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Cryptainer USB Encryption Software Cypherix Software    

Encrypt USB flash drive on any Windows PC with Cryptainer USB Encryption Software. Cryptainer USB allows to create a 'stand-alone' or a 'portable' install on External Drive such as USB Flash Drive. Cryptainer USB can be run directly from the device without ... easily carry your important data (stored within an encrypted usb drive) with you. Cryptainer USB prevents data .... Free download of Cryptainer USB Encryption Software

PeaZip Portable 7.6.0 Giorgio Tani    

... need to bring it with you on an USB stick, or when you cannot modify the machine ... rar to zip...), especially focused on security: strong encryption (AES, Serpent, Twofish), two factor authentication, encrypted password manager, secure data delete. The distinctive trait .... Free download of PeaZip Portable 7.6.0

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BestCrypt Volume Encryption 4.24.01 Jetico Inc. Oy    

BestCrypt Volume for Disk Encryption protects all data on all types of volumes ... also working on UEFI and GPT partitions. Jetico's encryption software provides protection from physical threats - such as lost computers and USB sticks - to protect your privacy and comply with regulations (HIPAA, PCI). BestCrypt Volume Encryption utilizes a wide variety of algorithms (AES, Twofish, .... Free download of BestCrypt Volume Encryption 4.24.01

PDF Password Protector Pro 1.0 XenArmor Pvt Ltd    

... single or all files in a folder * Encrypt PDF using RC4, AES algorithm * Supports all ... Edition to run on Unlimited PCs directly from USB disk * Supports All Windows PCs (XP to Windows 10) XenArmor PDF Password Protector Pro works on all 32-bit & 64-bit platforms from Windows .... Free download of PDF Password Protector Pro 1.0

Secure IT Encryption Software Cypherix Software    

Cypherix's SecureIT File and Folder Encryption Software is an easy to use, feature packed ... your files and folders using 448-bit strong Blowfish encryption. It includes a powerful, customizable file shredder. SecureIT File Encryption Software has the ability to generate self-decrypting email attachments that allows the user to send encrypted/secure email to anyone - the recipient need not .... Free download of Secure IT Encryption Software

gpg4usb 0.3.3-2 gpg4usb Development Team    

... a simple text-editor with a GnuPG-frontend to write, encrypt and decrypt your text-messages. gpg4usb should work on ... Almost the only thing required is an available usb-port you are allowed to access. With this application you can write safe and encrypted messages anywhere you are: should it be an ... else on holiday... and you always have the encryption-keys available for usage! The usage of gpg4usb .... Free download of gpg4usb 0.3.3-2

jPDFSecure 2019R1 Qoppa Software, LLC    

... With jPDFSecure, your application or java applet can encrypt PDF documents, set permissions and passwords, and create ... Clear Digital Signatures Customize Signature Appearance Sign from USB Token (PKCS11) Encrypt / Decrypt PDF Documents (AES 256 encryption) Support for Timestamp Servers Set / Remove Permissions: .... Free download of jPDFSecure 2019R1

Toucan 3.1.7 Portableapps    

... app for advanced users to synchronise, backup and encrypt their data, wherever they are. Blowfish encryption users should read the upgrade notes for details ... as restoring files from an archive. * AES-256 encryption using ccrypt * Command line support, allows you ... jobs * Variables, point to places on you USB drive no matter what its drive letter is .... Free download of Toucan 3.1.7

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PREDATOR Professional Richard Goutorbe    

... session is still opened. It uses a regular USB flash drive as an access control device, and works as follows: * you insert the USB key * you run PREDATOR (autostart with Windows ... away from your PC, you simply remove the USB flash drive: once it is removed, the keyboard ... return back to your PC, you put the USB flash drive in place: keyboard and mouse are .... Free download of PREDATOR Professional

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AI RoboForm 8.8.4 Siber Systems, Inc.    

... & notes · Generate Secure Random Passwords · Encrypt passwords and personal info using 3-DES · All ... on your computer only · Put passwords on USB KeyChain for extra security · Sync your passwords and safenotes to a Palm · Backup & Restore, Print your passwords .... Free download of AI RoboForm 8.8.4

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FileGee Backup & Sync Personal Edition 10.1 FileGee    

... with multi-charset language can be processed. 8.Able to encrypt files when the backup or synchronize runs. 9.Intelligent recovery function for incremental backup, you can restore the source directory structure and files completely same as each execution. 10.Can adopt all-purpose zip format to compress backup files and can create password to .... Free download of FileGee Backup & Sync Personal Edition 10.1

Free DRM Protection ThunderSoft    

... multiple files into the one DRM protected file. Encrypt media files with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which have a very high level security. Encryption with high speed, and the output file can ... open quickly. Allow authorization key binding with PC, USB Disk, CD or not. Allow add watermark, supports .... Free download of Free DRM Protection

Steganos Safe 21.0.9 Rev12495 Steganos GmbH    

... million laptops are stolen every year*, while countless USB sticks, DVDs and CDs are lost daily because ... need to remember complicated passwords. * Turns your USB stick, mobile phone, digital camera, or iPod®, into ... unauthorized access to e-mails with fast one click encryption. Go with the safe bet. Protect what's .... Free download of Steganos Safe 21.0.9 Rev12495

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GiliSoft Private Disk 10.0.17 GiliSoft International LLC.    

... Disk is a software which will make transparent encryption using virtual hard drives.GiliSoft Private Disk uses a real-time on-the-fly encryption system to encrypt and decrypt data. Your files are stored in the encrypted form on virtual hard drive with password authentication, ... on-the-fly. Conversely, unencrypted data to be stored is encrypted instantaneously and then stored. GiliSoft Private Disk mounts .... Free download of GiliSoft Private Disk 10.0.17

Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere For Mac 7.5 Hasleo Software    

... macOS & OS X. With it you can encrypt drives with BitLocker Drive Encryption, decrypt BitLocker-encrypted drives, change password for BitLocker-encrypted drives, ... Full Read and Write Access to BitLocker-Encrypted Drive. Encrypt Drives with BitLocker Drive Encryption Decrypt BitLocker-Encrypted Drives Change Password for BitLocker-Encrypted Drives ... Supported Devices: Hard Drive, External Hard Disk, SSD, USB Drive, SD Card, CF Card, etc Multi-language support .... Free download of Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere For Mac 7.5

FileGee Backup & Sync Enterprise Edition 10.1 FileGee    

... with multi-charset language can be processed. 13.Able to encrypt files when the backup or synchronize runs. 14.Intelligent recovery function for incremental backup, you can restore the source directory structure and files completely same as each execution. 15.Can adopt all-purpose zip format to compress backup files and can create password to .... Free download of FileGee Backup & Sync Enterprise Edition 10.1

PDF Security OwnerGuard 12.9.7 Armjisoft DRM Systems    

... Locks your PDF documents to individual users,computer(s) or USB drives. PDF Security OwnerGuard Defines High Security Expiration Date or Working Duration for your drm protected pdf documents. With PDF Security OwnerGuard you can Use full features of Adobe Reader for your drm protected pdf documents. PDF Security OwnerGuard Controls and .... Free download of PDF Security OwnerGuard 12.9.7

PNotes.NET Andrey Gruber    

... case you can also store the notes as encrypted files, so even if you lose your USB stick nobody could read them. Each note or group may be password protected. It is possible to schedule each note to remind you about .... Free download of PNotes.NET

The Bat! Professional Edition 9.1.16 Ritlabs    

... POP3/SMTP servers using hardware tokens and transparent, on-the-fly encryption of the email message base, address books and ... The Bat! protects your information through multiple encryption streams with the option to encrypt your emails on a disk and during communication ... to combine hardware authentication with mail servers, on-the-fly encryption of all locally-stored data and OpenPGP or S/MIME .... Free download of The Bat! Professional Edition 9.1.16

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Spartan Portable Lite Clipboard manager 20.01 M8 Software (UK)    

... include the system date and time. You can encrypt sensitive clips like your passwords and credit card details. You can paste any digital photo or graphic file on your PC simply by browsing to it and clicking a button - and you have the option to paste it in the .... Free download of Spartan Portable Lite Clipboard manager 20.01

Exlade Cryptic Disk Ultimate eXlade Software    

... they are located. The program can create virtual encrypted disks as well as encrypt physical hard disks (in their entirety or just certain partitions), USB drives and memory cards. Data are encrypted using the most reliable modern algorithms (AES/Rijndael, Serpent, ... for XTS mode, which was specially developed for encrypting data on disk drives. Transparent encryption allows working .... Free download of Exlade Cryptic Disk Ultimate

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Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software Cypherix Software    

Cryptainer LE Ttotally free 448 bit disk encryption software. Simple, easy to use encryption application that creates encrypted "vaults". One can store any kind of data in them. Cryptainer LE allows you to encrypt any file or folder on any Windows PC. ... Password protect any file or folder with strong Encryption. It allows you to protect data on USB .... Free download of Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software

Free Password Manager 1.1.19 Soft-o    

... store any kind of valuable information in an encrypted database. How often have you lost passwords, forgotten ... help of Free Password Manager you can create encrypted databases for storing any kind of information. Each database has its own access password and is encrypted using an AES algorithm. Database folders can be .... Free download of Free Password Manager 1.1.19

BackUp Maker Standard Edition 7.501 ASCOMP Software GmbH    

... external hard drives (local and network area), any USB devices as well as zip drives. Alternatively you ... matches your personal needs. BackUp Maker provides strong encryption with the means of AES. Using AES with 256-bit encryption strength you are able to prevent foreign access ... Protect backups with passwords (PkZip v2.0) · Strong encryption · Encrypt backups with AES 256-Bit Target .... Free download of BackUp Maker Standard Edition 7.501

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Passwords Max 5.96 B6070 Author Direct Shareware    

... is protected using your choice of 6 proven encryption methods: Blowfish, Triple DES, DES, MDC/SHS, RC4, and ... both pre-formatted and customizable. * You can directly encrypt/decrypt files on your system, or embed small files ... Take advantage of the latest technology such as USB flash drives (biometric or regular, 16MB or larger) .... Free download of Passwords Max 5.96 B6070

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