Internet Disk Cleaner 4.0 Elongsoft Software    

... Disk Cleaner is a safe and easy-to-use privacy protection tool to erase your internet tracks, computer activities, ... click.It also provides you option to clean the data from your PC more securely so that they could not be recovered. Internet Disk Cleaner allows you to clear Window's temp folders, run history, .... Free download of Internet Disk Cleaner 4.0

BestCrypt Volume Encryption 4.24.01 Jetico Inc. Oy    

BestCrypt Volume for Disk Encryption protects all data on all types of volumes residing on fixed ... working on UEFI and GPT partitions. Jetico's encryption software provides protection from physical threats - such as lost computers .... Free download of BestCrypt Volume Encryption 4.24.01

System Mechanic Professional 20.7 RealDefense LLC    

... Windows care also recovers deleted files, securely wipes data, and includes high-performance triple-certified antivirus protection that wont slow you down. System Mechanic Pro can help you speed up your PC no matter what your experience level. One-click power tools .... Free download of System Mechanic Professional 20.7

Cyber Security Robot 3    

... Cyber Security Robot goes beyond anti-virus and anti-malware software by taking a proactive approach and not relying ... NOT run elevated and does not transmit any data behind the scenes. The software is signed with a Comodo Digital Certificate and ... part of secret botnets. The Cyber Security Robot software can be downloaded for free and allows one .... Free download of Cyber Security Robot 3

GlassWire Firewall 2.2.260 GlassWire    

GlassWire's free firewall software helps protect your privacy & security by monitoring ... applications on your computer are sending your private data over the Internet without you knowing. Once suspicious ... are accessing the network from your computer. Our software automatically resolves host names so it's easy to ... drivers. Download GlassWire now to start adding extra protection and privacy to your computer, plus potentially save .... Free download of GlassWire Firewall 2.2.260

Cyclonis Password Manager 2.4 Cyclonis Limited    

... take control of your passwords & organize your data. Using the same password for multiple online accounts? ... place with just a single master password. Your data is stored in a personal vault, that is ... master password is for your eyes only. Your data cannot even be accessed by Cyclonis staff or .... Free download of Cyclonis Password Manager 2.4

Remote Desktop 5.1 DeskGate Technology    

IT Service Remote Desktop Software Support your all employees from working at office ... whom working at home. Use the remote desktop software is the easiest way to manage a computer ... must be secure because that computers has companies data so IT personnel responsible that data security. IT Service is a advanced pc remote .... Free download of Remote Desktop 5.1

Disk Drill 4.0.123 508 Software LLC    

Disk Drill is the premium data recovery software for Mac OS X. It can recover lost data from virtually any storage device, including iPhones, iPads, ... Mac, ready for macOS 11 Big Sur and data recovery from iOS 14. Disk Drill can restore ... APFS file systems. Disk Drill is your all-in-one data management solution with the major focus on top-notch .... Free download of Disk Drill 4.0.123

Active@ ZDelete 9.0.7 LSoft Technologies Inc.    

Active@ ZDelete is a data cleanup and secure delete software which helps you to permanently delete files, drives, folders, etc. without any possibility of data recovery. It's the best for Windows XP, Vista, ... evaluation version is fully functional and gives privacy protection you need. . Free download of Active@ ZDelete 9.0.7

Acronis True Image New Generation 21.0.6209 Acronis, LLC    

... subscription for one of the most popular backup software packages includes unique capabilities: Acronis Active Protection - protecting data, backups and backup applications from ransomware. Acronis Notary - ensuring data authenticity using Blockchain-technology. Acronis ASign - providing easy-to-use ... Among other capabilities: End-to-end strong encryption to safeguard data from snooping or alteration, no matter where it .... Free download of Acronis True Image New Generation 21.0.6209

MailConverterTools Outlook PST Splitter 4.0 MailConverterTools    

... management, server performance, and many other factors. The Software executes the reliable splitting of specific PST files ... its official website. The demo version of the software allows users to split and save 25 PST Files. .... Free download of MailConverterTools Outlook PST Splitter 4.0

Stellar toolkit for iPhone- Windows 6.0 Stellar Information Technology Pvt Ltd    

... the device, followed by scanning and recovery of data. The tool performs advanced file-signature based scanning, also ... deep scanning, to ensure maximum recovery in severe data loss situations. Deep Scan technology scans the iPhone ... to retrieve up to 100% of the lost data. Deep scanning can also work on iCloud and .... Free download of Stellar toolkit for iPhone- Windows 6.0

Acronis True Image for Mac 2021 Acronis, LLC    

... the most reliable, easy-to-use and secure personal backup software and the only backup that actively defends your ... from PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices. Dual protection ensures your data is secured locally and in the cloud for ... the exact state it was in before any data was lost. .... Free download of Acronis True Image for Mac 2021

Acronis True Image 2021 Acronis, LLC    

... the most reliable, easy-to-use and secure personal backup software and the only backup that actively defends your ... from PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices. Dual protection ensures your data is secured locally and in the cloud for ... the exact state it was in before any data was lost. Acronis Active Protection 2.0 - Artificial .... Free download of Acronis True Image 2021

Comprehensive Complete File Security SDK EaseFilter Inc.    

... is a set of file system filter driver software development kits which include file monitor filter driver, ... management, encryption, file monitoring, file auditing, file tracking, data loss prevention, process monitoring and protection, and system configuration protection. EaseFilter file system filter driver is a kernel-mode ... demo source code, i.e. to implement file auditing,continuous data protection(CDP), access log, journaling, data protection, transparent file .... Free download of Comprehensive Complete File Security SDK

Standalone EXE Locker 1.2 4dots Software    

... to password protect files, encrypt and secure confidential data ?. Do you want to be able to ... with the Triple DES encryption algorithm. Moreover, another protection mechanism is, that you can specify that when run, the application screen has to be clicked specific number of times and at a specific .... Free download of Standalone EXE Locker 1.2

EaseFilter File Monitor Library EaseFilter Technologies Inc.    

... file close I/O requests. Create your own Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software to log the file update information, write information ... windows file system filter driver which can implement software for continuous data protection, file audit, log file access and file journaling. .... Free download of EaseFilter File Monitor Library

SunFirewall SunFirewall    

... easy to use tool for keeping your valuable data secure during remote desktop connection. SunFirewall monitors suspected ... define black countries and black times for the software. SunFirewall advanced reports and its useful diagrams provide you a history of the security attacks and blocked IPs during the week, month and year. .... Free download of SunFirewall

Comodo Firewall Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.    

... other internet threats. Comodo's Firewall uses Default Deny Protection to prevent threats from occurring, rather than just ... internet, offering complete immunity to attacks and total protection of your personal information. Comodo Firewall also features ... local machine so they cannot modify or affect data on your 'real' system. While sandboxed, the file .... Free download of Comodo Firewall

ZoneAlarm Firewall Free Zonelabs    

Firewall protection for personal use Makes ports invisible by ... Additional Layers Multiple layers of advanced protection provide unsurpassed security. Wireless PC Protection shields you from hackers, identity thieves and other ... networks and automatically applies the most secure firewall protection setting. DefenseNetâ„¢ provides real-time security updates, responds quickly .... Free download of ZoneAlarm Firewall Free

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Aml Pages Portable Edition 9.89b2816 G&G Software    

... a selected node, creating a favorites list, importing data, as well as for exporting the entire document ... time format, select the compression level for saving data, enable autosave, customize the appearance (colors, fonts and icons), and more. Feature-packed and lightweight app for managing your documents The program is surprisingly light .... Free download of Aml Pages Portable Edition 9.89b2816

GiliSoft Privacy Protector 10.1.30 GiliSoft International LLC.    

With the rising incidences of data theft over the web, PC users are getting ... conscious about security of their crucial and sensitive data. Owing to the serious results, they always keep trying to find an appropriate data security solution. Well, a variety of tools have ... Privacy Protector. GiliSoft Privacy Protector is industry-leading privacy protection software designed for individual users. It effectively prevents .... Free download of GiliSoft Privacy Protector 10.1.30

Windows Store Apps Obfuscator 8.7.1 RustemSoft    

... and the negative implications on intellectual property rights protection. There are a lot of freeware .NET tools ... being also solid with a lot of offered protection layers). The problem is only in the preventing ... code files. It is the intention of obfuscation software. Some Skater settings allow generate names that are .... Free download of Windows Store Apps Obfuscator 8.7.1

The Enigma Protector 6.70 The Enigma Protector Developers Team    

... an essential tool for every developer of commercial software and shareware for Windows. The Enigma Protector includes ... Windows 10. The Enigma Protector will make your software resistant to cracking, and thus will increase your ... or reproduce the registration key generator for your software. Various methods of code obfuscation, mutation and virtualization .... Free download of The Enigma Protector 6.70

Efficient Lady's Organizer Efficient Software    

... just one package. Various measures such as password protection and automatic backup can guarantee your data security. With the built-in one-click search similar to ... opening Efficient Lady's Organizer! And you can sync data across PCs and mobile phones. .... Free download of Efficient Lady's Organizer

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