CallCenter 6.3 JustRemotePhone     update

... with your Microsoft Windows PC. You can easily dial numbers, answer and end calls and write SMS messages. All from your desktop and also directly from Microsoft Outlook... Remote Phone Call consists of two components. Remote Phone , the app running as service on the phone, and the ... establishing a connection you can manage calls fully from your Microsoft Windows desktop. You can easily dial .... Free download of CallCenter 6.3

Vivaldi for Mac OS X 1.11.917.43 Vivaldi Technologies AS.    

... streamlined and fast experience while browsing online. The app provides all the basic functionalities one should expect from a web browser, but also proposes a set ... way by adapting to you and not the other way around. You prefer the browser tabs placed ... way by adapting to you and not the other way around. Quick Commands: Are you a keyboard .... Free download of Vivaldi for Mac OS X 1.11.917.43

Vivaldi for Linux 1.11.917.43 Vivaldi Technologies AS.    

... on the powerful and open source Chromium project, from which the popular Google Chrome web browser is ... tags, so you can easily organize websites. Speed Dials is another power feature of the Vivaldi web ... This functionality can be enhanced with multiple Speed Dial groups, so you can forget about bookmarks. In .... Free download of Vivaldi for Linux 1.11.917.43

SkyORB realtech VR    

SkyORB is a fast and lightweight astronomy app including a 3D star map, 3D planetarium, ephemeris ... photo-realistic rendering, Comets and satellites positions, with update from the Web for latest entries, Weather forecast from current location Ephemeris including next 60 days astronomy ... and set times Ability to simulate the sky from any place in the world and even from .... Free download of SkyORB

Dial Engine Pro 4.1 Jacek Kozlowski    

Dial Engine Pro does not have GUI (graphical user interface). *** dialing can be done from any document or browser page. .... Free download of Dial Engine Pro 4.1

Phone Dialer Pro 5.2 Jacek Kozlowski    

dial phone numbers from any document or browser page. Incoming call monitoring ... the current location with the one mouse click. Dialing can be invoked from the command prompt with predetermined parameters. multiple user, ... index tabs per user's profile, 996 total speed dials per tab; speed dials programmable with the different, multiple calling cards; phone .... Free download of Phone Dialer Pro 5.2

Auto Dialer Pro 6.3 Jacek Kozlowski    

... not supervised outbound telemarketing calls. auto/manual play/read,record,schedule calls,Skype/VoIP dialer This program is specifically designed for: * small ... engineers testing remote equipment * ======================================= - consecutively dials numbers from Excel spreadsheet or internal phone list; - automatically ... manual disconnection; - built-in timer: starts and stops dialing at the scheduled time. - automated dialing from .... Free download of Auto Dialer Pro 6.3

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