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Dronehunter 1.0.1 Mythography Studios    

The drones are out of control in this cyberpunk shooter game! You're a Dronehunter by trade, stealing the contents of the delivery drones through various means, hacking, netting etc. But what happens when you get too greedy with snatching delivery drones and the corporation decides you're more trouble than the insurance .... Free download of Dronehunter 1.0.1

EAGLE Light 9.6.0 CadSoft Computer    

The EAGLE is a powerful yet easy-to-use Layout Editor designed specifically for creating printed circuit boards (PCBs). Here are some key features of "EAGLE Light": · online Forward- and Back-Annotation · context sensitive help function · no hardware copy protection! · multiple windows for board, schematic and library .... Free download of EAGLE Light 9.6.0

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TinyCAD 3.00.02 Tinycad.sourceforge.net    

... You can export from TinyCAD in Protel, PADS, Eagle SCR format. Simulating circuits with TinyCAD and Spice You may use TinyCAD to create Spice simulation files. TinyCAD incorporates a powerful Spice template engine, which enables you to add Spice output to any symbol. Although there is no formal .... Free download of TinyCAD 3.00.02

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PTZ Controller 3.7.1069 Serial Port Tool    

... Samsung-T, LG, LiLin, Canon, ERNA, Hitachi, Cohu, and Eagle PT Support control for Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus and Iris Support multiple Auto Scan tracks Powerful custom function buttons Sending user-defined Hex data to PTZ camera Keyboard shortcuts to control cameras and presets Build-in joystick and gamepad Remote controler by HTTP .... Free download of PTZ Controller 3.7.1069

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TARGET 3001 Ing.-Buero FRIEDRICH    

... · Import Protel to TARGET 3001! · Import Eagle to TARGET 3001! · Export TARGET 3001! to Eagle · Eagle commands and how to do it in TARGET .... Free download of TARGET 3001

Heroes of Shaola 1.2.5 Smiling Dragon RPG Studios    

... a chance to take action. Sources from Iron Eagle, the mysterious organization from Zuda Kingdom, revealed that Martia and Amazail have been trying to form an alliance. The once great Zenman Empire is suddenly facing two big threats from the north and south. .... Free download of Heroes of Shaola 1.2.5

GPS TrackMaker 13.9.596 Geo Studio Technology    

... More than 160 GPS models recognized. Garmin, Magellan, Eagle and others. You can use the resource of real-time navigation to go out with a GPS connected to a portable computer, knowing where is your location on the map Create fast vectorial background maps Download and upload Waypoints, Tracklogs and .... Free download of GPS TrackMaker 13.9.596

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OziExplorer 3.95.6f Des & Lorraine Newman    

OziExplorer is interactive, it allows you to work, on your computer screen, with digital maps that you have purchased or scanned yourself. By using these maps OziExplorer allows you to plan your trip by creating waypoints, routes and tracks on screen and upload these to your GPS. With OziExplorer running .... Free download of OziExplorer 3.95.6f

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Zombie Apocalypse Shooter 1.99.1 gamehitzone.com    

... Use four types of weapons - the Desert Eagle, Uzi, an army shotgun and AK-47 to kill all the zombies on your way! FPS stands for First Person Shooter. FPS games provide complete immersion in the gameplay. In these games, the player completely merges with his character, which gives an .... Free download of Zombie Apocalypse Shooter 1.99.1

Confidential Free Edition 1.0 Eagle-Soft    

Confidential is a unique software in the world. It allows you to hide an image and/or text within a visible image. Confidential uses the AES-256 bits encryption algorithm as well as other security measures. Moreover, the presence of the hidden data is undetectable. Confidential can be executed from a simple USB .... Free download of Confidential Free Edition 1.0

Angry Bird Rio for PC Download 1.0 Epic99    

... hit movie Rio and Rio 2. THE MIGHTY EAGLE! The mighty eagal is a permant in-app purchaseable power-up available to Angry Birds Rio. if your stuck on any level, this hero will dive down from the sky to fend off those meddlesome monkeys. However this power-up is tied down by .... Free download of Angry Bird Rio for PC Download 1.0

101 All to CD DVD Burner 2.1.8 Silver Eagle Software, Inc.    

101 All to CD DVD Burner is an easy-to-use CD or DVD burning application developed for creating data and audio CDs and DVDs. By 101 All to CD DVD Burner, you can create and burn data CDs / DVDs with all files of any format (Include MP3,MPEG and so on), Making .... Free download of 101 All to CD DVD Burner 2.1.8

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Autumn Waterfall 3.06 MAC N PC Software    

The Autumn Waterfall animated wallpapers and screen savers features animated waterfall during autumn with relaxing serene sounds of waterfall, birds chirping, butterflies flying with the intention to bring pristine nature into your living room for entertainment and help you relax. You do not have to travel far in order to enjoy .... Free download of Autumn Waterfall 3.06

Serene Mountain Scape 2.02 MAC N PC Software    

... enjoy and relax watching the horses galloping, Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle soaring over head, Ducks swimming, a Swan is chilling and seems to enjoy the company of ducks. You are no longer have to live .... Free download of Serene Mountain Scape 2.02

Tropical Rain Forest 2.01 MAC N PC Software    

The Tropical Rainforest animated wallpapers features jungle scene from the rainforest with Red-Banded Jezebel butterflies, Sun Conure, Yellow-Faced Parrot, Black-throated Hummingbird, Australian-Painted Butterflies, Costa's Hummingbird, Gila Woodpecker, Gray-Spotted woodpecker, Spruce Grouse, Bengal tiger. And of course, a rainforest is not a rainforest if there is no sounds to make it a .... Free download of Tropical Rain Forest 2.01

Tranquil River 2.01 MAC N PC Software    

... running river with lush green vegetation, with Golden Eagle and flying birds, serene sounds of running river, and ambient sounds of the wild helps you relax anytime, all you have to do is run the Tranquil River animated backgrounds, close your eyes and let your mind adrift as if you .... Free download of Tranquil River 2.01

Nemo The Clown Aquarium 2.0 MAC N PC Sfotware    

Nemo The Clown Aquarium animated wallpaper and screen savers, also known as the "Clowns" of the sea features a variety of clown fishes including Black Percula, Orange Percula, Maroon Percula, scientific name (Amphiprion ocellaris), Amphiprion polymnus, also known as the Saddleback Clown fish, Moorish Idol, also known as (Gill) from the .... Free download of Nemo The Clown Aquarium 2.0

Nature's Creation Waterfall 1.02 MAC N PC Sfotware    

... animated waterfall from around the world with Bald Eagle roaring overhead and Seaguls is not far from ... picture even in the suny day. The Bald Eagle seems to dominate the freedom sky but it ... their best to stay out of the Bald Eagle way. You do not have to travel far .... Free download of Nature's Creation Waterfall 1.02

Misty Waterfall 2.0 MAC N PC Software    

The Misty Waterfall wallpapers features an animated waterfall from Asia with relaxing serene sounds of waterfall, and ambient sounds of birds chirping, and of course butterflies is never far away from water and flowers flying around with the intention to bring pristine nature into your living room for entertainment and help .... Free download of Misty Waterfall 2.0

Light House 1.0 MAC N PC Software    

... soothing sounds of sporadic Seagulls squawking and Golden Eagle is on the hunt. Screen Savers versus Desktop wallpapers: Screen savers only run when your PC is in idle state when you are not using the PC which mean you are not there to enjoy whatever scene of your Favorite screen .... Free download of Light House 1.0

AutoTRAX DEX 9 DEX 2020 Ltd.    

... the previous generation of software such as Diptrace, Eagle, MultiSim, Orcad, DesignSparks and Proteus which have separate data files for schematics and PCBs - even different applications with different user interfaces. Schematics AutoTRAX ensures that your design remains correct throughout with no dangling wires or pcb design rule violations. You .... Free download of AutoTRAX DEX 9

Nice Feathers Free Screensaver Savers4Free.com    

... the hawk in ancient Egypt to the bald eagle and the turkey in the United States. Eagle feathers have great cultural and spiritual value to American Indians in the USA and First Nations peoples in Canada as religious objects. Also feathers .... Free download of Nice Feathers Free Screensaver

No One Shoots Forever 1.20 Infusible Brain Soft    

... Gun when the bullets finishes, always having an Eagle Eye to discover the remaining enemies. NOSF is a very Funny Game! Try it and Shoot everything moves!!! Here you will find a very amusing game created by me to kill the daily stress that I accumulate during the day. This .... Free download of No One Shoots Forever 1.20

Easter Egg Hunt 1.4.0 Novel Games Limited    

... friends and family and see who possesses an eagle eye! .... Free download of Easter Egg Hunt 1.4.0

Angry Birds 4.0.0 Rovio    

... in the game, you can purchase the Mighty Eagle! Mighty Eagle is a one-time in-app purchase in Angry Birds ... you can only use the aid of Mighty Eagle to pass a level once per hour. Mighty Eagle also includes all new gameplay goals and achievements! .... Free download of Angry Birds 4.0.0

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