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Dew Lab Studio for Delphi 2020_November Dew Research    

Dew Lab Studio includes MtxVec math library and additional signal analysis (DSP Master) and ... generators and distribution parameter estimation. - fast vectorized math expression parser and evaluator - 1D and 2D FFT's, correlations ... matrix and logarithm of matrix - optimized integer math library. - generalized Eig and SVD values -. Free download of Dew Lab Studio for Delphi 2020_November

Foreval Sorel    

Foreval is compiler of mathematical expressions(formulas) given as string at run-time. (math parser & compiler x86-32 CPU/FPU). Has a possibility of symbolic differentiation. Present as "dll" library and Delphi component. Can be compiled in FPC (Lazarus). Examples for Delphi, FPC(Lazarus), C++(Builder(2009), MSVC(2010), GCC), VB6, FreeBasic, VB.NET. For ... AnsiString license: freeware with source (MIT) compiling with Delphi 2009+ or FPC(Lazarus) .... Free download of Foreval

Irrlicht Engine 1.8.4 Nikolaus Gebhardt    

... available to other languages such as C#, VisualBasic, Delphi, Java ... * Two platform and driver independent ... collision detection and response. * Optimized fast 3D math and container template libraries. * Directly reading from ... (.zip, .pak, .pk3, .npk) * Integrated fast XML parser. * Unicode support for easy localisation. * Works .... Free download of Irrlicht Engine 1.8.4

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bcParserCPP 3.4 GOBESTCODE.COM    

bcParserCPP is a mathematical expression parser C++ library that can be used with Visual ... other C++ compilers on any OS. bcParseCPP C++ Math Parser Library features include: Easy to use C++ API. .... Free download of bcParserCPP 3.4

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