LanDTM 6.1 Aplicaciones Topogr√°ficas S.L.     update

... It's not only a program to calculate a delaunay triangulation but you can input break-lines to get a ... Not only the DTM creation with a reliable delaunay triangulation algorithm but this program is prepared for civil ... feature is that you can edit and draw triangulation lines, as "LINE" entity in the CAD, and .... Free download of LanDTM 6.1

Visualization Toolkit (VTK) 5.10.0 Kitware, Inc.    

... modeling, polygon reduction, mesh smoothing, cutting, contouring, and Delaunay triangulation. VTK has an extensive information visualization framework, has a suite of 3D interaction widgets, supports parallel processing, and integrates with various databases on GUI .... Free download of Visualization Toolkit (VTK) 5.10.0

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G# geometry libraries for .NET 2.2.0 ceometric UG    

... large scale computations. Main features are: Exact arithmetic Delaunay triangulations, capable to triangulate edge constraints and define arbitrary shaped outer bounds, holes and islands. Surface reconstruction from unordered wireframe edges. 2d and 3d convex .... Free download of G# geometry libraries for .NET 2.2.0

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