RoboMail Mass Mail Software 6.0.2 Evinco Solutions Limited     update

... prospects in most effective way and send personalized email to your customers. Enjoy email marketing with RoboMail and explore more business opportunities. .... Free download of RoboMail Mass Mail Software 6.0.2

MorphyMail Free Email Marketer 3.2 MorphyMail Pvt Ltd     new

Using morphmail free email marketer, you will be able to send unlimited bulk emails for free for lifetime. You can use multiple ... servers like amazon ses or sendgrid. 500 free email templates included. Other features includes automated bounce processing, ... content using spam score checker and make your emails go straight to your customer's inbox. Everyone can .... Free download of MorphyMail Free Email Marketer 3.2

Microsoft Outlook 2016 16.0.6741 Microsoft     update

Outlook is the email client included in Microsoft's Office suite, combining a reliable email client with a feature-packed organizer. The program aims ... well as new and improved features for professional email, calendar, contacts, and task management to help you ... easier. With Outlook 2016 , you can archive email messages with a single click. You can create .... Free download of Microsoft Outlook 2016 16.0.6741

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IncrediMail 2 2.5 Build 66053 IncrediMail Ltd     update

... With new improvements like a new design, powerful email search, enhanced stability and major upgrades to performance and speed, IncrediMail 2 makes your email experience more productive even while you're having fun. ... be customized to your color of choice. The email list window and preview pane now feature a new design that makes browsing through your email easier and more productive. Plus, for your convenience, .... Free download of IncrediMail 2 2.5 Build 66053

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e-Campaign LmhSoft     update

e-Campaign bulk email software enables you to easily design rich HTML emails and newsletters, and deliver personalized HTML emails to your target audience using mailing lists. It sends a personalized/separate copy of your email to each address in your mailing list (one ... time); and each recipient will see only his/her email address in the To: field. You can personalize .... Free download of e-Campaign

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NetMail light 3.41 Shamrock Software GmbH     update

NetMail is an email system for network workstations, consisting of a mail/SMS ... a local-area network, NetMail provides groupware functions like email, SMS, diary, pinboard and instant messaging. You can read and write your emails on any workstation using the NetMail client software for Windows, and emails can be stored and searched in shared and .... Free download of NetMail light 3.41

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Auto Mail Sender 16.0 B093 TriSun Software Inc.     update

... the SMTP/ESMTP protocol. It provides all the traditional email elements/functions and many advanced features such as sending emails via the PROXY SERVER (supports the popular SOCKS5 protocol), designating read receipt receiver, designating virtual sender/reply receiver, customizing sending time, and so on. ... Proxy server & relative authentication supportable. # HTML email supportable. # Multiple recipients & attachments. # Host .... Free download of Auto Mail Sender 16.0 B093

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Mailing List Studio 4.26 PESARO SYSTEM     update

... in that our software will help by sending emails to each individual recipient. Easy to use to send personalized email. Thanks to the dynamic variables, you can send ... it manually with the data provided by your email provider. · Mail with or without SMTP Server .... Free download of Mailing List Studio 4.26

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Opera Mail 1.0 Build 1044 Opera Software     update

... program can be used with all the main email services - Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, MobileMe, AOL ... Opera Mail works a little differently to other email clients in some ways. It doesn't save your ... need to look back over a series of emails. Opera Mail features: More efficient mail .... Free download of Opera Mail 1.0 Build 1044

SpamBully for Outlook Express / Windows Mail Vitalie Esanu     update

... of spam messages. Spam Bully learns from every email message you send and receive. This way it ... you consider spam and what you consider acceptable email. There's a special Friends/Spammers list; so your friend's emails are never blocked and messages of known spammers are automatically designated as spam. Query emails can be sent to unfamiliar emailers with a .... Free download of SpamBully for Outlook Express / Windows Mail

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Blat 3.2.19 Blat Manager     update

... & 64 bit) command line utility that sends eMail using SMTP or post to usenet using NNTP. ... line, however when this is done the real senders address is stamped in the "Reply-To:" and "Sender:" lines. This feature can be useful when using the program to send messages from users that .... Free download of Blat 3.2.19

SMTP Mailer PRO SmtpInfo     update

... product makes it extremely simple to send an email from a command line. You can specify the sender and multiple recipients including CC and BCC. It ... and the professional SMTP Mailer. Feature:FREE/ PRO Sender: yes/ yes Recipients: one/ multiple CC Recipients: no/ ... plain, html Multiple body parts: no/ yes Edit email before sending: yes/ yes .... Free download of SMTP Mailer PRO

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SMTP Mailer SmtpInfo     update

... product makes it extremely simple to send an email from a command line. You can specify the sender and multiple recipients including CC and BCC. It also supports multiple attachemnts and server authentication. .... Free download of SMTP Mailer

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Becky! Internet Mail 2.74.02 RimArts, Inc.     update

Becky! Internet Mail is the Internet e-mail client. Since its birth in 1996, we kept improving its functionalities listening to the users' feedback, and it has become one of the most successful shareware e-mail products. It has almost every feature that are needed for e-mail client and has nothing that are .... Free download of Becky! Internet Mail 2.74.02

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Email Parser 4.8 FrozenFrog Software     update

Email Parser bridges the gap between the emails you receive and Excel files, Google Sheets and databases. It can parse email text from the email itself or from the attachments. The configuration is ... of examples available. Features: Complete unattended operation. Retrieves email from POP, IMAP and Outlook accounts. It is ... with Gmail and Hotmail. Supports SSL for secure email retrieving Easy to setup where to look for .... Free download of Email Parser 4.8

POP Peeper 4.5.1 Mortal Universe Software Entertainment     update

POP Peeper is an email notifier that runs in your Windows task bar and alerts you when you have new email on your POP3, IMAP (with IDLE support), HotmailMSNLiveMail, ... POP Peeper and use the address book to email your frequently used contacts. POP Peeper allows you ... decrease or eliminate the risks of reading your email (viruses, javascript, webbugs, etc). POP Peeper can be .... Free download of POP Peeper 4.5.1

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i.Scribe 2.1 B53 Matthew Allen     update

i.Scribe is a small and fast email client with an intergrated contact database and calendar. ... you from the usual security holes in other email clients with it's own virus safe HTML control and executable attachment protection. Free or Commercial Email Client i.Scribe is free for everyone to use. ... bayesian spam filter that learns what type of email you consider to be "junk". Once it has .... Free download of i.Scribe 2.1 B53

Foxmail 7.2 B9.088 Foxmail     new

... QQMail both in web and mobile. The email client software also offers a calendar for scheduling ... WYSIWYG method and allows you to create refined email filters. The application also supports Outlook messages, Exchange email accounts and mailbox encryption. .... Free download of Foxmail 7.2 B9.088

EasyEmail Notifier 1.1.135 UtilStudio, s.r.o.    

Free email notifier and email sender in one. Sends the e-mails, get notifications of incoming email messages and from your buddies. Supports all standard ... your coworkers. It will notify you when new email arrives from any person in your buddy list or any email arrives to any from defined email accounts (gmail, .... Free download of EasyEmail Notifier 1.1.135

EasyEmail Client 1.1.135 UtilStudio, s.r.o.    

Email client and email notifier in one. Allows you to send, receive, ... e-mails. You may to get notifications of incoming email messages from your buddies, coworkers or family members online. Email client supports all standard account types IMAP, POP3, SSL, gmail, hotmail, live,... Email client allows you to make your own list .... Free download of EasyEmail Client 1.1.135

NI Mail Agent NI Software    

The program for email mass sending with socks proxy support. The program supports plain text letters and letters in format HTML including attachments. Dispatch is enough considerable quantity of letters is possible at the expense of use in one account of the program to serially used 100 mail boxes on .... Free download of NI Mail Agent

Inky 4.1.0 (1.4.6) Arcode Corporation, Inc.    

... solution that provably verifies the identity of every email sender. So you’ll know whether that wire request in ... Inky’s identity-secured encryption makes it impossible to forge emails, eliminating spear phishing. Inky assigns each employee a .... Free download of Inky 4.1.0 (1.4.6)

BulkSender - Lite Edition 4.4.1 Encrypt4all Software    

... allows you to send hundreds of thousands of emails just in few mouse clicks,get your copy now and send your email newsletters, targeted email campaigns, BulkSender can manage unlimited e-mail messages (Text/Html) .... Free download of BulkSender - Lite Edition 4.4.1

software pick 3.8.7 B840    

... of the art secure encryption technology to medical email platform. Secure Medical email suitable for professional, political, and personal use. If you are comfortable sending regular email, you will be comfortable using Secure to send secure email. Secure allows you to access, store ... the medical community and healthcare professionals a secure email hosting solution that is fully compliant with all .... Free download of 3.8.7 B840

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Master Bulk Email Direct Sender 6.63    

Master Bulk Email Direct Sender is a perfect high speed bulk email direct sender.It works like a mail server, you don't need ... mail server. As a multi-threaded application, Master Bulk Email Direct Sender's normal sending speed can up to 50,000 e-mails ... in few minutes. It can also remove duplicate email addresses while sending. This application helps you to .... Free download of Master Bulk Email Direct Sender 6.63

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