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XXCLONE 2.08.8 Pixelab, Inc.    

XXCLONE duplicates the whole system volume to another volume that will become ready to boot without a restore step. You may boot the system from the clone volume by simply swapping the disks when a disaster strikes. The cloned volume may be larger than the source volume, or even smaller .... Free download of XXCLONE 2.08.8

Wise Recover Formatted Drive 2.8.8 LionSea Software inc    

... to a software problem. If a file be fragmented, the information is stored in multiple clusters on the hard disk drive, and it will take more time for the computer to read it. Thus, it can make it easier if you can de-frag your hard disk every week or month. .... Free download of Wise Recover Formatted Drive 2.8.8

einfachpdf 1.0.3 frag-caesar.de    

einfachpdf ist ein kostenloser und sehr ressourcenschonender PDF-Creator, mit dem Sie aus jeder Anwendung, die Drucken kann, PDF-Dateien in hervorragender Qualitaet erstellen koennen. .... Free download of einfachpdf 1.0.3

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