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sellEbit 2019/07/26 The Clever Company    

... provided by payment gateways like PayPal so their customers can select products to buy. Customers can securely complete a purchase via the payment gateway, which sends an Email to both the customer and the merchant. sellEbit processes these Emails (and ... an acknowledgement and receipt are mailed to the customer and the sale is placed in a list .... Free download of sellEbit 2019/07/26

Saleswah Lite CRM 2.8.0 Anwesha Customer Relations Marketing Pvt    

... (of Saleswah Lite CRM Add-in to MS-Outlook) 1.Contact Management: pull Outlook contacts into Saleswah and manage them in the CRM 2. Activity management: - Pull all the appointments and tasks in Saleswah CRM into Outlook - Log follow up tasks and updates. Have them synced back to .... Free download of Saleswah Lite CRM 2.8.0

Car Wash Calendar for MAC 3.2 Binary House Software    

... for tools that aid proper time and resource management become more important than otherwise. Same is the ... with car wash business. As a business grows, management and scheduling of all car wash appointments and ... jobs at a time, along with other such management activities become more and more hectic to be .... Free download of Car Wash Calendar for MAC 3.2

A-Number CRM 2 A-Number Software    

Contact information, relationships, business opportunities, orders, sales activities, marketing campaigns, planning, reporting and more can be handled by A-Number CRM helping you make the right business decisions. Featuring flexible contact database structure and highly customizable presentation and reporting with e-mail integration and multi-user operation support, A-Number CRM scales painlessly from .... Free download of A-Number CRM 2

Mail Commander Pro 10.6 InternetSoft Corporation    

... leads. Mail Commander Pro offers business contact management that enables you to organize and manage all contact, offers, and customer information in a single location so you can ... for information, improve sales and marketing, deliver better customer and support service and be more responsive to your customers. You can organize and manage all your contact, .... Free download of Mail Commander Pro 10.6

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