Advanced Task Scheduler Network    

... down and restart your computer, establish and close dial-up connections, perform FTP and file system operations and ... yearly. Alternatively, set tasks to run via a hotkey, on computer idle, on network connection being established, on user log-on/off, program start/stop, you can use login-watch, window-watch, process-watch and file-watch features, run-on-holiday function, .... Free download of Advanced Task Scheduler Network

xtelsio CTI Client 2.2.054 Ralf Steinruecken ITecSoft    

... forms or other applications. +++ It's possible to dial telephone numbers from within other applications by hotkey or mouse click, to search telephone numbers in other applications, to transfer telephone numbers or record IDs into other applications, to create Word documents .... Free download of xtelsio CTI Client 2.2.054

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