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Screenshot Controller 3.1 PhonePilot - AlphaPhoner    

... circles on your screenshot, by positioning your mouse cursor where you want them and pressing shift+F1 or shift+F2. When you let go of the shift button, the screenshot is produced. You also have shortcut F buttons to show latest screenshot and open the containing folder with last screenshot selected. .... Free download of Screenshot Controller 3.1

MouseFIGHTER 9.0 Phonepilot    

... the keys controlling the direction of the mouse cursor are configurable. By default, the directional keys are the arrows but they can be changed to anything else. Moreover, there is the possibility to define the buttons for left and right-clicking for the mouse functionality to be almost completely .... Free download of MouseFIGHTER 9.0

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RolloSONIC 1.1.2 RolloSONIC    

... by monitoring and feeding numerous aspects of your cursor's course to its fully-modular sound-synthesis system. With RolloSONIC ... can control the module parameters with your MIDI controller's sliders, knobs, levers, and buttons. Fully real-time; fully modular Tweak the generators and effects while you listen; add and connect modules while .... Free download of RolloSONIC 1.1.2

Laptop Assistant 1.8 DeSofto    

Laptop lid controller will increase your laptop security -- it will ... this leads to change the position of the cursor in your document and you need start typing again and again. Touchpad blocker automatically disables the laptop touchpad while typing. It will automatically disable touchpad when you are typing text. .... Free download of Laptop Assistant 1.8

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