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BDGYsearches Paul Guzis    

BDGYsearches is a computer program that searches Bing, Duckduckgo, Google, or Yahoo for precise searches. It has the capability to search approximately forty search categories to obtain the desired result. It makes searching easy and effortless. It has the capability to search engines using the same criteria without any reentering .... Free download of BDGYsearches

Websearch Launcher 1.01 Websearch Tools    

Websearch Launcher 1.0 Freeware is the ideal search tool you can improve your internet movements and save a lot of time. It works as follow. You select text in websites or in any programs and then you can get and compare the search results or translations from out different search engines. .... Free download of Websearch Launcher 1.01

Kingpin Private Browser 1.3.14 Limelick Software    

... Google search as default (can be changed to DuckDuckGo in settings). It can be used as an additional browser for browsing sensitive content or browser used for more secure online shopping and banking. Why you should give Kingpin browser a try: PRIVACY - Does not store browsing history, passwords, credentials, .... Free download of Kingpin Private Browser 1.3.14

FolderViewer 5.2 MatirSoft    

... using 16 searchengines with an Advanced History Database DuckDuckGo Bang! Database to use in Internet searches Multiple Document Library Databases Multiple Picture Library Databases Single Music Library Database; print and search Lyrics Single Video Library Database Syntax Editor and Hex Editor Embedded multiple Windows Media Players Network Tools Multiple Remote .... Free download of FolderViewer 5.2

Search Engines Parser 3.0 eBGenius    

... can automatically scrape search results from Ask, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Faroo, Google, Ixquick, Yahoo, and Yandex (including API-based versions). The software supports an unlimited number of search queries and enables you to parse and extract data from multiple search engines at the same time. Just enter search queries (keywords) and automatically .... Free download of Search Engines Parser 3.0

Mywe Fluent navigator 1.0.0 Feng Qiao Software    

... to invoke other search engines like baidu,yandex or duckduckgo. .... Free download of Mywe Fluent navigator 1.0.0

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