CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader CodeTwo     update

... even in email signatures. QR Codes may contain text, links (to websites, videos or files), email addresses, phone numbers, vcards that automatically update your contacts on your PC or a mobile phone, and more. Wondering how to decode a QR Code? You can scan it with your mobile devices like .... Free download of CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader

ginlo @work 1.8.6 Brabbler AG     update

... with: Communicate in one-to-one and group chats. Send text and voice messages. Share pictures and videos. Transfer all types of ... and secure backup of all correspondence. Export and decrypt exactly the data you need. No one but .... Free download of ginlo @work 1.8.6

SSuite Picsel Security SSuite Office Software     update

... portable application that encrypts any and all plain text messages or text files with just one click of a button. ... necessary. Just load an original image, enter your message inside the text editor or load your plain text document file, and click on the encryption button. Now save the encrypted image with your secret text inside with a different name as the original .... Free download of SSuite Picsel Security

Encoding Decoding Free 3.5.1 Elefant Software     update

... for a more rapid; Creating one password for decryption (in addition to the hidden internal); Secure encryption ... is wrong does not display the classic error message intercepted by the crackers, but it is decoded in the wrong way the file will appear illegible). Please note that - Be careful not .... Free download of Encoding Decoding Free 3.5.1

Advanced Encryption Package 2017 6.06 InterCrypto Software    

... will not need to have AEP 2015 to decrypt document. It also supports any kind of USB Flash Drive to store your decryption keys. The whole USB drive can be protected ... is integrated with Windows Clipboard and can encrypt/decrypt text messages in it (you can copy/paste scrambled text messages to email message or instant messaging program). .... Free download of Advanced Encryption Package 2017 6.06

Email Double Encrypter 1.9 Tekware Software    

... program goes an extra step by changing the text twice in your emails and adds password protection by locking your coded text into a zip file that can't even be ... the file is coded.With two layers of coded text that can't be read it's not likely that ... to read your private emails. Passwords for each message are saved in history for very easy password .... Free download of Email Double Encrypter 1.9

LHN's CryptoText build.1178 Infusible Brain Soft    

... editor that simply allows you to crypt and decrypt your messages. For example you can decide that only some ... those peoples and then start to paste crypted text instead of normal messages. Using cryptotext with the provided key they will be able to decrypt your messages. Some friends will getting mad about .... Free download of LHN's CryptoText build.1178

MessageLock Encryptomatic LLC    

MessageLock(TM) by Encryptomatic(R) LLC is quite possibly the easiest way to send encrypted messages from Microsoft Outlook. MessageLock provides 1-click encryption of email messages and attachments within Microsoft Outlook, combining strong U.S. ... nearly universal compatibility of the Zip file utility. MessageLock delivers encryption and compression for your message and/or file attachments, protecting your data while it .... Free download of MessageLock

Remove print restrictions from pdf 1.3    

... and owner password, permits pdf printing, allows pdf text & image copying, enables pdf form filling and ... unlocking of user password protected pdf and can decrypt 128 bits RC4 and 256 bit AES encrypted ... batch pdf files. After successful completion, a succeed message appears in tool window. User can add files .... Free download of Remove print restrictions from pdf 1.3

gpg4usb 0.4.0 r1120 Alp gpg4usb Development Team    

... easy to use portable-application, which combines a simple text-editor with a GnuPG-frontend to write, encrypt and decrypt your text-messages. gpg4usb should work on almost any computer you're ... this application you can write safe and encrypted messages anywhere you are: should it be an internet-cafe, ... the top of the application-window. The resulting encrypted text you can save as a text-file to send .... Free download of gpg4usb 0.4.0 r1120 Alp

SWX-Crypt 2 SWX - Softwareentwicklung Kreutz    

... possible to encrypt a simple way to decode texts and files. It is enough to drag a ... Backup your emails very easy now. Write your message as usual, click "Encrypt Text" and drag the message in your email program. You do not need .... Free download of SWX-Crypt 2

CRYPTO! Build 9695 Intelligent Media    

Have you ever wanted to create a secret message that can only be understood only by the ... have you ever wanted to decode a secret message from your friend intended to be understood only ... school students we always wanted to create secret messages (Remember the ciphers!? :D) and as a result .... Free download of CRYPTO! Build 9695

MQ File Mover for Linux & Mac OS X 4.1.8 Capitalware Inc.    

... sent via WebSphere MQ. The Receive Action can decrypt and decompress the incoming data before it is ... uses Java's Cryptography to perform the encryption and decryption, hence the use of SSL and SSL certificates ... a single MQ queue or send the same message to multiple MQ queues at the same time. .... Free download of MQ File Mover for Linux & Mac OS X 4.1.8

MQ File Mover 4.1.8 Capitalware Inc.    

... sent via WebSphere MQ. The Receive Action can decrypt and decompress the incoming data before it is ... uses Java's Cryptography to perform the encryption and decryption, hence the use of SSL and SSL certificates ... a single MQ queue or send the same message to multiple MQ queues at the same time. .... Free download of MQ File Mover 4.1.8

Secret File & Text Messenger 1.1 Lantech Soft    

... software and you can easily encrypt file or text message and hide it in a picture. Once a ... that it contains hidden data. You can also decrypt and extract your hidden file or message. It is extremely user-friendly tool and help you ... like (DOC/DOCX/XLS/XLSX/PPT/PPTX/TXT/INI/RTF/PDF) Encrypt File Before Hiding. Extract & Decrypt Hidden File from Image. .... Free download of Secret File & Text Messenger 1.1

ZXI Decrypter Afaan Bilal    

ZXI Decrypter is a lightweight program that can help you decrypt the messages that have been protected by using the ZXI Encrypter. In order to decode a message you need to know the pass code and to paste the encrypted text in the main window of the application. You can use this program to protect the messages sent to your friends from being accessed by .... Free download of ZXI Decrypter

ZXI Encrypter Afaan Bilal    

... compact application that allows you to protect the messages that you exchange with your friends. You can encrypt any text by simply choosing a pass code and clicking a button. The output text can be pasted into an email or document ... be sent to your friend. In order to decrypt the text, you need to use the ZXI .... Free download of ZXI Encrypter

SteganographX Plus 2.0 leelu soft    

... SteganographX application will allow you to hide a text inside a bitmap image, the text will not be visible and the changes to ... color. The only way to extract the hidden text out from the image is by using SteganographX. ... can in a simple way hide your secret text, send a hidden message, sign your images, etc. .... Free download of SteganographX Plus 2.0

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