Contact Wolf 2.482 LoneWolf Software     update

... an up-to-date database that contains all US Area Codes, Zip Codes, and International Dialing Codes. Powered by a dynamic relational database engine that ... record of phone calls · One button phone dialing · One button emailing · Export an email ... capability · INFOpedia that contains all US area codes, zip codes, and International Dialing Codes · Alarm .... Free download of Contact Wolf 2.482

ZIP Express Insight Software Solutions    

... a phone call. Find the country and city codes needed to place a call from within the U.S. to another country. With the ZIP Code information displayed, press the Map button and, with an Internet connection, view a map of that location. Optionally purchase a license to export all of .... Free download of ZIP Express

SMS-it 4.0.0 MAW Software Ltd    

... but the communication cost will be expensive. When dialing abroad you need also to change the access ... of the SMSC, to include the international dial codes There are two different protocols supported by the SMSC, either XIO/TAP or UCP. XIO/TAP is an older protocol initially designed for pager messages. SMSCs .... Free download of SMS-it 4.0.0

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Right Hand Gold Multiicon    

... English to Hindi Converter Selected Email facility Phone Dialing Option All India STD Code available ISD Codes available Personal Diary Manager Personal Phone Book Phone Book & Mailing Label Print option Game & Other Utilities Login Security Backup Security Printing Security .... Free download of Right Hand Gold

CRM Business Machine 02-27-2012 LMR International, Inc.    

... Trouble Ticket System Online Virtual Contacts with SIP dialing integration (to use with any Internet device like ... - Website Prospecting Analyzer - Keywords Manager - Codes Manager - Blueprints & Procedures - Images Manager - Tracking of Marketing Campaigns - Campaigns Manager - Domains Manager ) and much more. .... Free download of CRM Business Machine 02-27-2012

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