Auslogics Disk Defrag 7.1.5 Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd    

... done. Disk Defrag features: - fast and safe defragmentation of the disk drives - optimization of clusters' ... performance - useful disk fragmentation map that displays defragmentation process in real time - simple and intuitive user interface - comprehensive defragmentation report - extremely low system resources usage Running .... Free download of Auslogics Disk Defrag 7.1.5

Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro 4.8.1 Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd    

... of files on disks, and has an offline defragmentation engine for defragmenting locked system files (including MFT, ... to choose, can take advantage of the program's Defragmentation Wizard. It will suggest the algorithms that best ... - Includes a fragmentation prevention algorithm - Allows defragmentation of single files or folders - Has SSD- .... Free download of Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro 4.8.1

PerfectDisk Home Edition 14.0 B891 Raxco Software    

... to defragment files is greatly reduced. Because less defragmentation is needed, there is a direct benefit in ... SSDs that focuses on free space consolidation without defragmentation of files. Solid State Drives are not affected by file fragmentation like traditional electromechanical disk drives. As such, it will leave files in a .... Free download of PerfectDisk Home Edition 14.0 B891

Diskeeper Professional 19.0.1226.0 Diskeeper Corporation    

Diskeeper® 12 keeps your PCs and Servers running like new, extending their useful life. Everyone has experienced the pain of a Windows machine becoming progressively slower the longer you use it and the more software you install on it. Diskeeper with its patented, proactive IntelliWrite technology eliminates this experience by preventing .... Free download of Diskeeper Professional 19.0.1226.0

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UltimateDefrag DiskTrix Inc    

... Is A Whole New Paradigm In Hard Drive Defragmentation and Performance Optimization UltimateDefrag lets you defrag and optimize your hard drive any way you want to. Hard drive file use adheres to the Pareto Rule of 80/20. 80% of the time you only use 20% of the files on your .... Free download of UltimateDefrag

O&O Defrag Workstation x64 20.5 B603 O&O Software GmbH    

... contrast! The revised and improved algorithms for defragmentation mean that O&O Defrag 16 packs stored file fragments even faster together, and support for defragmentation of locked files under O&O Defrag 16 is ... substantially accelerated, reducing the time required for a defragmentation by up to 40%. By using O&O Defrag, ... works quietly in the background so that the defragmentation process does not disturb other tasks and has .... Free download of O&O Defrag Workstation x64 20.5 B603

O&O Defrag Workstation 20.5 B603 O&O Software GmbH    

... for fragmented files and errors. Besides to offering defragmentation features, the application includes support for checking hard ... O&O Defrag Workstation includes support for automatizing the defragmentation process, thus allowing users to enjoy increased performance ... Workstation is an easy-to-use, reliable disk analysis and defragmentation application. It allows users to discover fragmented files .... Free download of O&O Defrag Workstation 20.5 B603

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2017 14.00.04 ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG    

... feel of Windows. Add to that the efficient defragmentation tool and the ability to permanently erase files and you have a truly total package of Windows maintenance and optimization. Version 2017 includes the Win10 Privacy Control for added privacy protection on Windows 10 systems that disables unwanted telemetry and spy .... Free download of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2017 14.00.04

iDefrag 5.1.8 B525 Coriolis Systems    

... Hot Zone, for improved access times. Unlike older defragmentation tools, iDefrag understands the Hot Zone, and knows ... to cool down before continuing. Four powerful defragmentation algorithms Optimize or compact your disk as ... is in use iDefrag can perform simple defragmentation while the disk is still in use. Good .... Free download of iDefrag 5.1.8 B525

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SQL Fragmentation Analyzer IDERA, Inc.    

... an entire database. Identify databases in need of defragmentation. Set fragmentation thresholds: normal, warning, critical. Connect to cloud and run in the cloud (provisional). Analyze fragmentation: An easy to view a graphical representation of fragmentation levels across your SQL Servers shows index type, fragmentation percentages, size, and fill-factor so that .... Free download of SQL Fragmentation Analyzer

Registrar Registry Manager Lite 8.03 B803.30201 Resplendence Software Projects Sp.    

... on the local registry. The registry defragmentation tool will reclaim wasted space and keep your registry running smoothly. The advanced registry search, replace and delete tool will help you to find and destroy unwanted registry entries quickly. The new file reference editor will allow you to find registry .... Free download of Registrar Registry Manager Lite 8.03 B803.30201

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PC TuneUp Maestro 7.1.3 CompuClever Systems Inc.    

... system stable and free of performance issues, Registry Defragmentation removes gaps and fragmentation to produce a compact ... tool provides System Registry Scan & Clean, Registry Defragmentation, and PC Optimization features, all in one place at the click of one button. Backup & Restore gives you the power to restore your .... Free download of PC TuneUp Maestro 7.1.3

Free Windows Cleanup Tool 2.8    

... Furthermore, Free Windows Cleanup Tool also includes registry defragmentation. It will enhance your system's performance by removing gaps, fragments and wasted space in Windows registry files. The software is free, it's simple to use, and it speeds up your PC. .... Free download of Free Windows Cleanup Tool 2.8

PC3e 6.05 iannet    

... cache and history. It also uses an advance defragmentation method to ensure that your hard disks are organized in the most efficient way. All this can be done easily without the expert knowledge. .... Free download of PC3e 6.05

Drive Genius 4.2.2 Prosoft    

... drive when searching for a file after the defragmentation process. Drive Genius also compacts the larger files to allow them to be saved without fragmentation. In order to defrag or repair your main hard drive, the OS requires that you boot from a secondary source. Drive Genius’ new .... Free download of Drive Genius 4.2.2

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Macrorit Partition Expert Free 3.9.8 Macrorit from Bada Technology Co., Ltd.    

... Maximum OS performance based on the automatically disk defragmentation during copy process. (For Traditional Hard Disk Drive ... by resize and move partition. 2. Super-fast disk defragmentation can be automatically performed while processing other operations. It is used for peaking computer top performance. 3. Convert GPT disk to MBR disk without .... Free download of Macrorit Partition Expert Free 3.9.8

DiskTuna 1.2.3 DiskTuna    

... to use, on-demand, no frills disk optimizer and defragmentation utility for FAT, FAT32 and NTFS formatted drives. ... files. It checks the volume state prior to defragmentation. DiskTune features a VSS safe-mode and a thermal ... run jobs. VSS safe-mode to reduce interaction between defragmentation and shadow copies. Background and low priority mode. .... Free download of DiskTuna 1.2.3

Puran Defrag 7.7.1 Puran Software    

Puran Defrag is a very easy to use defragmentation and optimization utility. It provides many features which include revolutionary PIOZR, Automatic Defragmentation, Boot Time Defragmentation, Low Priority Defrag, Individual File/Folder Defrag, GUI and .... Free download of Puran Defrag 7.7.1

SSD Data Recovery Software SSD Data Recovery    

... delete all, formatting, partitioning, reformatting and reformatting etc, defragmentation failure and power surge etc. this utility is much efficient enough to retrieve data from all above situations.SSD Data Recovery Software is compatible with Windows 8, 7, 10,xp and vista. It also supports various SSD device manufactures to recover data from .... Free download of SSD Data Recovery Software

Easy Clean PC 3.1.7 Rainmaker Software Group, LLC    

... the Windows registry, repair errors, assist with regular defragmentation and clean out clutter, duplicate or obsolete files. Correct use should optimize performance and achieves much faster system speed. A clean registry results in less issues and a more reliable system for many of our users. Easy Clean PC clean your .... Free download of Easy Clean PC 3.1.7

WinUtilities Free Disk Defragmenter 1.726 YL Computing, Inc    

... interface makes our defragmenter do easy and fast defragmentation. Defragmenter will accelerate the launch time of programs, ... get detailed reports for every defragmenting analyze and defragmentation action. WinUtilities Disk Defragmenter is complete free for home, organization, and business. .... Free download of WinUtilities Free Disk Defragmenter 1.726

Portable Defraggler 2.21.993 Piriform Ltd.    

Defraggler is a defragmentation tool designed to work on files, folders or ... FEATURES: Defrag Individual Files: · Most defragmentation tools only let you defrag the whole drive. Defraggler gives you the power to select individual files and folders to defrag. So you can get the job done in .... Free download of Portable Defraggler 2.21.993

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Defraggler 2.21.993 Piriform    

Defraggler is a file defragmentation tool. It differs from other defrag tools on ... and Recuva... we now bring you a file defragmentation tool... Defraggler! It differs from other defrag ... in seconds. No more struggling with the Windows defragmentation tool! And remember like all Piriform products, ... blocks that are empty, not fragmented, or needing defragmentation. To see the files on an area of .... Free download of Defraggler 2.21.993

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PerfectDisk 14 Pro Raxco Software, Inc.    

Every time you use your computer, even when it's brand new, the files on your PC or laptop will continuously become fragmented. This means that these files are split into millions of pieces, and this occurs even more so when you go to add, modify and delete them. So when you .... Free download of PerfectDisk 14 Pro

Pristy Tools 2.5.7 Blaz Pristav Soft    

... HDD, turn of the taskbar clock, activate boot defragmentation or restart Explorer shell. Pristy Tools offers pretty good features and since it is so easy to use, the software is well suited for any user who wants to perform basic PC maintenance and optimization tasks. PC Detector will check your .... Free download of Pristy Tools 2.5.7

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