Sea Raindrops Screensaver 2.0     new

... water, creating circular waves. Many waves from different drops collide, creating unusual distortions of light. And under the water you will see different backgrounds! You will definitely not get bored with this free screensaver, as each time you run it, you will get a random background! We have selected twenty .... Free download of Sea Raindrops Screensaver 2.0

Web Contact Scraper 5.3     update

... resume multiple past partial searches - Internet connection drops do not affect searches in progress - Intelligent Proxy IP Support to scrape anonymously! - Lifetime Licence Key for up to 2 computers - 1 Full Year of Free Product Updates - Excellent Customer Support Service .... Free download of Web Contact Scraper 5.3

VPNKS VPN Killswitch 1.6 Nick Swardh     update

... exposing your internet activity when your VPN connection drops. When activated, all traffic is blocked to protect your privacy and no data will be sent over your unsecured internet connection. Why to use a VPN Kill Switch? If internet security and privacy is important to you and you want to .... Free download of VPNKS VPN Killswitch 1.6

Liquib 2.5.2     update

Liquib treats an image as if it were a fluid, which can be distorted by various transformations to create liquid image, marbled paper and other, much odder effects. It is a graphics tool (or toy) that attempts to translate mathematics into visual imagery. Manipulation Tools and Effects can be manually applied .... Free download of Liquib 2.5.2

Liquib Screensaver 2.5.2     update

The Liquib Screensaver treats an image as if it were a fluid, which can be distorted by various transformations to create liquid image, marbled paper and other, much odder effects. The Configuration screen provides options to control which Tools and Effects are included and how often they are rendered. Liquib manipulations .... Free download of Liquib Screensaver 2.5.2

eJuice Me Up 17.0.0 Breaktru Software     new

... flavoring percentage. Measure by volume, percentage, grams or drops. Multiple flavoring option to mix up to 10 flavorings. You can save your recipes to your hard drive for later use or use the many included recipes. Create recipes and swap your saved recipe files with friends. Files are saved to .... Free download of eJuice Me Up 17.0.0

PureVPN Mac VPN Software 7.0.0 GZ Systems Ltd.     update

... quickly reconnects the client if the VPN connection drops. This keeps PureVPN users secure at all times. Improved UI The updated UI for best VPN for Mac allows users to connect/disconnect via status bar menu and navigate to modes via dashboard. UI of the app's settings have also been updated .... Free download of PureVPN Mac VPN Software 7.0.0

primesieve 7.2 Kim Walisch     update

... sized segments that are then sieved consecutively. Segmentation drops the memory requirement of the sieve of Eratosthenes from to . The segment size is usually chosen to fit into the CPU's fast L1 or L2 cache memory which significantly speeds up sieving. A segmented version of the sieve of Eratosthenes .... Free download of primesieve 7.2

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Design WeBBusterZ Engineering Software     update

... percentage 12. Calculate the Tube side/Air Side Pressure Drops. with different equations to select from for the process side pressure drop. Other Tools included: +Import physical properties from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, WeBBusterZ Physical properties database. +Dry Air properties at atmospheric pressure +Heat transfer coefficients +Convert Pressure to altitude and vice .... Free download of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Design

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design 3.3.0 WeBBusterZ Engineering Software     update

... both sides + Duty, Area, Shell/Tube velocities, Pressure Drops + Number of Baffles and Baffle spacing, Number of tubes, Scale resistance, cleanliness factor + Overall heat transfer coefficient for both Clean and Fouled conditions + Select from different correlations to calculate shell or tube heat transfer coefficient or simply enter .... Free download of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design 3.3.0

GiMeSpace Power Control GiMeSpace     new

... the low power scheme if the CPU load drops below this number. Around 10 to 20% usually ... power scheme has been made the CPU load drops automatic because there is more CPU capacity available on a higher frequency. Then you can select the minimum time that needs to pass before .... Free download of GiMeSpace Power Control

Razer Cortex Razer (Asia-Pacific) Pte. Ltd.     update

... and giveaways. With the latest updates on price drops from all the top digital game stores, never let a game deal pass you by. Razer Game Deals delivers the best prices from around the globe right to your desktop. If you're lucky enough, you might just find yourself getting games .... Free download of Razer Cortex

MultiTrade Plan Takeoff Pricelynx Ltd     new

... cost and time for the project. Measure counts, drops, linear paths, square/cube area. A calibration feature enables use of non scaled plans. Take-off objects can be colour coded and muliple sections or overlays an be set up for the same plan. Material list can be imported into our Multi-Trade estimating .... Free download of MultiTrade Plan Takeoff

HEIC to JPG Converter 8,1 SoftOrbits     new

HEIC to JPG converter easily converts .heic or .heif photos from your iPhone or iPad into any popular graphic format (JPG, PNG, it also supports RAW images (CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, RAW, DNG, MNG, etc) High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIC) is used by default on new photos on iOS .... Free download of HEIC to JPG Converter 8,1

DU Meter 7.30 Hagel Technologies Ltd.     update

... disconnect from the Internet automatically when network activity drops below a certain level · Useful stopwatch to accurately time downloads and report the average transfer rates .... Free download of DU Meter 7.30

Linkman Pro 8.9.9 B11 Outer Technologies     update

... · Full Drag and Drop support including link drops from browser to Linkman · Advanced Tray Icon menu · Instantly switch between URL collections of 10.000+ URLs each · User defined browser support · Auto save · System-wide hotkeys for easy use, even when working with another application · Advanced .... Free download of Linkman Pro 8.9.9 B11

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TurboFTP SDK 1.63.1012 TurboSoft, Inc    

... and download resume. - Automatically re-connects if connection drops and resumes interrupted transfer. - Ability to transfer files larger than 4Gb (available on NTFS file system). - Firewall support, including HTTP proxy, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 4a and SOCKS 5. - Converts server file time in local time zone according to .... Free download of TurboFTP SDK 1.63.1012

PowerNet Circuits 5.13 Megasys Software    

... Display complete electrical data including node voltages, voltage drops, branch current, kVA, kW and kVAr flow. Evaluate the effects of disconnected devices and branches on the rest of the circuit. Calculate three-phase, line to ground, line to line and double line to ground fault. Include motor contribution to fault. Mouse-over .... Free download of PowerNet Circuits 5.13

PowerStar Electrical 5.01 Megasys Software    

... Display complete electrical data including node voltages, voltage drops, current, kW, kVA and kVAr flow. Evaluate the effects of disconnected devices and branches on the rest of the circuit. Calculate three-phase, line to neutral and line to line load flow. Click on symbol to display or edit rating and other .... Free download of PowerStar Electrical 5.01

Condenser Design 1.5.0 WeBBusterZ Engineering Software    

... coefficient for both Clean and Fouled conditions, Pressure drops...etc! +Track calculation changes from trial to another +Basic Physical Properties estimation database included as separate software (Contains 1450 components, free with full version) +Add your own properties in the additional user databases +Tube counts,standard tube sizes tables,Thermal conductivities..etc .... Free download of Condenser Design 1.5.0

Trigger Fish Aquarium 2.02 MAC N PC Software    

... spines is locked upright by the second and drops only when the latter is pressed like a trigger. The function of this reaction is to lock the fish firmly in a mass of coral; when attacked, the fish dives into the coral and erects the spine, releasing it only when .... Free download of Trigger Fish Aquarium 2.02

Razer Cortex Razer    

... comparison engine. Get the latest updates for price drops on all the top digital game stores and never let another gaming deal pass you by unnoticed, as Razer Cortex: Deals delivers the cheapest games from all around the globe to your desktop. RAZER CORTEX: GAMECASTER There are some in-game moments .... Free download of Razer Cortex

eMail Bounce Handler 3.8.6 Max Programming, S.L.    

... files, both remote and local mailboxes, plain text drops and from the clipboard. In the case of remote access eMail Bounce Handler gives support for both the POP and the IMAP protocols, retrieving bounce messages and keeping any other message untouched. Once your bounce messages have been processed you get .... Free download of eMail Bounce Handler 3.8.6

Live Pebble Screensaver 3.0    

... clear water at a summer day. Soft rain drops dissolved in water, leaving behind a fascinating ripple. It was our day at the stream saver, that will give you an opportunity to admire the crystal water of the stream. Relax, take a break from the everyday routine work with our .... Free download of Live Pebble Screensaver 3.0

ArtCursors 5.28 Aha-Soft    

... Explorer or other file shells and drags and drops cursors from one library to another. You can move cursors between libraries as well as copy and paste images to other applications. Compatible with Windows 10. .... Free download of ArtCursors 5.28

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