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TurboFTP SDK 1.80.1120 TurboSoft, Inc    

TurboFTP SDK is a powerful ActiveX/.Net-ready component and offers a full set of FTP functionalities ... rename or delete remote files, etc. TurboFTP SDK component provides a set of clear and easy-to-use interfaces ... a set of methods to decompress archives of Zip(*.zip), GZip(*.gz), Tar(*.tar), Gzipped Tar(*.tgz) formats and create archives ... VB.NET, VBA, C#, C++, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET and Delphi, including source code of a full-featured FTP client .... Free download of TurboFTP SDK 1.80.1120

DIZipWriter 6.2.0 Ralf Junker    

DIZipWriter was designed to be a Delphi component to create PKZip-compatible ZIP archives. Archive output is completely stream-based and works ... main class, TDIZipWriter, with methods to create new ZIP archives and write various types of data like: .... Free download of DIZipWriter 6.2.0

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SecureBlackbox VCL 14.0.290 EldoS Corporation    

SecureBlackbox VCL is the comprehensive component collection for network and document security. SecureBlackbox is split to several packages: SFTPBlackbox - securely transfer files and perform remote file system operations using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) or create your own SFTP server. SSHBlackbox - access remote SSH servers using SSH protocols .... Free download of SecureBlackbox VCL 14.0.290

ZipForge 6.40 ComponentAce LTD    

ZipForge is a fast and powerful VCL Zip component, written in Delphi. It lets you easily create ZIP archives, extract files from zip files to hard drive or memory, add files to a zip archive from disk or memory, replace, move and delete files in zip archives. Also it creates and reads self-extracting (SFX) .... Free download of ZipForge 6.40

Bricolsoft Zip ActiveX Component 2014 Bricolsoft LLC    

Bricolsoft Zip adds powerful zip compression to any application -- quickly and easily. ... extract archive creation, memory compression and more. The component fully supports multi-threading, asynchronous operations and Unicode. Your ... operation at any point. 2) EASY-TO-USE - Bricolsoft Zip features an intuitive interface with built-in constants, enumerations ... to link the code into your programs. The component runs on Windows 98 and later with IE4 .... Free download of Bricolsoft Zip ActiveX Component 2014

Ultimate ZIP Component 5.2.9092 ComponentSoft    

Ultimate ZIP Component is a high-speed, reliable Zip library which enables you to add zip/unzip functionality to your .NET applications with only few lines of code. The ZIP component has been designed with a great degree of ... C#, J#, Managed C++, Borland C# Builder, and Delphi. The ZIP component offers a comprehensive .... Free download of Ultimate ZIP Component 5.2.9092

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Delphi ZIP Component ZipForge 6.30 ComponentAce LTD    

ZipForge is an advanced Delphi ZIP component, written completely in Delphi. It doesn't require any DLLs. ZipForge features include ... features: - Creates archive files in wide known ZIP format by PKZIP, Inc. - Native VCL; no .... Free download of Delphi ZIP Component ZipForge 6.30

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