Comm Operator Serial Port Tool    

... Positioning System, chemical and medical analysis instruments, DMX devices and SMTP protocol etc. Complex structure data ... UDP, I2C, HTTP, FTDI Work with Serial Port, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi Asynchronous sending and receiving ... relay boards Support quick send panel for I2C devices Multiple customized panel for user's specific data Send .... Free download of Comm Operator

Bluetooth module configuration tool 1.0    

Bluetooth module configuration tool configures HC04/HC06 aka "linvor" bluetooth modules connected to the serial port (or USB ... machine. Using itf, you can configure pairing PIN, bluetooth device name, and serial baud rate of the connected bluetooth module. Another useful feature is the ability to automatically detect serial baud rate of the connected module. It .... Free download of Bluetooth module configuration tool 1.0

Bluetooth Radar 2.2 Shai Raiten    

The Bluetooth Radar software was developed to be a WPF ... 2010 (RTM). In the past couple of years Bluetooth become an important protocol for computers and mobile devices, many times I find my self need to transfer an Image or Song to my device and What is the Best way for that? .... Free download of Bluetooth Radar 2.2

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BluetoothCL 1.05 NirSoft    

BluetoothCL is a small console application that dumps all current detected bluetooth devices into the standard output. For each Bluetooth device, the following information is displayed: MAC Address, Name, Major Device Type, Minor Device Type, and optionally the company name of the device (if external file of MAC addresses - oui.txt .... Free download of BluetoothCL 1.05

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