Android Studio 3.0.1 B171.4443 Google     update

Android Studio is a new Android development environment based on IntelliJ IDEA. Similar to Eclipse ... ADT Plugin, Android Studio provides integrated Android developer tools for development and debugging. Android Studio benefits from static code ... purpose IDE that encases a state-of-the-art collection of tools for code writing and testing. Android .... Free download of Android Studio 3.0.1 B171.4443

GdPicture.NET 14.0.25 ORPALIS     update

... PDF within a full-featured document viewer. - Mouse tools for documents viewing: Area selection, Pan, Page change, Zoom In, Zoom Out... - Print Image & PDF with complete control over the printing process & using featured printing dialog box. - Manipulate multipage TIFF image (insert, remove & swap pages). - .... Free download of GdPicture.NET 14.0.25

UltraSurf 17.04 UltraReach Internet Corp     update

... With the advent of Ultrasurf and other circumvention tools, these internet users are provided a lifeline to ... share information freely. After nearly a decade of development, our technology has proven extremely resilient and adaptable in the face of increasingly advanced censorship techniques and aggressive blocking attempts. Why Use .... Free download of UltraSurf 17.04

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Android NDK Revision 16c Google     update

... FEATURES: · A set of tools and build files used to generate native code libraries from C and C++ sources · A way to embed the corresponding native libraries into application package files (.apks) that can be deployed on Android devices · A set of native system .... Free download of Android NDK Revision 16c

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CMake 3.9.6 Kitware, Inc.     update

CMake is an extensible, open-source system that manages the build process in an operating system and in a compiler-independent manner. Unlike many cross-platform systems, CMake is designed to be used in conjunction with the native build environment. Simple configuration files placed in each source directory (called CMakeLists.txt files) are used to .... Free download of CMake 3.9.6

SAM Broadcaster x64 2017.10 Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC     update

Broadcast your audio to the world – share your passion for music or turn your internet radio station into a money-making business. SAM Broadcaster x64 is your complete online radio station solution – professional sound quality, built-in streaming, web integration, advanced media library management, automation and real-time statistics. SAM Broadcaster .... Free download of SAM Broadcaster x64 2017.10

NetBeans IDE 8.2 B2016093001     update

... modular developer tool for a wide range of development tasks. The base IDE includes an advanced multi-language ... can always use the Plugins Manager from the Tools menu to add, remove, or update sets of ... JavaFX, Ruby, Groovy, PHP, C/C++, UML, or SOA development, including a wide variety of other features from .... Free download of NetBeans IDE 8.2 B2016093001

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Finale Coda Music Technology     update

... editing. While others take music notation software development for granted, Finale is doubling down to provide ... users with a wide range of features and tools that make music composition a pleasure. Finale ... to powerful new capabilities, Finale 2014 offers new tools to create your music. At first glance .... Free download of Finale

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Navicat Lite for Oracle 12.0.18 PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.     update

Navicat for Oracle offers powerful visual tools such as Query Editor with syntax highlight capability, ... your productivity. Also, it provides a number of tools allowing to perform all the necessary database operations ... a well-described wizard system that simplifies your database development tasks. Navicat for Oracle full version includes ... support services, Navicat Oracle makes database and application development faster and easier while simplifying day-to-day administration tasks. .... Free download of Navicat Lite for Oracle 12.0.18

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Wappalyzer 5.1.6 ElbertF     update

... systems, message boards, JavaScript frameworks, hosting panels, analytics tools and several more. We collect information about ... AOE media GmbH, the leading Open Source web development company in Germany. .... Free download of Wappalyzer 5.1.6

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Silverfrost FTN95 8.10 Silverfrost Limited     update

With Silverfrost FTN95 you can create console based, conventional Windows and Microsoft .NET applications. Silverfrost FTN95 application is the only compiler that can produce Microsoft .NET applications that can use the full Fortran 95 language. An important feature is the Visual Studio integration which allows you to build, debug and deploy .... Free download of Silverfrost FTN95 8.10

VariCad 2018-1.00 B2017 VariCAD     update

... the orthogonal grid are just some of the tools that make working with VariCAD so easy. ... by profile rotation, extrusion, or lofting. More complex tools include rotation blending between two profiles, lofting between ... trees are very easy to edit. 3D Tools - Assemblies, Groups, Parts etc. VariCAD also provides .... Free download of VariCad 2018-1.00 B2017

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ACDSee Pro 2018.0.790 ACD Systems International Inc.     update

... to streamline your process, and give your image development a competitive, professional edge. Comprehensive RAW Editor Make ... exposure, contrast, color, repair, sharpening, and other detail-based tools. Effortless Digital Asset Management Finding, sorting, moving, organizing, and sharing everything you need for complete mastery over your photography workflow is right here, at .... Free download of ACDSee Pro 2018.0.790

dotConnect for MySQL Professional 9.5.381 Devart     update

... applications. As part of the Devart database application development framework, dotConnect for MySQL offers both high performance ... the MySQL database and a number of innovative development tools and technologies. dotConnect for MySQL introduces new ... for MySQL has rich set of design time tools that leverage the development process greatly. Particularly, there .... Free download of dotConnect for MySQL Professional 9.5.381

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Komodo Edit 11.0.1 B18119 ActiveState Software Inc.     update

... it's free. You can explore Ruby tools (e.g. generators, migrate, plugins, snippets, plugins), run tests, create or delete databases, manage files within the project, or disable notifications when recording macros. .... Free download of Komodo Edit 11.0.1 B18119

Simply Fortran 2.40 B2514 Approximatrix, LLC     update

... on Windows platforms with all the necessary productivity tools that professionals expect. The Simply Fortran package includes a configured GNU Fortran compiler installation, an integrated development environment, a graphical debugger, and a collection of other development necessities. Approximatrix Simply Fortran is an inexpensive ... Simply Fortran is documentation for both the integrated development environment and the Fortran compiler. Users can quickly .... Free download of Simply Fortran 2.40 B2514

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BriskBard 1.6.0 BriskBard     update

... contact manager, instant messaging, and several web developer tools. Safety, privacy and open standards are three of the main factors in the development of BriskBard. Just to name a few of its features, erasing all the browsing data can be done with two clicks and the message .... Free download of BriskBard 1.6.0

dotConnect for Oracle Express Edition 9.5.381 Devart     update

... the Oracle database and a number of innovative development tools and technologies. It support a wide range of ... for Oracle provides a vast number of GUI tools that increase your productivity. It integrates into Visual Studio Server Explorer and other tools, and provides advanced visual component editors to simplify component tweaking. DataSet tools, such as DataSet Wizard, DataSet Editor, DataSet Manager, .... Free download of dotConnect for Oracle Express Edition 9.5.381

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EJE 3.4 Claudio De Sio Cesari     update

... editor for the Java programming language. Many others tools exist to write Java code, but they are ... to learn, for a good usage. Besides, these tools need large system resources, that could be not ... system. EJE doesn't want to replace these tools, but could help you to write code quickly .... Free download of EJE 3.4

SeaMonkey 2.51a2 Aurora     update

... mail and newsgroups client, an HTML editor, Web development tools, and an IRC chat client in a single software package. Web-browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup and feed client, IRC chat, and HTML editing made .... Free download of SeaMonkey 2.51a2 Aurora

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TeeBI for RAD Studio Suite 2017 Steema Software     new

... enabling homogenous access for all visualisation and analysis tools. To this data you can make links, view in Chart, Grid or Tree formats or create triggers to bulletin data events. Output to the desktop or to the web or create new, consolidated datasources for further data analysis. TeeBI includes Geo-mapping .... Free download of TeeBI for RAD Studio Suite 2017

GdPicture.NET 14.0.23 ORPALIS    

... PDF within a full-featured document viewer. - Mouse tools for documents viewing: Area selection, Pan, Page change, Zoom In, Zoom Out... - Print Image & PDF with complete control over the printing process & using featured printing dialog box. - Manipulate multipage TIFF image (insert, remove & swap pages). - .... Free download of GdPicture.NET 14.0.23

GSA Proxy Scraper 2.27 GSA    

... cup of coffee. After months of research and development, we're confident that no other software on the ... it can harvest proxies from sources other proxy tools can't touch - Test Proxies Against: Automatically test ... proxy formats from all the most popular SEO tools such as GSA SER, Scrapebox, Gscraper, NohandsSEO, Ultimate .... Free download of GSA Proxy Scraper 2.27

Eclipse SDK 4.7.1a Eclipse Foundation, Inc.    

... heavy-duty work on the host. The Eclipse software development environment provides programmers with the means of creating ... the Rich Client Platform (RCP) and Server, Web Tools or Modeling components. The RCP consists of Equinox ... Eclipse Foundation that set their sights on model-based development technologies. Model Transformation, Model Development Tools, Concrete Syntax .... Free download of Eclipse SDK 4.7.1a

CreateInstall Light 8.1.0 Novostrim    

... What’s more, you can include uninstalling and updating tools in the installation packages, close the setup builder automatically on completion, run a custom utility before and after the setup, compress installation packages into ZIP files, apply digital code signing, as well as create Autorun files. CreateInstall offers you the freedom .... Free download of CreateInstall Light 8.1.0

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