UltraDefrag x64 7.1.1 Sourceforge     update

UltraDefrag x64 is powerful Open Source defragmentation tool for Windows NT. It is very fast, because the defragmenting is done by kernel-mode driver. They are three interfaces to them: graphical, console and native. The GUI is very useful, because it represents your filesystem visually as a color coded cluster map. .... Free download of UltraDefrag x64 7.1.1

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UltraDefrag 7.1.1 Sourceforge     update

UltraDefrag is powerful Open Source defragmentation tool for Windows NT. UltraDefrag is an advanced defragmentation tool that comes as a replacement for the standard defrag feature bundled into Microsoft's operating system. It is very fast, because the defragmenting is done by kernel-mode .... Free download of UltraDefrag 7.1.1

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Universal Virus Sniffer 4.1 Dmitriy Kuznetzoff     update

... distribution Windows. · Backup the registry with its defragmentation and recovery. · Identify executable file streams. · Virtualization registry. .... Free download of Universal Virus Sniffer 4.1

Registry CleanUP Suite Marx Softwareentwicklung     update

... registry cleanup. Thus, it is also a registry defragmentation, a startup manager and registry editor. The Startup Manager is able to isolate the individual programs are loaded when Windows starts and disable. With this function, you have a direct impact on the programs that load at startup. .... Free download of Registry CleanUP Suite

O&O Defrag Pro 22 O&O Software GmbH     new

... O&O research department has developed a groundbreaking new defragmentation method: SOLID. The new SOLID method from O&O Software is the most resource and hardware-friendly defragmentation method and prolongs the lifespan of both conventional ... of SSDs, O&O Software has developed the new defragmentation method SOLID. By using the defragmentation method SOLID, these distributed file parts are defragmented .... Free download of O&O Defrag Pro 22

System Mechanic Free iolo technologies, LLC     update

... use. - Drive Accelerator: Performs advanced hard drive defragmentation for accelerated Windows load times, program startup, and overall system speed. - Shortcut Repair: Finds and automatically fixes broken or corrupted Windows shortcut icons that can represent the root of frustrating problems on an otherwise stable PC. - Internet Connection Repair: .... Free download of System Mechanic Free

Smart Defrag IObit     update

... Unlike other traditional disk defragmenters which only provide defragmentation, Smart Defrag 6 also intelligently streamlines your files based on using frequency to accelerate disk data access. With the improved IObit disk defrag engine, Smart Defrag 6 not only defrags your HDD but also trims your SSD to accelerate disk access .... Free download of Smart Defrag

NETGATE Registry Cleaner 18.0.200 NETGATE Technologies     update

NETGATE Registry Cleaner cleans and defragment your registry, speed-up your PC, removes unneeded files on disks, removes activity traces. It includes Startup manager to manage programs started at Windows startup and Uninstall manager for handy applications uninstall. Supports scheduling of scans and backup option for better security. NETGATE Registry Cleaner cleans .... Free download of NETGATE Registry Cleaner 18.0.200

PerfectDisk Professional 14.0 B893 Raxco Software     update

... and Control Enterprise management of the PerfectDisk disk defragmentation software is provided by the free PerfectDisk Enterprise ... to defragment files is greatly reduced. Because less defragmentation is needed, there is a direct benefit in ... SSDs that focuses on free space consolidation without defragmentation of files. Solid State Drives are not affected .... Free download of PerfectDisk Professional 14.0 B893

O&O Defrag Professional Edition x64 21.2 B2011 O&O Software GmbH     update

... 17 Pro confidential data securely automatically after a defragmentation run. With O&O Defrag 17, several drives ... substantially accelerated, reducing the time required for a defragmentation by up to 40%. By using O&O Defrag, ... works quietly in the background so that the defragmentation process does not disturb other tasks and has .... Free download of O&O Defrag Professional Edition x64 21.2 B2011

O&O Defrag Professional Edition 21.2 B2011 O&O Software GmbH     update

... can be either enabled or disabled. Disk defragmentation can be performed in several ways - Stealth ... works quietly in the background so that the defragmentation process does not disturb other tasks and has no negative performance impact on your systems. .... Free download of O&O Defrag Professional Edition 21.2 B2011

PC Repair Tools 8.3.0 Layer Solutions Inc.     update

... turn on your computer. Using the new Registry Defragmentation tool greatly improves system performance by placing all ... incredible amount of time locating each setting. The defragmentation tool both speeds up your system, but also ... on your hard disk. The all new Drive Defragmentation tool is a cutting edge technology that will .... Free download of PC Repair Tools 8.3.0

Eusing Cleaner 5.0 Eusing Software     update

... any problems. Furthermore, Eusing Cleaner also includes registry defragmentation. It will enhance your system's performance by removing gaps, fragments and wasted space in Windows registry files. Eusing Software products are free of spyware and adware. .... Free download of Eusing Cleaner 5.0

Windows Repair Toolbox Alexandre Coelho     new

... malware removal, system cleaning and repair and disk defragmentation. A email letting you know that the automatic repair is complete, and containing the logs, can be sent to you. Allows you to perform quality assurance tests after the repair is complete. Allows you to save notes about the repair process. .... Free download of Windows Repair Toolbox

Remo Drive Defrag Remo Software     update

An advanced defragmentation utility, Remo Drive Defrag is used to defrag ... To gather all the data, a process called defragmentation has to be performed. The software, Remo Drive ... application offers two defragging options – the Quick Defragmentation Mode and the Deep Defragmentation Mode. The first mode is a customized option.. Free download of Remo Drive Defrag

Advanced SystemCare Professional IObit     update

... and intensifying processor performance. Powerful Hard Drive Defragmentation: Fast, powerfully and incredibly effective Disk Defrag function ... - up to 10 times faster than other defragmentation tools. Defends PC Security with Extra Protection: Detects and analyzes Windows security environment. Scans and removes spyware and adware using up-to-date definition files. .... Free download of Advanced SystemCare Professional

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O&O Defrag Server Edition 21.1 B1211 O&O Software GmbH     update

... contrast! The revised and improved algorithms for defragmentation mean that O&O Defrag 16 packs stored file fragments even faster together, and support for defragmentation of locked files under O&O Defrag 16 is ... substantially accelerated, reducing the time required for a defragmentation by up to 40%. By using O&O Defrag, ... works quietly in the background so that the defragmentation process does not disturb other tasks and has .... Free download of O&O Defrag Server Edition 21.1 B1211

Tweak-7 1.0 B1250 Totalidea Software New Zealand Ltd.     update

... to complex and fast registry cleaning and registry defragmentation and comprehensive system cleanup. Tweak-7 is the premier companion to Windows 7: it gives you access to whatever you might need to keep your Windows 7 running smoothly, error free, and under your full control. System restrictions, system cleanup, system .... Free download of Tweak-7 1.0 B1250

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PC Fresh 2015u Abelssoft    

... performance of defined programs. Furthermore you get a defragmentation and a system overview module. Thus PC Fresh ... of S.M.A.R.T. data * A new and improved defragmentation with a 24 hour time limit * Recommendations for Autostart Entries are added * Problems with Log Files fixed * General improvement of stability .... Free download of PC Fresh 2015u

Abelssoft Registry Cleaner 2016u Abelssoft    

... and makes your system slow. Our integrated registry defragmentation re-assembles all parts and allows Windows to read the registry faster than before. Over the course of time, tons of applications gets installed and uninstalled on an average PCs. During this process, the registry contains more and more links that are .... Free download of Abelssoft Registry Cleaner 2016u

JetDrive 7u Abelssoft    

... is an easy to use disk optimization and defragmentation suite that can not only defrag a hard ... user's preferences. As well as a highly effective defragmentation algorithm, JetDrive can also defragment the Windows Registry, ... remove any garbage and temporary files before the defragmentation begins. With folder visualization and clear, easy to .... Free download of JetDrive 7u

Auslogics BoostSpeed 9.2.0 Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd    

... the program offers: - Disk, registry and memory defragmentation - Quick, safe and thorough disk and registry clean up - Tweaks to speed up Windows Vista and XP - Easy to use Uninstall and Startup Managers In conclusion, Auslogics Boost Speed is a worthy alternative to constantly having to upgrade .... Free download of Auslogics BoostSpeed 9.2.0

Auslogics Registry Defrag 10.1.4 Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd    

... Registry and what the Registry looks like after defragmentation. Upon defragmenting the Registry on your computer, the ... an HTML report with comprehensive details about the defragmentation process. The program is free of charge and is 100% Vista and XP compatible. New Registry defragmentation algorithms used in Registry Defrag fix most Registry .... Free download of Auslogics Registry Defrag 10.1.4

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder 6.1.4 Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd    

... Deleting them will help you speed up disk defragmentation, Windows search, and anti-virus scans. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a nifty free utility that will help you get rid of useless duplicates and reclaim up to 50% of free hard disk space. It will ask you for duplicate files search .... Free download of Auslogics Duplicate File Finder 6.1.4

Auslogics Disk Defrag 7.1.5 Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd    

... done. Disk Defrag features: - fast and safe defragmentation of the disk drives - optimization of clusters' ... performance - useful disk fragmentation map that displays defragmentation process in real time - simple and intuitive user interface - comprehensive defragmentation report - extremely low system resources usage Running .... Free download of Auslogics Disk Defrag 7.1.5

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