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SSuite NoteBook Editor 2.6.2 SSuite Office Software TM    

... very easy to use without slowing your computer down to a crawl. A number of available features ... easily and with everyone! Special Features: - No menu structure - Completely portable - Unlimited document history - Tabbed document interface - Dynamic page resizing on maximize - One click open last active .... Free download of SSuite NoteBook Editor 2.6.2

DVDFab_blu_ray_creator_for_mac Fengtao Software Inc.    

... playback more suitable for your needs, the playback menu templates embedded in DVDFab Blu-ray Creator enables you ... playback experience, and you can even customize the menu to set the frame, front and layout, etc. ... you can set your PC to automatically shut down or hibernate when the task is done. Tech-savvy .... Free download of DVDFab_blu_ray_creator_for_mac

DVDFab_blu_ray_creator Fengtao Software Inc.    

... also be AVCHD DVDs (BD-5 and BD-9). Intuitive Menu Templates with Premium Designs Menu navigation is the key to a pleasant playback ... offers multiple sets of static and dynamic BD-J menu templates to make your homemade Blu-rays more professional, thus creating cinema-like effects. Above all, the built-in menu library will be updated regularly to offer more .... Free download of DVDFab_blu_ray_creator

Smarter Battery 6.0 Microsys Com Ltd.    

... The Power Plan selection is included in its menu, along with the Shut down, Standby, Restart, Hibernate commands. In conclusion, this is a must have, inexpensive, easy to use software tool that allows the maximization of your battery .... Free download of Smarter Battery 6.0

TMS Curvy Controls TMS Software    

... with the capability of adding control with dropdown menu in edit or combobox. · Edit, ... · Hints per control and optionally hover & down images for controls .... Free download of TMS Curvy Controls

Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.8 Victor    

... you boot up from the CD, a text-based menu will be displayed, and you will be able to select the tool you want to run. The selected tool actually boots off a virtual floppy disk created in memory. Please note that UBCD currently does not support UEFI Boot. If .... Free download of Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.8

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SimplexNumerica Dipl.-Phys.-Ing. Ralf Wirtz.    

... diagrams, MDI Child Windows with context sensitive pull down menus, e.g. the report and layout windows facilitate the ... ellipses etc..) in an object-oriented manner. Icons and menu options for selecting, increasing, grouping etc. are also .... Free download of SimplexNumerica

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ExtraBits File Explorer Extension 1.9 ExtraBit Software Ltd.    

... a number of time-saving commands to the context menu that appears when you right click on a ... file/folder names to the clipboard. You can hold down shift while selecting the command to copy the ... whether they are added to the main context menu or a submenu. Free for non-commercial use (100 .... Free download of ExtraBits File Explorer Extension 1.9

AutoHotkey AutoHotkey    

... uses CPU and memory, so it doesn't slow down system performance or disrupt user activity. It performs ... * Create custom data-entry forms, user interfaces, and menu bars. See GUI for details. * Remap keys and buttons on your keyboard, joystick, and mouse. * Respond to signals from hand-held remote controls .... Free download of AutoHotkey

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Virtual CD RW BurningThumb Studios    

... faster. Easy to use, it appears in the menu bar and then you can mount and read ... use the Virtual CD burner from the drop-down menu. Use it with music converter software instead of using a physical CD because a Virtual CD burner is 10x faster. Make virtual copies of .... Free download of Virtual CD RW

HitFilm Pro 14.3.9931.38452 FXhome    

... you can now control that quality from the menu in the viewer. This allows you to make ... you’re away from your desk. If you close down the software, the export will automatically resume when you load it back up. Export presets: Export presets let you configure your export settings .... Free download of HitFilm Pro 14.3.9931.38452

TreeSize Free 4.4 JAM Software GmbH    

... TreeSize Free can be started from the context menu of a folder or drive and shows you ... every subfolder. All results can also be drilled down to the file level. Scanning is done in ... while TreeSize Free is working. The Explorer context menu is supported within TreeSize, as well as the .... Free download of TreeSize Free 4.4

cFosSpeed (32 bit) 11.00 B2420 Cfos Software    

... is cFosSpeed? cFosSpeed now has a context menu option to start and configure (or stop) the ... content will be prioritized higher than uploads / downloads. Your filesharing may use unlimited speed of your Internet connection, but it will be slowed down when you have important traffic. The whole prioritization ... change the prioritization on-the-fly. Benefits Full download rate during upload Consistently quick response time of .... Free download of cFosSpeed (32 bit) 11.00 B2420

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Actual Window Rollup 8.14.3 Actual Tools    

... The program allows you to roll up and down windows by clicking on the special Roll Up ... ability to enable this function from the system menu of the program offer several ways of rolling ... possible to set the program to instantly roll down active and roll up inactive windows. You can .... Free download of Actual Window Rollup 8.14.3

Classic Shell 4.3.1 Ivo Beltchev    

... to CPU and RAM, so it doesn't slow down computer responsiveness. We have not come across any ... operating systems. As far as the Classic Start Menu is concerned, you can choose an appearance between ... The main features are: Highly customizable start menu with multiple styles and skins Start button for .... Free download of Classic Shell 4.3.1

cFosSpeed (64 bit) 11.00 B2420 Cfos Software    

cFosSpeed for Windows x64 now has a context menu option to start and configure (or stop) the ... content will be prioritized higher than uploads / downloads. Your filesharing may use unlimited speed of your Internet connection, but it will be slowed down when you have important traffic. The whole prioritization ... change the prioritization on-the-fly. Benefits Full download rate during upload Consistently quick response time of .... Free download of cFosSpeed (64 bit) 11.00 B2420

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WYSIWYG Web Builder 15.4.0 Pablo Software Solutions    

... object properties. The Ribbon includes an Application Menu as the first tab in the Ribbon. The Application Menu presents a menu of commands for working with the project. Examples include commands that traditionally go in the File menu to create, open, save projects. • No ... web pages from a single file. • Customizable menus, toolbars, keyboard accelerators, dockable windows, tabs, autohide windows. .... Free download of WYSIWYG Web Builder 15.4.0

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ColorConsole 4.21 Nenad Hrg    

... Ver.1.57 07/27/2008 1. Corrections: functionality of the main menu for multi screens. New in Ver.1.56 05/21/2008 1. ... small corrections New in Ver.1.55 03/09/2008 1. CHDIR menu for fast CHDIR, TREE and DIR command 2. Corrections RTF export (2x:) 3. Support multilingual menu layout German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, ... 1. Better command interpretation 2. Last commands with DOWN or CTRL+Context-Menu. 3. Several consoles in tabs 4. .... Free download of ColorConsole 4.21

Deep Freeze for Mac OS X Faronics    

... Deep Freeze Mac helps eliminate workstation damage and downtime by making computer configurations indestructible. Once Deep Freeze ... the Deep Freeze icon will appear in the menu bar # Choose whether the hard drive ... # Schedule multiple maintenance periods to automatically pull down persistent Apple Software Updates # Add or .... Free download of Deep Freeze for Mac OS X

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nagstamon 3.4.1 Henri Wahl    

... brief summary of critical, warning, unknown, unreachable and down hosts and services and pops up a detailed ... hosts and services is easily established by context menu via SSH, RDP and VNC. Users can be notified by sound. Hosts and services can be filtered by category and regular expressions. .... Free download of nagstamon 3.4.1

TatukGIS Viewer TatukGIS Sp. z o. o.    

... The TatukGIS Viewer is a free, slimmed down version of the Editor product, without features for ... functionality can be enhanced or modified, including full menu redesign, custom dialog boxes, etc., for end-user custom applications. The scripting engine exposes (inside the Editor) the full power of the TatukGIS Developer Kernel, .... Free download of TatukGIS Viewer

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Remove Duplicate Messages for Outlook 4.14.5 Relief Software    

... remove duplicates from selected messages and the context menu of a folder. When using frequently, add the ... what to delete. Many duplicates in folders slows down Outlook search. Sometimes, you may find that Outlook ... in Exchange and Office 365 public folders slow down the workflow. Some groups of people see replies .... Free download of Remove Duplicate Messages for Outlook 4.14.5

Wise Auto Shutdown 1.77.96 WiseCleaner    

... you can easily schedule your computer to shut down, log off, restart, sleep, and close power at ... and if you right-click on its icon, the menu that appears will allow you to immediately reboot or shut down the computer, with a single mouse click. .... Free download of Wise Auto Shutdown 1.77.96

LogInventory 8.3.4 Schmidt's Login    

... Easily select values from the filter bar's pull down menu * Choose between list or group view * The finding of not installed software is implemented as a standard functionality .... Free download of LogInventory 8.3.4

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Multi Commander 9.7.0 B2590 Mathias Svensson    

... amount of system resources, so it shouldn't slow down other currently running processes under normal circumstances. It ... as well as reconfigure keyboard shortcuts for the menu, toolbar, buttons and other areas of Multi Commander. Features: Layout: Customizable colors Commandline field for quick commands Windows Explorer styled keyboard/mouse setup .... Free download of Multi Commander 9.7.0 B2590

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