Public Art 2.3.0 Public Art LLC     new

I made an app that pulled Instagram graffiti images, based on the #graffiti tag, and made it accessible via an iphone app. The app let you check which of the indexed images were closest, and surfaced the route to discover art nearby. Public Art was an iOS application that made it .... Free download of Public Art 2.3.0

DDxHub Differential Diagnosis Hub 4.1.1 SmrtX    

... Increasingly, more physicians and patients are relying on crowdsourcing, leveraging the collective knowledge of online communities to ... backgrounds in medicine, nutrition, education and research using crowdsourcing platforms and advanced analytics to provide suggestions to patients who present their cases. DDxHub has assisted in resolving hundreds of medical cases. DDxHub tool .... Free download of DDxHub Differential Diagnosis Hub 4.1.1

AlphaUserPoints 2.0.4 Pamper Me Network    

AlphaUserPoints (AUP) is a revolutionary user reward and online marketing tool. Available as a free Joomla component, AUP can be used by any website to distribute or assign points to registered users according to specific user behaviour. However, when powered by optional social rewards technology, AlphaUserPoints is a fantastic tool for .... Free download of AlphaUserPoints 2.0.4

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