Remote Control 5.0 IntelliAdmin, LLC    

Take control of computers across your network, or across the world. Remote Control allows you to control a PC as if you were there. Includes a blazing fast search to find computers quickly .... Free download of Remote Control 5.0

Netman 6.41 Nanning Netman Computer Co.Ltd.    

... is connected, you can view and record the desktop, control counterpart's mouse and keyboard, transfer files between ... connect to any computers installed with Netman, view desktop, transfer files, chat via video and audio, etc. ... switch over and let your partner view your desktop. Furthermore, the powerful LAN-Penetrated feature enables you to .... Free download of Netman 6.41

TSplus 2011 Terminal Service Plus    

... USB device, a much more attractive user Remote Desktop. The AdminTool is a TSplus masterpiece that simplifies the setup of the server. And no more need of 2003/2008 or Citrix! TSplus 2010 is the ultimate solution for any Windows system. TS WEB is a valuable option which can be added .... Free download of TSplus 2011

Desktop Activity Recorder 11.02.01 Record Desktop Activity    

... employees’ computer activities is now very easy with Desktop Activity Recorder. It helps you to keep a ... and can also record them as AVI files. Desktop activity recorder works invisibly hence, you can monitor your employees’ desktop activities without letting them know about it. In ... by monitoring and controlling employees’ unnecessary activities through desktop activity recorder. All computers that are added for .... Free download of Desktop Activity Recorder 11.02.01

PC Spy Tool 10.02.02 PC Spy Tool    

... organization to keep an eye on its employees’ desktop activities and record them. These recorded activities can ... monitoring more effective and effortless. To monitor employee desktop activities, it is not necessary to be there in office always, as option of scheduling offline recording is also available. With this feature all .... Free download of PC Spy Tool 10.02.02

Remote Desktop Screenshot 2.0 MIS Utilities    

Remote Desktop Screenshot allows you to capture remote desktop screenshots. You can see all users' desktops at once. With built-in scheduler you can set ... certain computers. KEY FEATURES 1. Capture a remote desktop screenshot. 2. Install an agent-service on remote computers .... Free download of Remote Desktop Screenshot 2.0

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