DTM Data Generator Enterprise 3.00.12 DTM soft     update

DTM Data Generator Enterprise is a simple, powerful and fully customizable utility that generates data for database testing purposes. Great advantage of this software is ... of test tables and supports user-defined templates. This data can then be easily inserted into a database. There are several ways of filling databases randomly, by a mask, or with data from .... Free download of DTM Data Generator Enterprise 3.00.12

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ScriptCase 9.3.011 ScriptCase Team     update

Scriptcase PHP Generator is a powerful tool to increase web development productivity, saving time and increasing profits. Scriptcase PHP Generator can build complete systems and create customized reports ... simultaneously on the same project. Connect your favorite database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server,...) to generate applications ... · ScriptCase provides a dynamic way to show data: detailed, grouped, agregated and many other ways with .... Free download of ScriptCase 9.3.011

FFT Properties Dew Research     update

... scaling of signals. * HP Calculator style signal generator. * Save and load settings of all processing pipes and charts. * Phase angle measurement of non-periodic signals and linear phase peak filtering. * Support for real time analysis of largest file sizes. .... Free download of FFT Properties

EF CheckSum Manager 19.05 EFSoftware     update

... checksums or create new checksum for your important data. The EF CheckSum Manager is easy to use ... Perhaps you know the problem: They burned important data on CD, the burning program means all OK but are you sure that your data is real to 100% with the originals? The ... in addition simply before archiving the volume of data to burn with checksums and test you directly .... Free download of EF CheckSum Manager 19.05

The Batch SlideShow Creator 1.18 Filipe Rosado da Fonseca     update

... whether or not they are embedded in a data uri (a.k.a. data uri scheme or datauri scheme). Opens audio containers of type AAC, AIFF, .... Free download of The Batch SlideShow Creator 1.18

GMDH Shell 5.1.4 Geos Research Group     update

... yet comprehensive application designed for predictive modeling and data mining. The software combines well proven machine learning ... clustered computers. GMDH Shell makes processing of data much easier in many aspects. It is able to automatically detect usable data inside a file, transform data according to a problem type, drop irrelevant inputs .... Free download of GMDH Shell 5.1.4

DBeauty 8.6.3 Ralf Wisser     update

DBeauty was specially developed to be a relationship-oriented database browser. The software was designed in Java and ... very easy-to-use. DBeauty provides insight into both the data and the correlation between the rows. Features: See the contents of any SQL database Navigate bidirectionally through the database by following foreign-key-based or user-defined relationships Automatic detection .... Free download of DBeauty 8.6.3

DeZign for Databases 11.0.1 Datanamic     update

DeZign for Databases is an intuitive database design and modeling tool for developers and DBA's that can help you model, create and maintain databases. The software uses entity relationship diagrams (ERDs, data models) to graphically design databases and automatically generates the most popular SQL and desktop databases. DeZign for Databases offers a sophisticated visual .... Free download of DeZign for Databases 11.0.1

PHPRunner 10.1 B32908 Xlinesoft.com     update

... remote MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server and Oracle databases. Your web site visitors will be able to easily search, add, edit, delete and export data in your database. Advanced security options allow to build password-protected members .... Free download of PHPRunner 10.1 B32908

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KeePass Password Safe 2.42 Dominik Reichl     update

... You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or ... select the key file to unlock the whole database. The databases are encrypted using the best and most secure ... New Features: When opening a database via an URL fails, the error message dialog .... Free download of KeePass Password Safe 2.42

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Cleverscope 4.80849 Cleverscope Ltd.     update

... Our CS300 series USB oscilloscopes include a signal generator and spectrum analyser. We use 10-14 bit digitizers, ... Cleverscope contains an optional swept 0-10 MHz signal generator, for stimulating your circuit under test. With it ... excel etc · add an optional 10MHz signal generator · use with extra monitor or data projector .... Free download of Cleverscope 4.80849

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HxD mh-nexus     new

... contrast to a sector/region-limited view that cuts off data which potentially belongs together. Drives and memory can ... main memory o Memory sections are tagged with data-folds * Disk-Editor (Hard disks, floppy disks, ZIP-disks, USB ... programs * Flexible and fast searching/replacing for several data types o Data types: text (including Unicode), hex-values, .... Free download of HxD

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Cyclonis Password Manager Cyclonis Limited     update

... take control of your passwords & organize your data. Using the same password for multiple online accounts? ... place with just a single master password. Your data is stored in a personal vault, that is ... master password is for your eyes only. Your data cannot even be accessed by Cyclonis staff or .... Free download of Cyclonis Password Manager

GHC Horarios ES Peñalara Software     update

Penalara GHC is a timetable generator intended for primary schools, high schools, vocational schools ... of possible conflicts that may arise. GHC exchanges data with a large number of academic management applications, ... applications is based on a first provision of data from their academic management platform to GHC (import) and a second data submission to return the resolved timetable (export). The .... Free download of GHC Horarios ES

GHC Timetables EN Peñalara Software     update

Penalara GHC is a timetable generator intended for primary schools, high schools, vocational schools ... of possible conflicts that may arise. GHC exchanges data with a large number of academic management applications, ... applications is based on a first provision of data from their academic management platform to GHC (import) and a second data submission to return the resolved timetable (export). The .... Free download of GHC Timetables EN

PlantUml 1.2019.5 Arnaud Roques     update

... description language in a dedicated pane, or import data from the following file formats: JAVA, HTML, C, CPP, Y, plain text, and others. PlantUml offers an intuitive layout for helping users design UML diagrams via a description language. Of course, if you are not accustomed with writing description language statements, .... Free download of PlantUml 1.2019.5

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MPG: Multiple Pages Generator by Porthas 1.0.2 SALVAGEDATA     new

... you want to generate, along with any related data. Step 2. Set any existing page as a ... CSV file URL, MPG will replace all URL data on entire page, as well as replace shortcodes with data from CSV in page title, meta description, meta ... more! TEMPLATE PAGE SHORTCODES. - {{mpg_HEADERNAME}} will pull data for the CSV cell with matching Column header .... Free download of MPG: Multiple Pages Generator by Porthas 1.0.2

Password Depot Server 12.0.5 AceBIT GmbH     update

... · Generate uncrackable passwords using the integrated Password Generator. · Maximum protection of your sensitive data thanks to the security algorithm Rijndael 256-Bit! · ... on FTP servers for worldwide access to your data! · Attachments for password entries: Combining password entries .... Free download of Password Depot Server 12.0.5

dbForge Data Generator for Oracle 2.1 Devart     update

dbForge Data Generator for Oracle is a small but mighty GUI ... populating Oracle schemas with tons of realistic test data. With extensive collection of basic and meaningful generators for various data types, flexible customization options, templates for creating your own generators, the tool delivers flawless data generation in a well-designed user interface. Key features: .... Free download of dbForge Data Generator for Oracle 2.1

dbForge Studio for Oracle 4.1 Devart     update

... to increase PL/SQL coding speed. It provides Oracle database GUI management tools, allows to synchronize Oracle data and automate schema change management process. dbForge Studio ... is focused on enhancing productivity and simplifying Oracle database development and management tasks. Key features: * PL/SQL ... in the HTML, PDF and Markdown formats. * Data Generator to populate your Oracle tables with thousands .... Free download of dbForge Studio for Oracle 4.1

AllMyNotes Organizer Portable 3.29 Vladonai Software     update

... db-driven storage engine, themes, multi-lingual, reminders, spreadsheets, hierarchical data organization, and much, much, more! Ideal for keeping your sensible private data securely encrypted always with you. Imagine the worst ... a big deal, no one can unlock your data without having your access code :) The idea ... (the installation is not required), Encoded and quick database-driven engine, Quick Search across all records, Rich-Text editor, .... Free download of AllMyNotes Organizer Portable 3.29

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WavePurity 7.97 Digitale Filtertechnologien GmbH     update

... filters for editing audio files. It supports the data formats WAV and MP3. FEATURES: · ... processor for automatic, overnight batch processing · Signal generators and wobble generator for frequency response measurement · Audio CD Burn .... Free download of WavePurity 7.97

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Free 2D Barcode Generator Han-soft Corporation     update

... 2D barcode symbologies including Aztec Code, Aztec Runes, Data Matrix(ECC 0-140, ECC 200), QR Code, PDF417, Micro QR Code, MicroPDF417, MaxiCode, Code 16K, RSS family(RSS-14 Standard, RSS-14 Truncated, RSS-14 Stacked, RSS-14 Stacked Omnidirectional, RSS Limited, RSS Expanded, RSS Expanded Stacked), etc. Features: 1, Print the 2D barcode symbol to paper. .... Free download of Free 2D Barcode Generator

dbForge Studio for SQL Server 5.7 Devart     update

... powerful IDE for SQL Server management, administration, development, data reporting and analysis. The tool will help SQL developers to manage databases, version-control database changes in popular source control systems, speed up routine tasks, as well, as to make complex database changes. Key Features: * Tool for source-controlling SQL databases * Data Generator. More than 180 meaningful data .... Free download of dbForge Studio for SQL Server 5.7

DWSIM 5.7 Update 5 Daniel Medeiros     update

... it allows them to conduct experiments and analyze data using advanced models and operations, without any cost. ... ones. Also, it can be used for performing data regression studies for two compounds using various thermodynamics ... the simulation and different means of inputting user data through Utilities and Tools: Utilities: Phase Envelope, Hydrate .... Free download of DWSIM 5.7 Update 5

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