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Action1 Block or Allow TCP Port Remotely 2.5 Action1 Corporation    

Controls Windows Firewall remotely and allows to disable (block) port or open (allow) ports on Windows, such as block port 445 (SMB protocol) or allow port 3389 (Remote Desktop) on multiple domain computers at ... If you trying to understand how to close ports on Windows without using block port command line .... Free download of Action1 Block or Allow TCP Port Remotely 2.5

Dreambox Player 2.1 Cool Developments    

... application for more details. 10. Compatibility with most windows versions (XP and above) running .NET 4.0 run-time ... EPG Grid & Search 12. Bouquet EPG 13. Disable SampleRate convertsion to bypass audio conversion issues 14. ... (zapping) might interrupt scheduled timers. 15. Selection of TCP port where WebIF is running 16. HTTPS support .... Free download of Dreambox Player 2.1

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