Mutabor 4.0.0 rc3 Mutabor Team     update

... are not availlable on ordinary keyboards. An important application is the „just intonation“. Mutabor uses its ... to explore and compare the ancient tunings, in ear training, for music theory, as a tonal experimentation field .... Free download of Mutabor 4.0.0 rc3

Absolute Pitch 2.30 Silvawood    

Ear training music app and virtual piano to help you ... a better musician. Absolute Pitch is a musical ear trainer that uses a unique method to teach ... piano sound and near full-size piano keyboard, the application can be used to play polyphonic music using .... Free download of Absolute Pitch 2.30

Auralia Sibelius Group    

... and easy way to use your computer for ear training. Auralia leads you through a variety of graded exercises, and presents instant feedback. All of your results are recorded, and you may sing or .... Free download of Auralia

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RPitch 0.9 Beta Dave Glasser    

RPitch is a small, handy feature-rich relative pitch ear training application. It's written in Java and uses the javax.sound.midi ... pitch, which many claim cannot by acquired through training or practice, most people can attain a reasonably .... Free download of RPitch 0.9 Beta

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