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Omega DB Security Reporter 2.0.0 DATAPLUS    

... of type Target vs Baseline pushes for cutting-edge Change Management of the assessed Database security configuration items. Omega DB Security Reporter can be virtually used by any organization that uses an Oracle database and .... Free download of Omega DB Security Reporter 2.0.0

Active Table Editor DB Software Laboratory Limited    

... need to give the end users ability to change the mapping tables, print and export the data. ... use Oracle SQL plus or MS SQL Server Management studio to do that but these tools far too complicated for the users. This is where Active Table Editor may step in to give .... Free download of Active Table Editor

TMS Aurelius 4.11 TMS Software    

... hiding all the database-access layer. · Portability: Easily change the underlying database - all your business code ... in classes using custom attributes Association mapping Lifetime management of objects using object manager Cached and identity-mapped objects Automatic database structure generation Nullable types support Lazy loading for associations and blob fields Allows .... Free download of TMS Aurelius 4.11

Omega DB Scanner Professional 1.2.0 DATAPLUS    

... and transactional scan item's comparison highlights any item change through DB scans. Omega DB Scanner Professional is not just a scanner, but also an inventory of your Oracle database's security posture. It is Agent-less and accesses the target database in read-only mode. SIEM support: built-in automated interface to Splunk - .... Free download of Omega DB Scanner Professional 1.2.0

AllMyMusic 3.0.4 Kryszat Guide & More    

... organize you songs. Edit the song properties to change the embedded ID3 tag information. If you like you can ceate multiple databases. For example for NewMP3, Classical. You can setup the databse with cyrillic alphabet if you own russian/greece music. .... Free download of AllMyMusic 3.0.4

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deltasql 1.8.1 Renzo, dangermouse, stuckas    

... developing middle size or big applications, developers undertake changes to the data model which go along with changes to the source code. From time to time, ... a mySQL database to collect all scripts which change the data model, and means to handle data .... Free download of deltasql 1.8.1

Customer Orders Database Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... products in customer orders or to add or change client details. This software makes creating and tracking customer's orders very fast and easy. .... Free download of Customer Orders Database Software 7.0

Sprintometer Pro 6.54 Sprintometer    

... feature you can use application not only for management of IT projects but for any work which ... Separate tracking of development and testing task · Change requests tracking · Prediction of deviation from sprint/iteration plan · Permanent calculation of daily scope for developers & testers to be on track · .... Free download of Sprintometer Pro 6.54

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Sprintometer 6.54 Sprintometer Ltd.    

... testing tasks * User defined work types * Change requests tracking * Calculation of daily scope for developers and testers to be on track * Support for easy GUI translation to any language * Full unicode support to use any national characters in SCRUM / XP project data * Extremely .... Free download of Sprintometer 6.54

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Database Change Management - dbMaestro 3.5.0 Database Change Management - dbMaestro    

... creating dbMaestro TeamWork - an award-winning Oracle Database Change Management and Version Control solution. While providing unique support ... solutions thus allowing you to link database development changes to software development. With integrating to CM providers you can link the Business Change Requests to the proper database changes, increasing managers visibility. TeamWork's comprehensive Database Change Management .... Free download of Database Change Management - dbMaestro 3.5.0

Karall 1.25.0 PDF Italy    

... text in every format. Full functional unlimited Databases management (MS Access format). Programs, Controllers, Tempo, Key change. Mute, Solo, Melody On/Off, Turbo start, Chords finder, ... it can play every kind of Audio/Video format. Change Pitch/Tempo for Audio/Video files. "Turbo Start" for CDG .... Free download of Karall 1.25.0

Desktop Explorer 2.0 disksizeexplorer.com    

... group convert and optimize, slide show, group rename, change file properties, print, compress, plus edit HTML, script, text, RTF, and HEX in its color coded editor and much more all in one place. .... Free download of Desktop Explorer 2.0

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