Screen Watermark xSecuritas, Inc    

Screen Watermark Control You can print the desired watermark on the screen. This screen watermark does not affect the running of other programs. Also, Up to 4 texts and images can be used as watermark. Features * Displays watermark on the monitor. * Dual monitor support * The watermark displayed on .... Free download of Screen Watermark

Acronis Files Connect 10.7.5280 Acronis, LLC    

... integrating Macs into your Windows IT infrastructure can create application, file access, and network incompatibilities. Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) is the only software that resolves Mac-to-Windows incompatibilities quickly and easily. With 1 simple network installation, give your Mac and mobile device users the power to: - Access and share .... Free download of Acronis Files Connect 10.7.5280

Rufus USB Maker 3.1 Rufus    

... is a utility software for Windows that can create bootable devices for operating systems. It is an ... is free to use and enables users to create fully-functional bootable devices efficiently at essentially no cost. It doesn't require any special requirements and any hardware certified for use with either Windows 8 .... Free download of Rufus USB Maker 3.1

win32diskimager 1.1 win32diskimager    

Win32DiskImager is an open-source tool to create bootable USBs of operating systems from the Live ... it has an easy-to-use graphical user interface. To create a bootable device, all you have to do ... going to install. It also allows you to create USB drives with multi-boot, and it is not limited .... Free download of win32diskimager 1.1

Active Partition Manager LSoft Technologies Inc.    

... drives or partitions that they contain. You may create, delete, format and name partitions on your computer ... EFS, MacOS HFS+, Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, Unix UFS, BtrFS Create a partition or logical drive (volume);Format a logical drive or partition (FAT, exFAT, NTFS); Resize logical drive (volume); Edit and synchronize boot sectors of .... Free download of Active Partition Manager

SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.1.1 SoftPerfect    

... life of your HDD or SSD. The program creates a virtual disk residing in the computer RAM ... temporary data. As Windows and third-party applications often create a large number of temporary files for a ... slower hard disk storage. This product lets you create any number of virtual RAM disks limited only .... Free download of SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.1.1

MacDroid 1.0 Electronic Team, Inc.    

... Download, Screenshots, etc. or any other folder you’ve created. Videos - from and to any folder you ... Downloads, Movies, etc. or any other folder you’ve created. Music - from and to any folder you ... - Music folder or any other folder you’ve created. Any other files between any other folders on .... Free download of MacDroid 1.0

SyncMate 8.1 Electronic Team, Inc.    

... be synced immediately. With Expert Edition you can create, send, delete, search and export text messages from Android and iOS on your Mac. SyncMate Expert allows converting videos to AVI, MPG, MP4, WMV, ASF, 3GP and audio files to MP3 and WAV prior to syncing them to device. Sync can .... Free download of SyncMate 8.1

HardLink ShellExtension x64 Hermann Schinagl    

... appear in multiple folders (directories). They can be created with the POSIX command ln included in the ... using standard Windows facilities Hardlinks can only be created at the command prompt, which can be tedious, ... Links or in the case of folders to create Clones consisting of Hard or Symbolic Links. LSE .... Free download of HardLink ShellExtension x64

Key Remapper 4dots 1.9 4dots Software    

... or app key.. This means you can then create shortcuts and simply press a key to run a specific program or press a key to print custom text or even contents of text file. With Key Remapper you can also just press a key for a system function (hibernate, shutdown, .... Free download of Key Remapper 4dots 1.9

Inno Setup 6.0.3 Jrsoftware    

... installers in feature set and stability. Installations are created by means of scripts, which are ASCII text ... Setup is a tool that helps you to create windows installers. Scripts have an ".iss" (meaning ... installed and where, what shortcuts are to be created and what they are to be named, and .... Free download of Inno Setup 6.0.3

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RMPrepUSB 2.1.744 RM Educational Software Inc.    

... application whose main purpose is to help you create a bootable disk out your USB drives or other similar devices, so you can boot your system to various different operating systems with just a few moves. The next step consists of choosing the ‘Bootloader Options’, specifically the operating systems .... Free download of RMPrepUSB 2.1.744

Valentina Studio 10.1.3 Paradigma Software    

... way to transform your data into meaningful information; create, administer, query and explore Valentina DB, MySQL, Postgre ... X. Powerful, easy to use and free. Create, edit, query, import and administer popular databases: Valentina ... and multiple operations in tabs and dockable views Create/Drop/Alter/Browse Tables, Fields, Indexes, Triggers, Constraints, Links, Views, Stored .... Free download of Valentina Studio 10.1.3

WinToUSB 5.5 Hasleo Software    

... simple steps and a few minutes, you can create your first portable Windows 10/8/7 directly from an ... of a Non-Enterprise Edition of Windows 10/8.1/8/7 to create Windows To Go Workspace. Creation of Windows To Go on Non-Certified Windows To Go USB Drive. Clone Windows between disks with different sector sizes. .... Free download of WinToUSB 5.5

StrokesPlus Portable    

... recognition utility for Windows which allows you to create powerful mouse gestures that save you time. ... to fire actions using your finger or pen. Create custom floaters to place anywhere which can execute ... or act as a fixed key. Text Expansion Create global or application specific text expansion tokens to .... Free download of StrokesPlus Portable

jAlbum 20 JAlbum AB    

Create web albums from your digital photos, or any ... your album: Use flexible templates called "skins" to create customized albums in HTML, JavaScript or any other format. Add advanced functionality like shopping cart, music and more. New skins are continuously added to by creative jAlbum users, for you to .... Free download of jAlbum 20

Easy2Boot 1.B8 Easy2Boot    

... OSs (fully installed OS's, not just LiveCD's/ISOs). Easily create fully automated Windows 7/8/10 installs by booting from unmodified Windows Install ISO's (XMLtoE2B) .... Free download of Easy2Boot 1.B8

SIW 2020 10.2.0322 Gabriel Topala    

... in an extremely comprehensible manner. SIW can create a report file (HTML, JSON, CSV, TXT or XML), and you can run it in batch mode (for Computer Inventory - Software and Hardware Inventory, Asset Inventory, Software License Management, Security Audit, Server Configuration Management). The System Information is divided .... Free download of SIW 2020 10.2.0322

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Spybot Anti-Beacon Safer-Networking Ltd.    

... and is provided free of charge. It was created to address the privacy concerns of users of ... very simple, and no restore point is automatically created, although you are advised to create one beforehand, just to be on the safe .... Free download of Spybot Anti-Beacon

Win Toolkit Legolash2o    

... lightweight and easy to use application that was created in order to help you customize your Windows ... is what it says on the tin, it creates your ISO file for you to burn! Now ... sure you can guess what this is, this creates an Unattended file which you use to install .... Free download of Win Toolkit

FixWin for Win 10 The Windows Club    

... Welcome page. 4. Next we insist that you create a System Restore Point. The provided button will create one. We always recommend that you create one before making any changes to your system. .... Free download of FixWin for Win 10

Rufus 3.10 Pete Batard    

... is a small utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, ... enables users to format USB flash disks and create bootable drives rapidly. It provides standard and advanced ... useful for cases where: you need to create USB installation media from bootable ISOs (Windows, Linux, .... Free download of Rufus 3.10

EasyUEFI 3.8 Hasleo Software    

... comprehensive EFI/UEFI boot option management functions, such as create, delete, edit, clean up, backup and restore EFI/UEFI ... the image file, you can use it to create a bootable USB flash drives or use 3rd-party burner software to burn it to CD/DVD. With this Windows PE emergency disk you can easily .... Free download of EasyUEFI 3.8

HardLink ShellExtension Hermann Schinagl    

... appear in multiple folders (directories). They can be created with the POSIX command ln included in the ... using standard Windows facilities Hardlinks can only be created at the command prompt, which can be tedious, ... Links or in the case of folders to create Clones consisting of Hard or Symbolic Links. LSE .... Free download of HardLink ShellExtension

NTLite x64 Dino Nuhagic (nuhi)    

NTLite x64 also gives you the possibility to tweak the operating system you're currently using. However, you should keep in mind that removing a module will likely lead to system crashes which can only be fixed by reinstalling the OS. Next to editing images, you can also do the same actions .... Free download of NTLite x64

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