Dead Deer Laurent Cance    

3D modeler, 3D game maker, 3D demo maker. A powerfull tool to modelise and create games. Scripting language allows you to code interactions in ... synthetize your own rendering with own-made shaders. The cross-platform project WIN32/MACOSX10.6 runs with player for both and ... WIN32. With a lot of programming knowledge required, game creation is not for everyone, but Dead Deer .... Free download of Dead Deer

PDF to FlipBook for HTML5 1.0 FlashFlippingBook Ltd.    

... market in 2013. For developers, HTML5 is multi-device, cross-platform application. The advantage of HTML5 is this technology can be cross-platform use. For example, you have developed a HTML5 game and you can be easily ported to the Opera Game Center, Facebook application platform, even by the technology of the package distributed .... Free download of PDF to FlipBook for HTML5 1.0

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