EASendMail SMTP Component Adminsystem Software Limited    

... or other .NET framework applications to send Text/Html email based on SMTP/ESMTP protocol. It is a full-featured ... provides many advanced features as follows: - DNS lookup to send email without specified SMTP server; - Test validity of email address; - Support asynchronous mode and event driving; - ... attachments and embedded pictures; - Import text/html to email body from specified file/URL; - Add customized headers .... Free download of EASendMail SMTP Component

Postbox 7.0.15 Postbox, Inc.    

... See why Postbox’s features make it the best email client for Mac and PC. Powerful, intuitive, ... access to documents and images hiding within your email messages. No more digging through email messages to find what you need! It's easy ... beautifully formatted who-said-what-when digest that cleans up messy email threads. Format your replies with profile photos, or .... Free download of Postbox 7.0.15

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XenArmor MAC IP Scanner Pro 2020 XenArmor Pvt Ltd    

... enterprise software to quickly find MAC and IP address of all systems in your network Here are the key benefits * MAC IP Lookup: find MAC & IP address of all systems in your network * Faster ... schedule all your MAC IP scans periodically * Email Scan Report: get scan report delivered to your .... Free download of XenArmor MAC IP Scanner Pro 2020

MailBee.NET Objects 11.2 AfterLogic Corporation    

... ASP.NET Identity database), send to queue, DNS MX lookup (direct send without SMTP relay server), bulk email address validation (the source is string array or database), .... Free download of MailBee.NET Objects 11.2

MailBee.NET Queue 1.6.1 AfterLogic Corporation    

... or e-mails it accepts from a single IP address per hour or per session. The service is ... SSL (like Gmail), direct send over DNS MX lookup. Your application just puts .EML files into the ... SMTP relay servers or directly via DNS MX lookup - supports SMTP relay and DNS server farms .... Free download of MailBee.NET Queue 1.6.1

MailBee.NET SMTP 11.2 AfterLogic Corporation    

... Message Queue, or send directly via DNS MX lookup. Written in 100% managed C# code. Can be ... SMTP queue; - direct send via DNX MX lookup; - make DNS MX, PTR or TXT query; ... formats; - iCal events and vCard contacts; - email address parsing and validation; - multiple attachments, file .... Free download of MailBee.NET SMTP 11.2

MailBee Objects 9.1 AfterLogic Corporation    

... multiple attachments, international charsets (including UTF-8), international e-mail addresses (IDN domains), secure login (incuding APOP, NTLM, GSSAPI/NTLM, ... Integrated Windows Authentication, send to queue, DNS MX lookup (direct send without SMTP relay server), email address validation, ESMTP authentication, events, logging, error handling. The .... Free download of MailBee Objects 9.1

NetInfo 8.94 Tsarfin Computing Ltd    

... internal network security. Main features: displays system IP addresses and MAC addresses, displays all local TCP/IP connections and their foreign connection IP address, allows you to quickly verify network connectivity to another IP address on the network, displays a list of routers ... allows you to perform DNS forward and reverse lookup queries, displays information about users currently logged on .... Free download of NetInfo 8.94

Email List Validator byteplant GmbH    

Email List Validator (Email List Validation and Email List Cleaning) - a free, easy-to-use email list check tool from homepage providing full-service email list validation and cleaning (free for 100 email addresses). The online validation process on homepage includes all ... (IETF/RFC standard conformance), DNS validation including MX record lookup, Disposable email address (DEA) detection, SMTP connection and .... Free download of Email List Validator

Kiwi Syslog Server 9.5.0 SolarWinds    

... per hour alarm notification with audible sound or email · Log file size alarm notification with audible sound or email · Daily e-mailing of syslog traffic statistics · Maintains source address when forwarding messages to other syslog hosts · ... load · DNS resolution of source host IP addresses with optional domain removal · DNS cashing of .... Free download of Kiwi Syslog Server 9.5.0

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Mass Mailer And Verifier 11.05 Email Robot Co., Ltd.    

... Robot Mass Mailer Robot is professional high performance email marketing software for targeted bulk email marketing campaigns and email lists building at your desktop. With Mass Mailer ... comprehensive and yet simple tool among the leading email marketing software. With excellent designs and powerful features ... 5,000 threads set free(Depend on your machine).High speed email sender application by using multi-threaded delivery,Very Easy sending .... Free download of Mass Mailer And Verifier 11.05

KeyText 3.20 MJMSoft Design Ltd.    

... app, hit a hotkey, and: if it's an email address your e-mail program starts with a new message ... site; if it's one word, does a dictionary lookup. Now includes advanced features such as regular expressions, .... Free download of KeyText 3.20

Who is Extractor 2.8 Technocom    

Whois Extractor extract domain owner email address , domain's owner address , domain's owner contact and other domain's owner ... domain creation , domain owner information . whois lookup extractor extract whois information from internet. Key Features ... information . • Whois Extractor extract domain owner email address . • Whois Extractor save domain's owner .... Free download of Who is Extractor 2.8

MailBee SMTP 9.0 AfterLogic Corporation    

... queue, directly send without SMTP server (DNS MX lookup). Supports HTML with embedded pictures, international charsets, UTF-8, ... and memory attachments, custom headers, custom SMTP commands, email address validation. Provides accurate and fast MIME builder. MailBee .... Free download of MailBee SMTP 9.0

AA Mail Server 5.0 AA Mail Server    

... software for Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/Windows7. 2. Provides full featured email service, supports SMTP/SMTP Auth/POP3/SSL POP3 Remote etc. 3. ... Server can automatically retrieve mails from and send emails via ISP mail service. 5. Sharing Mail Server ... your departments communicate with customers with one mailbox address. 6. Well-designed UTF-8 Webmail Server keeps you away .... Free download of AA Mail Server 5.0

Alien IP 2.41 ArmCode    

... routing software that resolves domain names, pings IP addresses, and shows the location of remote hosts on ... map. It supplies detailed information about remote domains, email senders and web site visitors. Alien IP has ... allows you to process web logs, ping remote addresses, and trace the route to their exact location. .... Free download of Alien IP 2.41

Management-Ware Email Address Finder Management-Ware Solutions    

Management-Ware Email Address Finder a software for email address lookup and extraction! Build your own emailing list with our email lookup software. With the pervasiveness of the Internet, email has become the marketing tool of choice for ... customers and contacts. For most small businesses, permission-based email marketing campaigns are the most cost-effective way to .... Free download of Management-Ware Email Address Finder

DF_MailStuff 4.0.411.15 Info2000    

... useful in any circumstances you need to validate/check email address input by the user. DF_MailStuff is also much more: isEmailValid: use this method for validating email address checking syntax (even bad words) and/or validating domain (syntax check, dns lookup, top domain check, MX check, anonymous domain check, email existing against remote smtp server) catchEmails: use this .... Free download of DF_MailStuff 4.0.411.15

Background Check Records Search 1.1 Public Records Search Online    

Background Check Records Search can search, find and lookup any background reports online. Search and lookup any public records: background records, criminal records, people ... death records, reverse phone, reverse cell phone, reverse email, reverse ip address. .... Free download of Background Check Records Search 1.1

Public Records Search 1.2 Public Records Search Online    

Search and lookup any public records: background records, criminal records, people ... death records, reverse phone, reverse cell phone, reverse email, reverse ip address. .... Free download of Public Records Search 1.2

Chilkat .NET Email Component for the .NET 2.0 / 3.5 Frameworks x64 Chilkat Software, Inc.    

The Chilkat .NET email component can be used with any Visual Studio ... XML import/export, and is fully internationalized to handle email in any language. The Chilkat mail components draw on over 7 years of email component development, and has an established user base ... provides for free new-version upgrades, 1 year unlimited email and phone support, and royalty-free redistribution. Follow the .... Free download of Chilkat .NET Email Component for the .NET 2.0 / 3.5 Frameworks x64

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Very Simple Network Scanner George Pantazis    

... for future reference - Send the report by email directly from VSNS - Print Reports (Future Version) * MAC Address Discovery - Vendor lookup based on the MAC (Future Version) - Online ... - Device Types are binded to the MAC address (Future Version) .... Free download of Very Simple Network Scanner

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