Folder Lastic 1.0 Password Recovery Lastic     new

... steal, affect or even read. That's the protection Folder Lastic sets up. Folder Lastic literally hides the specified files and folders from all running applications including system processes. Simply put, protected folders become invisible! Now only you can access them, ... the computer in the safe mode, the hidden folders remain hidden. Even deletion of the Folder Lastic .... Free download of Folder Lastic 1.0

Gihosoft File Encryption 1.4 Gihosoft     new

... for PC which help you lock files and folders on computer and protect them from being leaked. Main features include: Lock files and folders in case of unauthorized access and deletion. Create virtual disk with password to encrypt files and folders. Disguise files/folders to make them look and act like ... up your encrypted files to cloud servers. This folder lock software helps you lock files and folders .... Free download of Gihosoft File Encryption 1.4

Best Folder Encryptor 16.97 DoGoodSoft     update

DoGoodSoft Best Folder Encryptor is a professional and mature file and folder encryption package. It encrypts files and folder with superfast, strong and faultless algorithms. You can choose from five encryption methods when encrypting a folder. Flash Encryption instantly encrypts a folder on a local or removable drive without size ... and safe mode. Hiding Encryption instantly encrypts a folder as fast but also hides it at the .... Free download of Best Folder Encryptor 16.97

Free File Camouflage 1.25 My Portable Software    

Want to save a copy of your personal file on a usb pendrive but you are worried that, in case of theft, someone will be able to access your data? With Free File Camouflage you can hide and protect your files inside a jpeg image! The software can be used with .... Free download of Free File Camouflage 1.25

Svchost Process Analyzer 1.3 A. & M. Neuber Software    

... Vista, XP and is located in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder. When a Windows computer boots, Svchost.exe executes dynamic link libraries (DLLs) found in the Windows Registry as services. There can be several instances of Svchost.exe running at the same time. The process description is 'Generic Host Process for Win32 Services.' This .... Free download of Svchost Process Analyzer 1.3

Easy Folder Guard 9.01 DoGoodSoft    

DoGoodSoft Easy Folder Guard is a professional folder encryption and protection package. It can quickly and simply protect folders with high confidentiality. You can choose from the three methods when protecting a folder. Folder password-protection is a powerful feature. After a folder is protected with this method, it is a ... is valid in any environment. And, a password-protected folder will automatically restore the protected-status after use. Besides, .... Free download of Easy Folder Guard 9.01

USB Encryptor 7.25 DoGoodSoft    

... computer. USB Encryptor can encrypt all files and folders, or specific ones, in a USB storage device. ... can also choose to decrypt all files and folders, or only those you need, at the time ... to use. Besides encryption, it can also protect folders by disguising them into system files or folders. .... Free download of USB Encryptor 7.25

Best Encryption Expert 12.03 DoGoodSoft    

... Expert is a professional and powerful file and folder encryption package. It protects files and folder with super fast and strong encryption. You can choose from three encryption methods when encrypt a folder. Full encryption encrypts all files in a folder into the encrypted files in a time with internationally mature algorithms. Each encrypted file in this folder can be opened or decrypted separately later. Diamond .... Free download of Best Encryption Expert 12.03

Folder Hidden Rodan Software    

Folder Hidden brings you a safe and easy way ... when you turn on View Hidden Files in Folder Options of Windows Explorer. Moreover, the hidden files ... in order to prevent others from accessing the folders with Folder Hidden program. Folder Hidden can hide files not only in hard ... such as USB drive, portable disks, etc. Using Folder Hidden, your private data will not be revealed .... Free download of Folder Hidden

Private Eye Kip Morgan    

... is a motion detecting image capture app. It disguises itself as a clock after a minute or ... with a time stamp to the "Private Eye" folder in your Pictures Library. Features Motion Detection Image Capture .... Free download of Private Eye

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