WPF XAML Obfuscator 8.7.1 RustemSoft    

WPF XAML Obfuscator is a powerful tool used for an application code protection from reverse engineering, analysis and modifications, ... logical code structure. It protects XAML files in WPF application by completely muddling them up. The obfuscator is ... to provide the greatest .NET security and to create the most compact and efficient .NET Framework-based applications. .... Free download of WPF XAML Obfuscator 8.7.1

WPF Controls 2019.1 B0685 Actipro Software LLC    

WPF Controls is a collection of tools that can ... to speed up the process of creating Windows applications. Since the Windows Presentation Foundation is a widely used platform for developing applications, these controls can be useful for many projects. The package include a sample browser .... Free download of WPF Controls 2019.1 B0685

Document .Net Sautin Software    

... is designed to help you in development of applications where is necessary to manipulate in seconds in ... Document .Net totally simplifies the development of .Net applications where it is required to convert PDF documents. ... of converting PDF to Word within a WinForms application, you have add only the reference to the .... Free download of Document .Net

VeryPDF PDF Editor ActiveX for C# .NET 4.1 VeryPDF.com Inc.    

... PDF. You can edit, modify, read, convert, make, create, and annotate PDF files easily. You also can create PDF from other image formats, or even image on system clipboard with this application, or convert PDF to other formats. Features of ... combine multiple files to one single PDF. 4. Create PDF from an image on system clipboard. 5. .... Free download of VeryPDF PDF Editor ActiveX for C# .NET 4.1

NOV Schedule for .NET 2017.1 Nevron Software LLC    

... organizing appointments and recurring events in your .NET applications. It provides all the features of Microsoft Outlook ... recurring appointment support makes it possible to quickly create appointments and events based on an arbitrary time ... - Outlook, Apple Calendar and other popular calendar applications; - Print support; - Export to PDF and .... Free download of NOV Schedule for .NET 2017.1

NOV Gauge for .NET 2017.1 Nevron Software LLC    

The NOV framework now includes several new widgets implementing linear and radial gauges as well as numeric indicators: Linear Gauge Widget: - Support for horizontal and vertical linear gauges. - Support for multiple indicators with controllable shape, range, value, appearance etc. - Support for multiple scales per linear gauge with attached .... Free download of NOV Gauge for .NET 2017.1

NOV Diagram for .NET 2017.1 Nevron Software LLC    

... which has multiple shapes. Thus diagrams are basically created by creating shapes inside drawing pages. Libraries: Libraries ... drawing clippings into stencils. Thus libraries are basically created by creating library items that can contain single ... predefined shapes, which can come handy in many applications, including 18 Basic Shapes, 10 Connector Shapes and .... Free download of NOV Diagram for .NET 2017.1

NOV Chart for .NET 2017.1 Nevron Software LLC    

... financial, real-time monitoring, statistical and other types of applications. NOV Chart for .NET enables developers to create state-of-art interactive dashboards for Windows and Mac from a single code base. The control offers a large set of impressive features like data zooming, .... Free download of NOV Chart for .NET 2017.1

NOV Barcode for .NET 2017.1 Nevron Software LLC    

... 147 Barcode. The Nevron Barcode library lets you create and use barcodes in 2 ways - as a widget or as an image. You can change the size, the back color and the fore color of the barcode, whether to show a label or not, the font of the barcode .... Free download of NOV Barcode for .NET 2017.1

PDF Viewer SDK for .NET 2.0 e-PDFConverter Inc.    

... the customizable .NET control into any .NET WinForm application. This allows developers to no longer have to ... The PDF Viewer component allows the creation of applications that offer the user restricted functionality only. This ... It can be integrated in many types of application such as rich clients and web applications. Highlighted .... Free download of PDF Viewer SDK for .NET 2.0

LSACreator 2.1.5535.1685 ToBeSmart Sp. z o.o.    

... tool and the fastest solution for localizing .NET applications and ASP.NET websites without need to use Visual ... best practice to make a professional .NET multi-language application. Thanks to this approach we can add a ... more it even allows end-user to translate the application. Main features: - Requires only compiled program (.dll/.exe .... Free download of LSACreator 2.1.5535.1685

Manco .Net Licensing System Manco Software    

... and copy protection software for .NET Windows Forms, WPF, and ASP.NET applications, controls and components. Protection library is available for ... .NET Licensing System allows you encryption of the application data, source code and binaries with following using of the encrypted data and code in your application. Manco.Licensing protection library allows you dynamically decrypt, compile, .... Free download of Manco .Net Licensing System

SharpShooter Reports.WPF 6.5 Perpetuum Software    

... native XAML-based reporting component designed to view reports created in SharpShooter Reports in Windows Presentation Foundation applications. This powerful report tool is able to create reports of any complexity including group, cross tab, ... from multiple .Net data sources available in your application. It is possible to create non-standard and sophisticated reports due to a powerful .... Free download of SharpShooter Reports.WPF 6.5

ConnectCode .Net Barcode SDK 3.7 ConnectCode Pte Ltd    

... so powerful that you can use it to create barcodes for almost any scenarios in the Windows ... Add a Windows Form Control barcode to your application · Adding barcodes to your WPF application · Generating barcodes in MS Reporting Services · ... Barcode SDK. We have helped many large organizations create barcodes for their manufacturing and distribution plants. We .... Free download of ConnectCode .Net Barcode SDK 3.7

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WPFGraph Daniel Palme    

WPFGraph is a tool to create animations of graph algorithms using a WPF based 3D rendering engine. You can create a graph by adding nodes and edges to ... execute a graph algorithm like Dijkstra on the created graph. .... Free download of WPFGraph

Ideal Tools Organizer IdealAutomate.com    

Ideal Tools Organizer allows you to create a central repository for pointers to tools and ... long time to navigate to content to launch application Solution #4: Applications launch content instantly .... Free download of Ideal Tools Organizer

WPF Diagrams 2 Mindscape    

... model surfaces has never been easier than with WPF Diagrams 2. Designed to support any type of ... can add a touch of magic to any WPF application in no time. Discover the very best diagramming ... API that makes it efficient for you to create rich visualizations through diagrams in no time. 80+ .... Free download of WPF Diagrams 2

Shell MegaPack.WPF 2012 LogicNP Software    

... to provide a standard user-friendly look to your application. Consisting of a folder tree control, a file ... SingleInstanceComponent, shell file operations, system idle notifications and create and read shortcuts and internet shortcuts. Shell MegaPack.WPF is written in 100% C# managed code; it fully supports Visual Studio 2010 and Net 4.0; .... Free download of Shell MegaPack.WPF 2012

Zap 4.1 RTC Factory    

... a premium softphone targeting residential users. Built on WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) with usability in mind, we ... proud to present the all new Zap 4. WPF has given us the opportunity to embrace real-time ... ads, click-to-call and interactive video messaging into the application. Branding Flexibility Designed to meet accessibility .... Free download of Zap 4.1

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