StatWin Professional 9.0 Employee Monitoring Software    

... monitored computer cannot suspect the presence of the monitoring software. The program can log keystrokes, capture mouse clicks, monitor clipboard and take screenshots of the desktop over a predefined period of time. In addition, the program allows you to schedule time slots within which the user can run specific applications .... Free download of StatWin Professional 9.0

Insight Client Intellvisions Software Limited    

... intelligence platform provides a dynamic set of real-time tools for gathering, tracking and analyzing customer responses. ... business experience. Insight is Intellvisions actionable intelligence tool for measuring customer satisfaction. It helps improve the ... experiences is vital for growing any business. Every employee, sales outlet, product and service portfolio is an .... Free download of Insight Client

IT Monitoring Tool 13.02.01 IT Monitoring Tool    

... many worldwide companies face a problem where their employees perform useless activities (chatting, reading eBooks, shopping, playing ... control all such type of unnecessary functions of employees over their system. Employee Desktop Live Viewer is one such software that enables administrator and manager to view and record employee desktop activities efficiently from a central location. The .... Free download of IT Monitoring Tool 13.02.01

Remote Spy Software 13.02.01 Remote Spy Software    

Proficient Employee desktop live viewer software has made real time computer monitoring a reality. By using this PC Spy tool, administrator can monitor multiple computers simultaneously without any ... check on every ongoing computer activities of their employees. The software has proved its helpful role in ... leakage, misuse of internet, fraudulent activities, and other employee sabotages. In fact, remote spy software works like .... Free download of Remote Spy Software 13.02.01

Computer Spy Tool 13.02.01 Spy Tool    

Computer monitoring software is the best solution for spying several ... It enables you to enhance work efficiency of employees and overall productivity of the organization. With the deployment of Computer Spy tool, administrator comes to know how much time an employee works, spends his time in chatting, personal emails, ... etc. The overall computer activities carrying out on employee’s system come under scanner tool which gives LIVE .... Free download of Computer Spy Tool 13.02.01

Download Spyware Software 13.02.01 Download Spyware Software    

Monitoring employee activities in the organization has become quite essential as some employees have usual habit to misuse office computers. Employee Desktop Live Viewer is one of the most effective and widely admired tools that facilitate you to monitor user activities. It ... this computer spy software is also capable of monitoring employee activities in large organizations. It is offered .... Free download of Download Spyware Software 13.02.01

Computer Spy Software 13.02.01 Computer Spy Software    

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is one such smartly programmed application that allows you to monitor employee activities in the large organizations. The tool has been programmed in such a manner that ... systems of a network correspondingly. And, every single employee desktop can get connected as agents with the ... function that permits you to monitor what your employees are doing in their working hours without informing .... Free download of Computer Spy Software 13.02.01

Screen Recording Software 13.02.01 Screen Recording Software    

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is professional, easy to use solution to monitor activities on employee’s screen efficiently. It provides the perfect desktop auditing ... in AVI format. It allows easy Real time monitoring of registered computers, track activities on multiple computers ... use, simple interactive graphical screens that make this tool easy to be used by technical as well .... Free download of Screen Recording Software 13.02.01

Spyware Software 13.02.01    

Employee Desktop Live Viewer helps the business organizations in curbing unproductive employee activities. It helps in monitoring employee desktop activities with viewer and agent setup files. Computer spyware software can effectively monitor employee activities on a large network (domain or workgroup). It monitors and records every employee activity such as visited web pages, music and .... Free download of Spyware Software 13.02.01

Spy Software 13.02.01    

... system network also called viewer computer and monitor employee desktops registered as agent computers. Employee Desktop is capable of monitoring offline as well as online employee activities on the computer such as online chatting ... software also helps in recording desktop activities of employees within the work premise and save the employee .... Free download of Spy Software 13.02.01

Employee Desktop Monitoring 13.02.01    

Organizations can install Employee Desktop Live Viewer to control unwanted employee activities. It can monitor employee activities on Windows based network from remote location. Moreover, Employee Desktop monitoring software also enable network administrators and company managers ... tasks such as removing wallpaper, locking or unlocking employee computer and others. It also allow administrator to .... Free download of Employee Desktop Monitoring 13.02.01

System Monitoring Tool 13.02.01 System Monitoring Tool    

Almost all the organizations face the issue of employees wasting their time in useless desktop activities. But Employee desktop live viewer software lets you keep a close watch on useless activities of your employees. It is a centralized system monitoring tool and highly recommended for the large IT companies. Employee desktop live viewer is available in Viewer and .... Free download of System Monitoring Tool 13.02.01

Desktop PC Activity Monitoring 13.02.01    

Business organizations can continuously watch each and every employee activity with the help of Employee Desktop Live Viewer. It is a comprehensive desktop monitoring tool for organizations such as schools, cyber cafes, IT companies and others. Employee Desktop Live Viewer can monitor both offline and online user activities on LAN network. Desktop Activity Monitoring tool is offered in viewer and agent setup .... Free download of Desktop PC Activity Monitoring 13.02.01

Computer Spyware Tool 13.02.01    

Employee Desktop LIVE Viewer is one such efficient computer spyware tool using which any individual can efficiently keep a close watch on employees’ productivities. The tool is a perfect answer for those who want to carry out a real time desktop activity monitoring over LAN. Besides this, using this application you .... Free download of Computer Spyware Tool 13.02.01

Spyware Software Download 12.01.01    

... now can constantly watch every activity of their employees with Employee Desktop Live Viewer. It works on LAN or WAN network and capable of monitoring even the remote desktops. Spyware software download is ... installed on other computers of the same network. Employee Desktop Live Viewer monitor both online and offline activities of the employee. It records every user activity such as websites .... Free download of Spyware Software Download 12.01.01

Time Doctor for Linux 64bit 2.2.16 Time Doctor LLC    

... in real-time, improving productivity for individuals and company employees. Time Doctor is the most effective software for ... Aside from time tracking, it records how the employee uses the Internet and provides a user-friendly report ... features help monitor a virtual team by providing tools to record hours worked and confirming that team .... Free download of Time Doctor for Linux 64bit 2.2.16

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Time Doctor for Mac OS X 2.2.16 Time Doctor LLC    

... Time Doctor is also the best software for monitoring a remote team. Records employee Internet use and provides a simple report of ... used on the desktop. These features help in monitoring a virtual team with minimal effort on the ... team members. Time Doctor is a great collaboration tool for teams, allowing you to assign tasks to .... Free download of Time Doctor for Mac OS X 2.2.16

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Yaware employee working time tracker Yaware    

Yaware is the most effective employee time tracking software you will ever use. It's an automated, simple and convenient tool for tracking the working time of the whole team. Wherever your employees work, all the data about their working time ... tracking (no manual data entry) Remote setup and employee monitoring Access rights for managers, heads of department .... Free download of Yaware employee working time tracker

Kernel Computer Activity Monitor 12.07.01 Lepide Data Recovery    

Monitoring activities of individual employee in a large IT firm has been always a big challenge to the management. Employees in many IT firms generally spoils their office ... CCTV camera can monitor the physical activities of employees working in an organization. But with CCTV camera, ... management cannot monitor the desktop activities of its employees during office time. This complex task is now .... Free download of Kernel Computer Activity Monitor 12.07.01

CodeTwo Task Workflow 1.3.7 CodeTwo    

... into a real on-line collaboration and project management tool. The new task pane, available in the task ... measure the work time and effort of each employee. With CodeTwo Task Workflow it is possible to ... menu. CodeTwo Task Workflow is a very flexible tool that combined with folder sharing features of CodeTwo .... Free download of CodeTwo Task Workflow 1.3.7

SurveilStar Any Web Protection 1.2.2 SurveilStar Inc.    

... Web Protection can be also used as student monitoring, parental control tool and employee monitoring software. As a parent, you can check what ... they are insterested in. As an employer or employee administrator, you can check whether they are using .... Free download of SurveilStar Any Web Protection 1.2.2

SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor 1.2.2 SurveilStar Inc.    

SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor is a great computer controlling software which ... help you to monitor, record, control and block employees' internet activities. You can monitor the employees’ online activities to keep them doing what they ... secure company’s commercial secret and intellectual property. This employee monitoring software can easily record all visited web .... Free download of SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor 1.2.2

Keyboard Monitoring Software Data Restore    

... record or monitor your guest user, spouse, children, employee offline or online internet activities during working time? Keystroke monitoring software provides facility to save or record every ... interval of time in encrypted log file. Professional monitoring and surveillance application record or trace all typed ... NT, ME, 2003, 2000, 98 etc. Invisible keylogger tool is helpful for big corporation to know employee .... Free download of Keyboard Monitoring Software

Desktop Activity Recorder 11.02.01 Record Desktop Activity    

Keeping exact information of your employees’ computer activities is now very easy with Desktop ... monitor every activity that is happening on your employees’ computer screens and can also record them as ... recorder works invisibly hence, you can monitor your employees’ desktop activities without letting them know about it. ... productivity and efficiency can be again achieved by monitoring and controlling employees’ unnecessary activities through desktop activity .... Free download of Desktop Activity Recorder 11.02.01

Monitor Computer Screen 11.02.01 Record Computer Screen Software    

... facing low productivity due to time wastage by employees’ in unnecessary activities, then a tool to record computer screen and monitor computer screen can help you out. Recording what your employees do and how they utilize their working hours ... putting a stop on unnecessary activities. Using such tool the manager, administrator or any high authority can .... Free download of Monitor Computer Screen 11.02.01

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