2.0 you can place events with an insane maximum resolution of up to 65,536 PPQ. This high precision allows live recordings to retain their natural, human feel. Multi-Core Support Unleash your computer's full potential. Take advantage .... Free download of Renoise 64-bit 3.2.0

HWMonitor (64-bit) 1.41 CPUID     update

... Gigabyte® ODIN™ power supplies monitoring. * Intel® Management Engine (HECI). * NVIDIA® ESA (Enthusiast System Architecture). * VIA® 686A/B integrated monitoring. Laptops & Netbooks * Battery voltage, capacity, wear and charge levels. * Apple® MacBook™ and MacBook Pro™. * IBM® Thinkpad™ series. * Asus® eeePC™ 701, 901 and .... Free download of HWMonitor (64-bit) 1.41

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Ableton Live 64-bit 10.1 Ableton     update

Ableton Live x64 is about making music; for composition, songwriting, recording, ... new techniques and improvements with a new groove engine, revamped warping, live looping, new effects, crossfades in ... you back your creative time. Ableton Live x64 defies the boundaries of traditional timeline-based applications. Drag ... of all sizes around the globe. Live x64 is a musical sketch pad that quickly and .... Free download of Ableton Live 64-bit 10.1

OpenMW x64 0.45.0 OpenMW Dev Team     update

OpenMW x64 is a new engine for 2002's Game of the Year, The Elder ... (and improved!), open source implementation of the game's engine and functionality. You will still need the original game data to play OpenMW. OpenMW will run on .... Free download of OpenMW x64 0.45.0

BestSync Portable x64 2019 ( RiseFly Software     update

... file synchronization job between multiple platforms. BestSync x64 has an easy to use user interface and many advanced features. BestSync 2013 x64 is capable of : 1. File ... as soon as they are changed; Fast filtering engine; Preview window and Log view window; Old version .... Free download of BestSync Portable x64 2019 (

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Photo Ninja 64-bit 1.3.8 PictureCode LLC.     update

... them. These controls access a remarkable adaptive lighting engine that can pull detail from shadows, overcome backlighting, tame aggressive highlights, and compress excessive contrast -- all without flattening detail and without halo artifacts. This state-of-the-art technology intelligently compresses dynamic range while yielding pleasing, natural-looking results. Detail enhancement Intelligent local .... Free download of Photo Ninja 64-bit 1.3.8

IAW Scan 2 0.85 Beta Tomasz Orczyk     update

... designed to enable easy diagnostics of small FIAT engines Control Units. Application works on any x86/x64 ... of the FIAT cars which use the IAW-6F/8F/16F/18F/18FD Engine Control Units like Cinquecento 900/1100, Seicento 900/1100, Panda 1.0/1.1, Punto 55/60/75/86, Tipo/Tempra 1.6 also some Lancia (Delta/Dedra 1.8, Y 1.2) and Alfa-Romeo (145/146 1.3 .... Free download of IAW Scan 2 0.85 Beta

PyQt4 x64 4.12.3 Riverbank Computing Limited     update

PyQt x64 is a set of Python bindings for Nokia's ... Linux. There are two sets of bindings: PyQt x64 v4 supports Qt v4; and the older PyQt ... v3) and a commercial license. Unlike Qt, PyQt x64 v4 is not available under the LGPL. You ... purchase the commercial version of PyQt here. PyQt x64 does not include a copy of Qt. You .... Free download of PyQt4 x64 4.12.3

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KeyShot 64-bit 8.2.80 Luxion, Inc.     update

... rendering realistic images. KeyShot is used by designers, engineers and CG professionals worldwide to quickly and easily ... get involved with 3D data: industrial designers, mechanical engineers, marketing professionals, photographers, CG experts – you name ... creativity. Amazing KeyShot features the only rendering engine that is certified by the CIE (International Commission .... Free download of KeyShot 64-bit 8.2.80

iSedora x64 2.2.2 iSedora     update

... • install it and forget it iSedora x64 is designed to easily play your digital media ... any media on the fly Keeping iSedora x64 easy to use means getting it more powerful ... • streams to any DLNA device iSedora x64 comprehends your media files, no matter which of .... Free download of iSedora x64 2.2.2

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dbExpress Driver for SQLite 4.0 Devart     update

... both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. For this database engine, dbExpress provides a driver as an independent library. ... Studio, Delphi and C++Builder for both x86 and x64 platforms. It also provides support for the FireMonkey ... the Direct mode is based on the SQLite engine version 3.17.0 * RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin is .... Free download of dbExpress Driver for SQLite 4.0

REAPER for Windows (x64 bit) 5.981 Cockos Incorporated     update

REAPER's for Windows x64 full, flexible feature set and renowned stability have ... Includes the JSFX audio and midi plug-in scripting engine, and hundreds of user-programmable effects. ReWire (audio and MIDI) any capable application for even more flexibility. Automatic plug-in delay compensation (PDC) .... Free download of REAPER for Windows (x64 bit) 5.981

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BizAgi Enterprise x64 BizAgi Ltd.     update

... BPM Studio · Bizagi BPM Server - Execution Engine · Work Portal - Task Manager · One-Click ... · Portal Customization · BRE - Business Rule Engine · Process Performance Indicators · BAM (Business Activity Monitor) · Process Performance Indicators · Dynamic Multi-dimensional Reports .... Free download of BizAgi Enterprise x64

LightWave 3D 64-bit 2019.1.2 NewTek, Inc.     update

LightWave x64 is the backbone of efficient 3D pipelines. Groundbreaking. ... is a fast, production proven, open source physics engine that is used in many high profile, effects-driven films and real-time game engines. Bullet features 3D rigid body dynamics originally created ... Coumans. · LightWave features the Bullet dynamics engine directly in Layout so that it can be .... Free download of LightWave 3D 64-bit 2019.1.2

Blender - 64 bit 2.80 Blender     update

Blender for Windows x64 is the free open source 3D content creation ... Blender now features a powerful new unbiased rendering engine called Cycles that offers stunning ultra-realistic rendering. The built-in Cycles rendering engine offers: * GPU & CPU rendering * ... Realistic Materials With Blender’s new rendering engine the possibilities for materials are endless. Key .... Free download of Blender - 64 bit 2.80

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ABCocr .NET WebSupergoo Software     update

... a custom version of the Tesseract 3 OCR engine. The Tesseract OCR engine was originally developed by Hewlett-Packard UK. It was one of the top three engines in the 1995 UNLV Accuracy test and is ... one of the most accurate open source OCR engines available. Since then it has been extensively revised .... Free download of ABCocr .NET

BASS for Windows (x64 bit) 2.4.14 Un4seen Developments     update

BASS for Windows x64 is an audio library for use in software ... OGG/WAV/AIFF files * MOD music Uses the same engine as XMPlay (very accurate, efficient, high quality reproduction), with full support for all effects, filters, stereo samples, DMO effects, etc... * MO3 music MOD music with MP3 or OGG .... Free download of BASS for Windows (x64 bit) 2.4.14

McAfee Stinger x64 Mcafee     update

McAfee Labs Stinger x64 is a stand-alone utility used to detect and ... scanned, along with found and cleaned threats. Stinger x64 utilizes next generation scan engine technology, including process scanning, digitally signed DAT files, ... while, depending on the target's size. McAfee Stinger x64 is a portable and free application designed to .... Free download of McAfee Stinger x64

VidCoder x64 4.36 RandomEngy     update

The VidCoder x64 application was developed to be a DVD ripping ... for Windows. It uses HandBrake as its encoding engine. Calling directly into the HandBrake library gives it a more rich UI than the official HandBrake Windows GUI. FEATURES: · Multi-threaded · MP4, MKV containers · H.264, .... Free download of VidCoder x64 4.36

Inno Setup 6.0.2 Jrsoftware     update

... applications on the 64-bit editions of Windows. The x64, ARM64 and Itanium architectures are all supported. Extensive ... option for advanced compile-time customization. Integrated Pascal scripting engine option for advanced run-time install and uninstall customization. Full source code is available from GitHub. Tiny footprint: only about 1.3 mB overhead with all .... Free download of Inno Setup 6.0.2

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DWG TrueView 64-bit 2020 Q.48.0.0 Autodesk, Inc.     update

... TrueConvert software included. Built on the same viewing engine as AutoCAD, DWG TrueView allows you to view the latest DWG and DXF files, just as you would in AutoCAD. DWG at Autodesk refers to two different, but related things. First, it is a powerful technology environment that Autodesk places .... Free download of DWG TrueView 64-bit 2020 Q.48.0.0

xplorer² x64 Nikos Bozinis     update

xplorer² x64 is a lightweight software application built specifically for ... make file comparisons and transfers with ease. xplorer² x64 comes packed with all the features that you’d ... word for it, seeing is believing! xplorer² x64 is a file and information manager that adheres ... & synchronization · powerful visual filtering and selection engine · touch dates, split/merge and shred files · .... Free download of xplorer² x64

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GRBackPro Server Backup 9.0.48 GRSoftware     update

... as a Windows Service on both x86 or x64 Servers and your backups starts even if no ... a multi disk backup set. Integrated Zip64 compression engine. Split mode to easily burn DVDs after the backup has been completed. A History mode keeps multiple backup sets. Integrated restore facility to easily .... Free download of GRBackPro Server Backup 9.0.48

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