Drought Monitor And Prediction 1.0 AgriMetSoft    

... is a comprehensive tool that can calculate 18 drought indices in three different drought types, namely meteorological drought (SPI, PN, DI, RAI, RDI, ZSI, CZI, MCZI, EDI, KBDI, PDSI, PHDI, SPEI), agricultural drought (ETDI, SMDI, ARI), and hydrological drought (SWSI and SDI). For running this software you ... (Drought Monitor And Prediction) software, through selecting every index, the user can calculating it and then by .... Free download of Drought Monitor And Prediction 1.0

KBDIS 1.0 AgriMetSoft    

... of USA, Keetch and Byram (1968) developed a drought index namely Keetch-Byram drought index (KBDI). Conceptually, using daily precipitation and daily maximum ... in the U.S. (Keetch and Byram 1968). This index, which conceptually describes the soil moisture (Dolling et ... soil saturation and 800 indicates the most severe drought. Generally, the output is categorized into four classes .... Free download of KBDIS 1.0

MDM 1.0 AgriMetSoft    

A meteorological drought can be seen as a result of a ... and time. Depending of the duration of meteorological drought, the soil humidity will be reduced (shorter term) ... groundwater table can be dropped (longer term). Meteorological drought is signaled by indicators intrinsic to weather data ... onset of specic impacts, i.e. additional kinds of drought. There are different indices for monitoring and assessing .... Free download of MDM 1.0

RDIT 1.0 AgriMetSoft    

Assessment and Monitoring Drought Meteorological droughts, which is caused by a decit in precipitation ... period and region. To measuring the value of drought, we need a useful tool. Therefore, to quantitative analysis of drought characteristics and of research works on impact of climate change on droughts, we should monitor and assess the value of .... Free download of RDIT 1.0

Weather1 8.51 Kelly software    

... mixed! Also includes US Storm Watch, US UV Index, current Solar Images (NASA), US Lightning Strikes, US ... images & Bulletin, US Fire Danger Forecast, US Drought Severity Index, US Fire/Acreage Incident Mgt. Report, Over 50 International .... Free download of Weather1 8.51

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