Xamarin .NET Standard QR Code Generator 20.02 IDAutomation.com, Inc.     update

... Xamarin.Mac and Universal Windows, as well as any development environment supporting .NET Standard 1.0. These new .NET Standard Libraries replace prior generation Portable Class Libraries (PCLs) by establishing greater uniformity across .NET implementations. Each order includes the digitally signed and compiled .NET Standard PCL, the QR Code 2D Font, and .... Free download of Xamarin .NET Standard QR Code Generator 20.02

EML Emails to PST File Converter 8.0 EML Emails to PST File Converter     update

... EML emails to PST at a time. The development of this EML emails to PST File Converter software takes place pertaining to the method of efficient conversion of bundle of EML files into PST format. .... Free download of EML Emails to PST File Converter 8.0

SocialMedia driven App Developer 5.04 Dynamic Applications     update

... are participative. In a pursuit of Customer Driven Development, two user competitions allow everyone to vote with ... the top favorite platform features are prioritized in development, then published free of charge, in a 2-4 week cycle. All in all, Startup Product Manager is a reliable software application for planning and .... Free download of SocialMedia driven App Developer 5.04

Startup Product Manager 5.04 Dynamic Applications     update

... website documentation. In a pursuit of Customer Driven Development, two user competitions allow everyone to vote on our best simulation ideas, as well as the platform's public roadmap. The work of Dynamic Applications is prioritized according to the Top user votes. The integrated Formula System Editors allow you to rename, .... Free download of Startup Product Manager 5.04

Pirate Desire 5.04 Dynamic Applications     update

... Tree, a Tool Builder calculation model, Small Busines Developments, the 21st century Truck Driver, an Internet of ... to know is that it's Participative. Customer Driven Development: vote in the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition ... Pirate Desire is the fully functional Business Model Development Environment of Dynamic Applications, in a special version .... Free download of Pirate Desire 5.04

Business Process Manager 5.04 Dynamic Applications     update

... secretly from home. Dynamic Applications follow Customer Driven Development. Two user competitions allow everyone to vote on our best simulation ideas, as well as the platform's public roadmap. The work of Dynamic Applications is prioritized according to the public vote. .... Free download of Business Process Manager 5.04

21st century worldwide growth of Forest 5.04 Dynamic Applications     update

... Applications is a participative organization, following Customer driven development. Two competitions on Twitter, world's fastest network, will allow you to vote with Retweets and Favs for the best new simulation idea, as well as the top requirement for our public roadmap. The work is prioritized by public vote. .... Free download of 21st century worldwide growth of Forest 5.04

Photovoltaic System 5.04 Dynamic Applications     update

... System's integrated Result Graph will show you the development of all selected Target parameters from year 0 ... is a community approach. We follow Customer Driven Development. Two user competitions allow everyone to vote on our best simulation ideas to do, as well as the product roadmap. The integrated Formula Editors .... Free download of Photovoltaic System 5.04

Internet of Things Developer 5.04 Dynamic Applications     update

... of all single aspects of your company's estimated developments. Calculate SocialMedia Followers, Adwords, Website Visitors, Production cost, ... is the game. You are inside. Customer driven development: two user competitions are live on Twitter, where you can vote for the best simulation idea as well as for the best platform feature .... Free download of Internet of Things Developer 5.04

jv16 PowerTools Macecraft Software     update

... first registry cleaners out there. In 2001 the development started for a more complete Windows utility suite with all the functions of the original RegCleaner included. Macecraft Software (Macecraft Inc.) was officially established in 2003 when jv16 PowerTools was converted to shareware. Today, Macecraft Software is a provider of Registry .... Free download of jv16 PowerTools

Outlook4Gmail Scand Ltd.     update

Outlook4Gmail is an Outlook add-in that helps you to perform Google calendars sync with Outlook as well as the contacts and tasks sync. It is a perfect syncing tool for Outlook users who have one or multiple Google accounts. This plug-in supports synchronizing of Outlook and Google contacts with maximum details: .... Free download of Outlook4Gmail

Install Package IronPdf 2020.1.5 Iron PDF Development Team     update

IronPDF empowers .Net coders to generate PDF inside C# and VB Applications. The Iron PDF library makes it simple to create PDF records with an ASP.NET C# PDF library using standard web documents and by not relying upon bespoke APIs. 'Html-To-Pdf' writes PDFs in C# by using a html to pdf .... Free download of Install Package IronPdf 2020.1.5

EntityDAC 2.3 Devart     update

... automatically. Key Features: * Database-First, Model-First & Code-First development. Users are able to use all the three ... when developing your applications must not only accelerate development of the application itself, but also unify the application code and make applications independent of the specifics and syntax of the SQL database for .... Free download of EntityDAC 2.3

LuaStudio 9.92 NTSQ-Computing     update

LuaStudio provides powerful debugging functions, users can either debug individual Lua script interpreted by official Lua interpreter, or debug embedded Lua script used by other applications which embed Lua interpreter. LuaStudio would detect the target application type, then decides the debugger working mode, nothing should be done manually. .... Free download of LuaStudio 9.92

The C# PDF Library 2020.1.5 IronPDF.com     update

... applications and web applications. Licensing is free for development and testing - licensing available for deployment. 30 day trial keys available .... Free download of The C# PDF Library 2020.1.5

nanoCAD Plus 11.0.4861 Nanosoft     update

... or a sheet. - Open API and application development. nanoCAD Plus has a traditional CAD application programming interface (API) that allows developing independent nanoCAD Plus based applications and additional automation modules. .... Free download of nanoCAD Plus 11.0.4861

CADbro 2020 ZWSOFT CO., LTD.(Guangzhou)     update

... detection of errors in the early stage product development can reduce the cost and save the time. Key features of Analysis: Mass Properties, such as volume, area, mass Draft Angle, Wall Thickness, Dynamic Section Interference Check, Exploded View, Assembly Animation More info: homepage .... Free download of CADbro 2020

LinkAssistant Enterprise 6.32.5 Link-Assistant.Com: SEO tools     update

Looking for an SEO tool that lets you check if the links you built are still there? Get LinkAssistant: time-tested SEO software that helps you not only get backlink ideas, but also verify your backlinks at any time, make sure the anchor texts are correct, detect nofollow tags, and more! Here .... Free download of LinkAssistant Enterprise 6.32.5

SentiMask SDK Trial 2.0.193121.0 Neurotechnology     update

Real-time 3D face tracking SDK for development of applications like motion capture for 3D character face animation in entertainment applications (games, animated emoji), augmented reality apps (virtual makeup, mapping animated avatars on a face), facial pose, landmarks, shape and expression estimation and analytics. Gender and age evaluation. Glasses, hat, beard .... Free download of SentiMask SDK Trial 2.0.193121.0

LinkAssistant Professional 6.32.4 Link-Assistant.Com: SEO tools     update

Is link building taking too much of your time? Try LinkAssistant - a multi-functional app that lets you do a variety of link building tasks. Use this ultimate SEO tool to: - Find thousands of link opportunities using 10 different methods of prospect search; - Add/remove links and link partners at .... Free download of LinkAssistant Professional 6.32.4

VisualNEO Web 19.11.7 SinLios Soluciones Digitales     update

... A plugin maker is already included! Rapid Application Development: VisualNEOs easy-to-use, floating tool palette and wizards allow you to construct many types of web based applications using simple drag and drop commands. Its easy to add, command buttons, text, entry fields, check boxes, lists and other interactive controls. Quickly create .... Free download of VisualNEO Web 19.11.7

MaxVeloSSD EliteBytes Limited     update

... speed it has reached its goal. Continuous Research, Development and Test. This software supports now up to 2 Petabyte Host Volumes. It requires only little RAM to manage Caching of these high Capacities. Compared to earlier Versions of this product the RAM footprint was reduced by more than 95%. Change .... Free download of MaxVeloSSD

ZW3D 2020 ZWSOFT CO., LTD.(Guangzhou)     update

... integrated CAD/CAM solution designed for the complete product development process, features the fastest kernel for Solid-surface Hybrid Modeling, non-solid mold parting and smart CNC Machining tactics from 2 axis to 5 axis. It brings customers multiple benefits such as reduced costs, optimized design workflow and improved efficiency. Unique Features of .... Free download of ZW3D 2020

dotConnect for Salesforce 3.5 Devart     update

... Database.com cloud database with widely used Microsoft data development technologies. It includes Entity Framework provider, ADO.NET provider, and offers Devart Salesforce Source and Destination components for SSIS packages. dotConnect for Salesforce offers local SQL engine, advanced data caching, and other enterprise level features. Key Features: * Powerful SQL Engine With .... Free download of dotConnect for Salesforce 3.5

dotConnect for DB2 2.5 Devart     update

... It allows using code-first, model-first, database-first, and mixed development approaches, supports all versions of Entity Framework, and ... much easier and more convenient Entity Framework model development, and features a number of tools and techniques to enrich the Entity Framework development capabilities. *ASP.NET Projects Support. dotConnect for DB2 supports .... Free download of dotConnect for DB2 2.5

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