SocialMedia driven App Developer 2.72 Dynamic Applications     update

... we'll give you 4 years. SocialMedia driven App Developer will help you to find new solutions for ... modes, including exponential growth, with live evaluation. App Developer allows for a complete Return-on-Invest analysis. Quickly check ... Once understood, you're all ready for the App Developer. An IoT developer model is included for Pros .... Free download of SocialMedia driven App Developer 2.72

Internet of Things Developer 2.72 Dynamic Applications     update

The IoT developer simulation all about developing Smart Homes for every person in the world. Our solutions are based on a differential equation solver, so all we do is declare the formula. Change any input you want, over time, and see Net Profit estimations over 48 months, precisely calculated in .... Free download of Internet of Things Developer 2.72

Android Studio 3.0 B171.440838 Google     update

... the ADT Plugin, Android Studio provides integrated Android developer tools for development and debugging. Android Studio benefits from static code analysis, which allows you to identify bugs more quickly by performing an in-depth examination of your project. It was inspired by JeBrains’s IntelliJ IDEA, a general purpose IDE that encases .... Free download of Android Studio 3.0 B171.440838

FrostWire 6.6.0 B248 Frostwire     update

... provide YouTube and SoundCloud support due to Google’s Developer Terms of Service. In-App Search FrostWire connects to many different torrent search engines as well as YouTube, SoundCloud, and to find millions of public domain, creative commons and free downloadable files - and unlike other BitTorrent clients - presents .... Free download of FrostWire 6.6.0 B248

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AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition 3.21 Vladonai Software     update

In AllMyNotes Organizer app all your important data is saved secure , secured by password, in one, encoded local file, and notes are arranged into a flexible outline hierarchy of folders. Where do you usually keep all your valuable private notes, like, access codes, passwords, various thoughts, secreat memos, alarms, phone .... Free download of AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition 3.21

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NetBeans IDE 8.2 B2016093001     update

... IDE: We designed NetBeans IDE as a modular developer tool for a wide range of development tasks. ... and profiler integration, file versioning control, and unique developer collaboration features. IDE-wide QuickSearch Use the Ctrl-i shortcut to do a context-sensitive search throughout the IDE, the help sets, and all .... Free download of NetBeans IDE 8.2 B2016093001

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FlashDevelop 5.3.0 Mika Palmu     update

... exploration etc. FlashDevelop is also a great web developer IDE with source-control support (svn, git, mercurial), tasks/todo, ... it was created in 2005 by passionate Flash developers, for Flash developers. It is the product of many contributors which .... Free download of FlashDevelop 5.3.0

objectiF RPM 4.2 microTOOL GmbH     update

Software for Application Lifecycle Management. It combines model-based requirements engineering and management, system design, agile and classic project management approaches and agile testing in one solution. The tool offers visual requirements analysis and specification (use case modeling, block diagrams, class diagrams, package diagrams, requirement diagrams with UML, SysML etc.) form-based documentation .... Free download of objectiF RPM 4.2

InstallMate Builder Tarma Software Research Pty Ltd     update

... are groups of installation items defined by the developer that must be installed or removed together. Windows Mobile installer support: · You can create Windows Mobile installers from any InstallMate project, and install the resulting .cab files when your main product is being installed. Small and fast: · .... Free download of InstallMate Builder

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CornerFix Sourceforge     update

... at the raw data level, so any raw developer can still be used, e.g., C1, Lightroom, etc Profiles for any aperture and/or and lighting can be produced Free – distributed under the GPL. Note that some portions are copyright Adobe. When used with Leica M8 or M9 cameras, decodes the .... Free download of CornerFix

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ScriptCase 9.0.023 ScriptCase Team     update

... Network or on the Internet and allows several developers to work simultaneously on the same project. Connect ... one click. Plugins JQUERY: · ScriptCase allows developers to create listboxes, Ajax listboxes, auto-complete listboxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, navigation, lookups, customized fields validation, calendars, calculators and more. Editable Grid: · The .... Free download of ScriptCase 9.0.023

BriskBard 1.6.0 BriskBard     update

... a contact manager, instant messaging, and several web developer tools. Safety, privacy and open standards are three of the main factors in the development of BriskBard. Just to name a few of its features, erasing all the browsing data can be done with two clicks and the message viewer uses .... Free download of BriskBard 1.6.0

Dynamic Web TWAIN 13.2 Dynamsoft     update

... from web server. FEATURES: · Virtual Developer Service is provided. This service is designed to ... learning, development and maintenance. With this service, our developers participate in your TWAIN module development as a active team member · Both ActiveX and Plug-In are supported. Compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox .... Free download of Dynamic Web TWAIN 13.2

dotConnect for Oracle Express Edition 9.5.381 Devart     update

... bundled visual designer for ORM models - Entity Developer. dotConnect for Oracle supports ADO.NET Entity Framework, NHibernate, and LinqConnect (formerly known as LINQ to Oracle) - our own ORM solution, closely compatible to the Microsoft LINQ to SQL, while extending its functionality with its own features. .... Free download of dotConnect for Oracle Express Edition 9.5.381

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Hotspot Shield 7.2.1 AnchorFree     update

Hotspot Shield protects PC and Mac users from over 3.5 million malware threats (including the Flash Trojan virus on Mac) Hotspot Shield is a free software that allows you not only to secure your connection while surfing wifi hotspots, but also to access sites not normally available outside of the .... Free download of Hotspot Shield 7.2.1

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TNTsdk 2018 B20171018 MicroImages, Inc.     update

TNTsdk allows organizations with C++ programming capabilities to create extensions to TNTmips for both internal use and resale. TNTsdk is updated without charge with each release of TNTmips. Access to all TNTsdk documentation is available online. The free TNTsdk tutorial booklet surveys the features and uses of TNTsdk. Using .... Free download of TNTsdk 2018 B20171018

GeoDLL 17.38 Killet Software Ing.-GbR     update

GeoDLL is a Geodetic Development Kit / Geodetic Function Library with worldwide 2D and 3D Coordinate Transformation, Datum Shift, Meridian Convergence and Extra Parameter with highest accuracy. Furthermore: Helmert and Molodensky Parameters, NTv2, HARN, INSPIRE, EPSG, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), distance and Time Zone calculations and much more. GeoDLL for geodetic .... Free download of GeoDLL 17.38

TOra 3.2.76 Nathan Neulinger     update

... several additional tools useful for database administrators and developers – which aims to help the DBA or developer of database application. Features PL/SQL debugger, SQL worksheet with syntax highlighting, DB browser and a comprehensive set of DBA tools. FEATURES: · .... Free download of TOra 3.2.76

GS1 DataBar Barcode Font Package 17.10, Inc.     update

... and Expanded types. With a purchase of the Developer License or above, a full set of Web Fonts are included in WOFF, EOT and SVG formats to easily display barcodes in any web browser. DataBar Expanded codes in this package can encode the GTIN and may also include additional information .... Free download of GS1 DataBar Barcode Font Package 17.10

WireframeSketcher 5.0.0 B20171024     update

... that you are in direct contact with the developer. There is no jumping through hoops to get your voice heard. Eclipse gives you powerful tools. Organize mockups into projects and store your work under version control. Use refactoring to quickly reorganize your files. Work with multiple monitors. Use the .... Free download of WireframeSketcher 5.0.0 B20171024

SILKYPIX Developer Studio PRO Shortcut Software International Inc.     update

SILKYPIX PRO is able to assist photographers in being able to manage all sorts of challenges that they may encounter with digital RAW photography. Through superior color rendering, quality of images, and ease of use, SILKYPIX has established itself as the leading workspace for every photographer's creativity. Whereas before, .... Free download of SILKYPIX Developer Studio PRO

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SILKYPIX Developer Studio Shortcut Software International Inc.     update

SILKYPIX Developer Studio is a rich-featured application that gives you the possibility of altering image properties. It supports the RAW, JPEG and TIFF formats, and is mainly oriented toward experienced users. Other features of the app revolve around copying development parameters to other cloakrooms, settings for the developed image (e.g. .... Free download of SILKYPIX Developer Studio

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SILKYPIX Developer Studio for Mac OS X Shortcut Software International Inc.     update

SILKYPIX is an all-round RAW converter with feature rich functionalities that produces the best results for your cherished images. With top notch adjustment parameters in an intuitive user interface you can enhance your own pictures with silky smooth results! Recently digital SLR cameras have become more affordable. As a result .... Free download of SILKYPIX Developer Studio for Mac OS X

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Kodi for MAc OS X 17.5 Team XBMC     update

... the new user right up to the application developer. Kodi can play all your music including mp3, flac, wav and wma formats. It has cue sheet, tag reading support and smart playlists for ultimate control of your music collection. Kodi can do Movies too! Supporting all the main .... Free download of Kodi for MAc OS X 17.5

Kodi 17.5 Team XBMC     update

... the new user right up to the application developer. Kodi can play all your music including mp3, flac, wav and wma formats. It has cue sheet, tag reading support and smart playlists for ultimate control of your music collection. Kodi can do Movies too! Supporting all the main .... Free download of Kodi 17.5

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