Data Cleansing and Matching Management-Ware Solutions    

Our data cleansing software and Matching tools will help you reach your goal. Management-Ware Data Cleansing & Matching is an interactive tool for data cleaning and transformation. Use our data cleaning tools and techniques to clean your data quickly. This data preparation app can analyze sets of information, remove matching records from your lists and databases, enrich, eradicate duplicate, inaccurate and identify incorrect or .... Free download of Data Cleansing and Matching

ReMaDDer 2.3. Zlatko Matic    

Remadder is a software tool which can be used both to identify related records in two separate data sets or to identify duplicate records in a data set. This class of tasks is commonly reffered as record linkage, data matching, data duplicate detection, data deduplication, etc. Remadder successfully addresses hard problem of .... Free download of ReMaDDer 2.3.

The DataSurgeon 1.10 ListMate HQ    

The DataSurgeon is a unique industrial-strength 'Search and Replace' software that provides an easy, powerful, and concise way ... of files you choose, at blazing speed. The DataSurgeon revolutionizes 'Search and Replace' with a fresh innovative ... just simple placeholders. Enjoy easy and intuitive 'free-form' data manipulation - add, omit, replace, and rearrange anything, .... Free download of The DataSurgeon 1.10

Dolphin Text Editor Menu 2.9 Animal Software    

... Dolphin Text Editor Menu works with any software where you can type sentences or paragraphs. This ... code; editing html / php; writing a report; data cleansing; or simply making notes in notepad: Dolphin Text .... Free download of Dolphin Text Editor Menu 2.9

FieldIT Manager Database Oliver Field    

FieldIT Manager Database is a handy tool that was designed in ... i.e. you do not have to purchase other software to be able to use. You can simply ... in to EXCEL/CSV format ensuring safe storage of data. EXCEL exports can be manipulated in bulk and re-imported for data cleansing/quality purposes. Job tracking and searching functionality. Assign .... Free download of FieldIT Manager Database

Contact Zone 2.1.0 Melissa Data    

Contact Zone, a new, open source ETL and data quality software, lets you do exactly what the most skilled ... running in minutes – easily building and managing data transformations to cleanse, update, standardize and enrich your contact data. Contact Zone connects to virtually any database, operating as the central hub for all your .... Free download of Contact Zone 2.1.0

DataMatch 2012 5.1 Data Ladder    

Data Ladder LLC, a provider of simple and affordable data cleansing software, announces the release of DataMatch 2012. With ease of use design changes, advanced customizable reporting, additional cleansing functionality, and best in class fast fuzzy matching algorithms, DataMatch 2012 brings the capability of a strong data cleansing software to the desktop. DataMatch 2012 provides .... Free download of DataMatch 2012 5.1

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