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Digital Inputs Filter 4.0.41 B109 AGG Software    

The filter module "Digital inputs filter" for our data loggers (for example, Accurate Printer Monitor ) is an ... that provides a method to exclude less significant data records from the final data export. The module works with digital data which can be interpreted as "True/False" or "0/1". For example, this data you can get from ADAM 6050, ICP-CON 7041 .... Free download of Digital Inputs Filter 4.0.41 B109

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Keylogger Spy Software 4.3 All In One Keylogger    

... PC and maintain a backup of your typed data. Away from home, it can sent you logs by e-mail/FTP or to a Network Folder. .... Free download of Keylogger Spy Software 4.3

eMonit Employee Monitor HeavenWard    

... pie-charts or study logs in detail with convenient data filters. eMonit presents activity logs both chronologically, showing the date/time and application used, and in summaries of time spent on each application. Each history entry shows the active program window and the program's full path. eMonit tracks web browsing chronologically showing .... Free download of eMonit Employee Monitor

Advanced Serial Data Logger Enterprise 4.4.7 B424 AGG Software    

Advanced Serial Data Logger input RS232 data directly into file, Excel, Access, or any Windows application. Advanced Serial Data Logger provides real-time data collection from any serial device or instrument. Send and receive RS232 data across a RS232 port or RS485 port with ... What problems can be solved with Advanced Serial Data Logger? Our software captures serial data, custom tailors .... Free download of Advanced Serial Data Logger Enterprise 4.4.7 B424

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Multi-Instrument Full Package 3.9 Virtins Technology    

... Short-Time Fourier Transform and Cumulative Spectral Decay. (6) Data Logger: long time data logging function for tracing up to 64 derived .... Free download of Multi-Instrument Full Package 3.9

Data redirect 4.0.40 B109 AGG Software    

The filter module "Data redirecting" for our data loggers (for example, Advanced Serial Data Logger) is an additional module that allows you redirect a data from one data source (for example, COM1) to another data source (for example, COM2). In this case the program will work as a bridge between two data sources. You may filter or change data with .... Free download of Data redirect 4.0.40 B109

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Advanced NMEA Data Logger AGG Software    

... may be, look no further than Advanced NMEA Data Logger, for it may well suffice all of your ... instrument in real time, transmit and receive NMEA data over RS232 or your Ethernet. Mold your dataflow the way you want with a built-in parser ... same time, do not worry - Advanced NMEA Data Logger can handle manifold ports at same time .... Free download of Advanced NMEA Data Logger

Serial Printer Logger AGG Software    

... can supersede your aged serial printers and convert data in real time to a binary log file, ... If you have some devices working together, the logger provides real-time data collection from printers that are connected via RS232, ... characters and extracts graphics, fonts from the received data. You can reprint documents later or create a .... Free download of Serial Printer Logger

Comodo Internet Security Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.    

... allowed to access other processes or your private data. This means any potential new malware is securely locked away instead of being allowed to run amok as it would in other antiviruses. Our Secure Shopping feature provides the next-generation of security for online banking and shopping. Under Secure Shopping, websites .... Free download of Comodo Internet Security

Log4Win logger Log4Win (UR5FCM)    

... opportunity to add new user diplomas (DBF) Diplom's database file's is added; The opportunity to make final ... QSO from ADIF, TR Log formats Export Logbook data to ADIF and ASCII files Built-in data base QSL of the managers and addresses QSL bureau and managers Support Golist database Support Dx Atlas software (ver 1.2.130) CW keyer .... Free download of Log4Win logger

FREE Serial Port Monitor 2.8 Eltima Software    

... its parameters, specify a file to save monitoring data to, and click Start. The utility is compatible ... lets you connect to this port and collect data it receives from the serial equipment. .... Free download of FREE Serial Port Monitor 2.8

Keystroke Master 3.1.9 Keystroke Master    

Keystroke Master is an invisible keystroke logger. Keystroke Master secretly records keystrokes, makes screen captures, ... Keystroke Master allows you to see the recorded data from another computer (or any device with Internet access), with log delivery via email, FTP or LAN. You can adjust the logs delivery frequency as per .... Free download of Keystroke Master 3.1.9

Serial Port Analyzer 7.0 Serial Port Analyzer Software    

... It can effectively be used for monitoring serial data exchange between serial devices and any Windows application, ... projector, etc, for solving problems with serial (RS232/422/485) data communication control networks and devices, for software and hardware testing and much more. It can monitor any software/hardware that works with a serial port, .... Free download of Serial Port Analyzer 7.0

Multi-Instrument 3.3 Virtins Technology    

... (5) Spectrum 3D Plot: waterfall and spectrogram. (6) Data Logger: long time data logging function for 129 derived variables, including RMS value, etc. Up to eight data logger windows can be opened and each window can .... Free download of Multi-Instrument 3.3

PaperCut Print Logger 1.10 PaperCut Software International Pty Ltd.    

PaperCut™ Print Logger is a free print logging application for Windows ... or Excel format for advanced users needing the data for further analysis. Highlights... * 100% free! ... makes and models. * Real-time print logs ensure data is always current and live. * Printer usage logs are available Microsoft Excel .... Free download of PaperCut Print Logger 1.10

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Ardamax Keylogger 4.8 Ardamax Software    

... you're away, maintain a backup of your typed data automatically or use it to monitor your kids. Ardamax Keylogger Features: Hidden mode - Ardamax Keylogger will run in hidden mode, preventing users from knowing it is active. It will NOT show in the Uninstall list, the Task Manager, or the .... Free download of Ardamax Keylogger 4.8

USBLogView 1.25 NirSoft    

... window of USBLogView, and then copy the log data to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) or export the log data into xml/html/csv/comma-delimited file (Ctrl+S) .... Free download of USBLogView 1.25

MAC OS X Keylogger 2018 Lan Audit Group    

... acting as a keylogger. This function captures all data that has been entered using a keyboard, including chats, usernames, passwords, emails, search queries and other content. In addition to key logging, Refog is also able to log clipboard text. .... Free download of MAC OS X Keylogger 2018

Abelssoft AntiLogger 2015u Abelssoft    

... your bank account, eBay login or other sensible data. The Abelssoft AntiLogger is especially developed to detect and neutralize spy-ware. All potentially harmful applications will be listed after a deep system analysis and can be dealt accordingly. To harden your system against unwelcome Intruders in the future, the background guard .... Free download of Abelssoft AntiLogger 2015u

Ardamax Free Keylogger 4.7 Ardamax Software    

... businesses for work discipline and security of corporate data. All logged data is reliably encrypted and saved to a file of a special format that can be viewed only with the proprietary Power Viewer. When activated, .... Free download of Ardamax Free Keylogger 4.7

Spyrix Keylogger to Email Google Drive 10.6.2 Spyrix    

Spyrix Keylogger is a powerful multifunctional keylogger with a possibility of sending reports to email, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP. Spyrix Keylogger records all keystrokes, makes screenshots of active windows and monitors activity in Facebook, MySpace, Google+, Chats, Skype and other IM messengers, Email, Search Engines (google, yahoo, bing), Web Surfing, Applications. .... Free download of Spyrix Keylogger to Email Google Drive 10.6.2

Spyrix Personal Monitor 10.6.2 Spyrix    

... tool from leakage of corporate secrets (DLP - data loss prevention). Nowadays on the market of data loss prevention (DLP) software there are lots of solutions that often cost thousands of dollars and in consequence of which are not available for .... Free download of Spyrix Personal Monitor 10.6.2

Parental Control software review 1.1 pcacme.com    

... to view reports in any time you want. Data access is a great possibility to change filters from anywhere. Besides, alerts are sent to your email regularly. So, monitoring programs provide parents with a constant control of PC activity of their kids. It is a great solution to prevent your .... Free download of Parental Control software review 1.1

REFOG Personal Monitor Refog    

... acting as a keylogger. This function captures all data that has been entered by your children or an employee using a keyboard, including chats, usernames, passwords, emails, search queries and other content. In addition to key logging, Refog is also able to log clipboard text. Screenshot history With customizable capability, .... Free download of REFOG Personal Monitor

StaffCop Standart Edition 5.8.855 StaffCop    

... staff schedules, improve staff efficiency, detect and eliminate data leakage. Besides, data collected by StaffCop can be used as evidence ... diagrams of working with applications and games, and data retrieved as a result of web sites sessions .... Free download of StaffCop Standart Edition 5.8.855

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