Kryptel Lite 8.1 Inv Softworks LLC.     update

Kryptel backup feature lets you create encrypted backups that can be safely kept in insecure ... away. Experienced users can create more complex encryption scenarios. For example, you can easily create a script that locates and encrypts every Word file on your hard drive. The ... cipher in the Electronic Codebook mode for data encryption, · Embedded single-pass file shredder, · Supports integration .... Free download of Kryptel Lite 8.1

UltraSurf 19.02 UltraReach Internet Corp     update

... also helps internet users in non-censoring countries to encrypt their communications, and protect their IP address from ... more. Security Using industry standard, strong end-to-end encryption to protect your data transfer from being seen ... Use Ultrasurf? » Circumvent internet censorship » Encrypt online communications » Hide your IP from websites .... Free download of UltraSurf 19.02

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Windows 10 Manager 3.0.2 YAMICSOFT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED     update

... login settings; hide and restrict drives and programs, encrypt/decrypt files, move system folders to safe locations; maintain your personal privacy by eliminating the tracks that you leave behind; optimize Internet connection speed, tweak Internet Explorer; Switch IP address easily on different networks. Split and merge any files; automatically back up .... Free download of Windows 10 Manager 3.0.2

Password Depot Server 12.0.4 AceBIT GmbH     update

Password Depot protects your important and confidential passwords from external access while offering maximum user-friendliness! According to Computerbild 01/08 Password Depot was "the only password management software that made a good impression during the comprehensive security test". Highlights of Password Depot · User-friendly interface for convenient management of .... Free download of Password Depot Server 12.0.4

PDFCreator 3.4.0 B5156 OS Development     update

... any program that is able to print; security: encrypt PDFs and protect them from being opened or ... and resize images to reduce the file size Encrypt your PDFs with AES and protect them with ... and modifying your document with 128 bit AES encryption. Digital signatures If you need to sign .... Free download of PDFCreator 3.4.0 B5156

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CryptoForge 5.4.0 CryptoForge Encryption Software     update

Easy-to-use data encryption software for personal and professional security. It allows you to encrypt files -and encrypt folders- of any type and size, on any kind of media. Once data has been encrypted, it can be stored on insecure media or ... be decrypted into its original form. This data encryption software adds to Windows the strongest encryption available .... Free download of CryptoForge 5.4.0

PDF24 Creator 8.8.0 Geek Software GmbH     update

... document properties such as title and author, to encrypt or sign PDF files, to convert documents like Word, Excel or images to PDF, to add watermarks, to combine a file with a digital paper or to export as an image or an other file type. An integrated file explorer ease .... Free download of PDF24 Creator 8.8.0

Carbonite Online PC Backup 5.7.6 Carbonite     update

... Backup: * Completely Automatic * Secure and Encrypted * Only $54.95/year Have you considered how ... takes data privacy and security very seriously. We encrypt your files twice before backing them up securely offsite, using the same encryption techniques that banks use. Files remain encrypted at our secure data centers, so only you .... Free download of Carbonite Online PC Backup 5.7.6

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Cyphertite 64-bit 2.0.4 Conformal Systems, LLC.     new

... standards-compliant cryptography available. Cyphertite x64 uses 256-bit AES-XTS encryption. Most cloud services can gain direct access to ... underlying data is completely inaccessible to us. We encrypt your data before it leaves your machine, and ... your data content. Cyphertite x64 is your encrypted cloud backup partner, from the individual user to .... Free download of Cyphertite 64-bit 2.0.4

Maple 8.65 Crystal Office Systems     update

Maple is the flagship of the tree outline managers for power users that enables you to create your own hierarchical trees for storing information such as documents, notes, links, contacts, passwords, or photos. The dual-window interface, with quick-action hot buttons and drag-and-drop support, facilitates the building of your tree. Selecting Add .... Free download of Maple 8.65

Maple Professional 8.65 Crystal Office Systems     update

Maple Professional is the flagship of the tree outline managers for power users that enables you to create your own hierarchical trees for storing information such as documents, notes, links, contacts, passwords, or photos. The dual-window interface, with quick-action hot buttons and drag-and-drop support, facilitates the building of your tree. Selecting .... Free download of Maple Professional 8.65

Clever Internet Suite 9.3 CleverComponents     update

... multiple asynchronous tasks with only few threads; - Encrypt / Decrypt and Sign / Verify data with X509 digital certificate and specified security algorithm; - Send / receive HTTP requests in JSON and XML format; - Easy-to-use HTTP Server; - Email validation; - Full IpV6, Unicode and 64bit support. .... Free download of Clever Internet Suite 9.3

CarotDAV 1.15.5 Hobara Rei     update

... ReadOnly Resume Download / Upload Auto Split Encrypt / Verify Filename (AES256 CTS) File contents (AES256 CBC) Key and IV creation PBKDF1 (RFC2898) Verification based on Hash (SHA-256) Various charactor encodings (UTF-7/8/16/32, Shift-JIS, ISO-2022-JP, EUC-JP, Big5, EUC-KR, EUC-TW, etc) Unicode Normalization (Unicode Standard Annex #15) Master Password AES256 .... Free download of CarotDAV 1.15.5

Passwords Max 5.95 B6058 Author Direct Shareware     update

... is protected using your choice of 6 proven encryption methods: Blowfish, Triple DES, DES, MDC/SHS, RC4, and ... both pre-formatted and customizable. * You can directly encrypt/decrypt files on your system, or embed small files with a selected password account. * You can run the application on any 32-bit Windows platform .... Free download of Passwords Max 5.95 B6058

Migration Manager Tranxition     update

... and any other documents you need. It can encrypt over the wire for security. It supports in-house custom applications as you specify. It's been used by L3, Lockheed, U.S. Banks, Insurance Companies, Technology and Manufacturing companies, major OEMs, and research labs. It's the best, most user friendly, and most automated .... Free download of Migration Manager

Hide Files 5.0 VOVSOFT     update

... Hide Files is a folder-locker utility. You can encrypt and decrypt your sensitive documents, photo albums, videos, emails and any kind of data. You can password protect any secret or embarrassing files. Hide your files and folders from prying eyes. Set your master password and lock your files. No one .... Free download of Hide Files 5.0

BackUp Maker Standard Edition 7.400 ASCOMP Software GmbH     update

... matches your personal needs. BackUp Maker provides strong encryption with the means of AES. Using AES with 256-bit encryption strength you are able to prevent foreign access ... Protect backups with passwords (PkZip v2.0) · Strong encryption · Encrypt backups with AES 256-Bit Target mediums: · .... Free download of BackUp Maker Standard Edition 7.400

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UkeySoft CD DVD Encryption 7.2.0 UkeySoft     new

Do you want to make password-protected encrypted cd/dvd discs from your burning software? Need a CD DVD Encryption software to make password-protected data on your CD/DVD ... what you need is a professional CD DVD Encryption software. With UkeySoft CD DVD Encryption, you can burn CD or DVD discs with ... burning software, and you want to burn an encrypted disc, the UkeySoft CD DVD Encryption is you .... Free download of UkeySoft CD DVD Encryption 7.2.0

UkeySoft USB Encryption 6.2.0 UkeySoft     new

Need a USB Encryption software to protect/encrypt/lock data on USB flash drives, ... memory card, removable drive on Windows? UkeySoft USB Encryption is designed to password protect USB flash drives, ... data from leakage, only three simple steps to encrypt your USB flash drive with password to restrict unwanted and unauthorized access! UkeySoft USB Encryption allows you to create a secure and a .... Free download of UkeySoft USB Encryption 6.2.0

IDrive Pro Softnet Corporation     update

... and organized Installation and ease-of-use on multiple systems Encrypted backups for maximum data security/privacy Retains 30 individual versions of your backed up data Drag-n-drop restore using the optional IDrive Explorer interface in addition to IDrive Classic options to backup and restore .... Free download of IDrive

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Spartan Clipboard for Windows 20.01 M8 Software (UK)     update

... web site log on system. You can even encrypt your emails. What do users say about Spartan? Spartan is one of the most productive ones that I have and saves me many hours of work. I have been involved in using computers since I wrote my first program in 1963 .... Free download of Spartan Clipboard for Windows 20.01

BoxCryptor 2.33.933 Acomba UG     update

BoxCryptor is a cryptographic virtual harddisk that encrypts all data on-the-fly using the AES-256 standard. Encrypted data is stored in an arbitrary directory of ... the cloud like your Dropbox folder. Access your encrypted files on all devices. We have BoxCryptor for ... When saving files to the virtual harddisk, BoxCryptor encrypts them on-the-fly and stores the encrypted files. When .... Free download of BoxCryptor 2.33.933

BackBlaze 6.0.0 B295 BackBlaze     update

Backup any file type and any files size. Even the largest and longest HD movies can now be backed up. Use the Internet bandwidth you have most efficiently. Switching between fast and slow connections? Backblaze automatically adjusts the speed of backups. While Backblaze has always provided unlimited bandwidth, v2.0 now batches .... Free download of BackBlaze 6.0.0 B295

Free DRM Protection 3.0.0 ThunderSoft     new

... multiple files into the one DRM protected file. Encrypt media files with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which have a very high level security. Encryption with high speed, and the output file can .... Free download of Free DRM Protection 3.0.0

Secure Archive x64 NetworkDLS     new

Secure Archive x64 is a powerful File Encryption and Compression tool which allows you to encrypt sensitive data and keep it away from unauthorized users while also compressing it so that it will occupy less space on your computer. In addition, .... Free download of Secure Archive x64

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