Survival Craft PC 1.0 Survival Craft PC    

... cell phone. You'll wind up inside a pixelated universe that is totally wild, and you can investigate ... run wild! The thing that influences Survival To create not quite the same as other comparable diversions is that you'll discover every one of the components that you could discover in nature, however .... Free download of Survival Craft PC 1.0

pdf-Office Professional 14.1 UNIVERSE Software GmbH    

... Professional is a very progressive software solution to create and save PDF forms and documents. An easy-to-use ... Reader can work with. Interactive forms can be created intuitively, filled out electronically by the user at ... text from scratch, as with MS Word. Once created, documents can later be edited or added to .... Free download of pdf-Office Professional 14.1

Audials Music Rocket 2017 Audials AG    

... reference song, for example) and Top Songs will create a playlist of songs that match your taste ... and MusicTV included! Media Center: Music management, Music Universe, complete ID3 tags, cover images and song lyrics, pre-configured Clouds, optimized for Android smartphones & tablets, Apple iPhone and iPad! .... Free download of Audials Music Rocket 2017

fdf-Converter 9.4 UNIVERSE Software GmbH    

... different kinds of file formats a PDF form creates: 1st the pure PDF file where texts, structure ... file. fdf-Converter is a very easy solution to create these formats. In addition, substitution rules can be ... FDF / PDF files in one step +++ create one single file from all FDFs / PDFs .... Free download of fdf-Converter 9.4

pdf-FieldMerge Professional 14.1 UNIVERSE Software GmbH    

With pdf-FieldMerge Professional you can fill your existing PDF form fields manually or automatically with defined data with a few clicks - without going through the actual entry into the PDF form. pdf-FieldMerge Professional also filled PDF forms with different structure from a single data source. Through the use of reference .... Free download of pdf-FieldMerge Professional 14.1

pdf-FieldMerge 13.4 UNIVERSE Software GmbH    

... export of field names from the PDF form.pdf-FieldMerge Create a workflow that automatically provides user with a (confirmation) PDF. Streamline mail-merge letters via PDF! Call up pdf-FieldMerge from other applications automatically and set up efficient customer communications! Using Adobe's digital rights management (DRM) allows PDF forms with special rights, as .... Free download of pdf-FieldMerge 13.4

Tap GUID Generator 3.0 Tecdrop    

... Generator offers an easy and minimalist way to create, send and share GUIDs on your Android smartphone ... can be used on any item in the universe. Tap GUID Generator is very easy to use: simply tap the Refresh button on the bottom of the screen to generate a new GUID. .... Free download of Tap GUID Generator 3.0

WorldWide Telescope Microsoft    

... and space-based telescopes for the exploration of the universe. WWT blends terabytes of images, information, and stories ... and empower people to explore and understand the universe like never before. Microsoft WorldWide Telescope is an application designed for exploring the universe, including planets and constellations. It can be used ... WorldWide Telescope (WWT) enables you to explore the universe, bringing together imagery from the best ground- and .... Free download of WorldWide Telescope

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GeomSpace 0.13 Beta Alexandru Popa    

... for geometric space. You can build your own universe of any dimension and with any geometry. You can choose Euclidean, elliptic (Riemann), hyperbolic (Bolyai-Lobachevsky), Minkowskii among other spaces. .... Free download of GeomSpace 0.13 Beta

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Space Kidnappers 1.4.3 Novel Games Limited    

... for example, a craft with a shield will create a shelter which prevents the aliens from kidnapping the citizens, and a bright yellow craft will give you more powerful bullets, etc. As you advance in the game the aliens will move at a faster pace, and if a citizen is .... Free download of Space Kidnappers 1.4.3

TeXnicCenter 2.0 Beta 2    

... TeXnicCenter integrates all the functionality you need to create, write, build, fix, view and print your LaTeX ... Creating new Documents You often have to create new LaTeX documents? You will love TeXnicCenter. Its ... allows you to define document templates once and create new documents based on these templates by simply .... Free download of TeXnicCenter 2.0 Beta 2

Polkast for Mac OS X Polkast    

... tablet and phone are the center of your universe. So put them to work! Now you can access and share all of your files, to and from any device…instantly. That means every document, every file, every picture. And with Polkast, you can work across multiple operating systems so your PC .... Free download of Polkast for Mac OS X

pdf-DocPro 10.2.x UNIVERSE Software GmbH    

... of pdf-DocPro is that you are able to create a downward compatibility from Adobe FormDesigner forms and ... means you can edit and display PDF files created in latest Adobe editions also in previous versions ... tool bars +++ set password requirements etc. +++ create downward compatibility +++ Split, Merge, Extract Pages +++ .... Free download of pdf-DocPro 10.2.x

Cyclop for Mac 1.1.1 Sugar Bytes    

... grown out of all the sounds in the universe. And with it comes bass — lots of ... basses never heard before. Cyclop is here to create new sound. Wrap your bass around your drums like melted sugar around a hot chili pepper. Cyclop is monophic and it will blow your .... Free download of Cyclop for Mac 1.1.1

Cyclop 1.1.1 Sugar Bytes    

... grown out of all the sounds in the universe. And with it comes bass — lots of ... basses never heard before. Cyclop is here to create new sound. Wrap your bass around your drums like melted sugar around a hot chili pepper. Cyclop is monophic and it will blow your .... Free download of Cyclop 1.1.1

Jazz: Trump's journey BulkyPix    

... New Orleans in 1920’s. Go live your dream: create a music band, conquer the heart of the ... with a strong storyline in a deep JAZZ universe. Features Move around New Orleans depicted using stylish graphics Follow young Trump's moving story and be part of the birth of jazz. .... Free download of Jazz: Trump's journey

Animated FlashBook Templates for Outer Space Style 1.0    

... your readers into an imagination of the mysterious Universe. The second picture is showing us the spiral galaxy, which looks like the colorful lightening cloud. We can even feel the relaxed atmosphere that pass by the wide-open horizon. By now, how can you doubt that these templates are able to .... Free download of Animated FlashBook Templates for Outer Space Style 1.0

Flash flip book theme of Stars 1.0    

... make the book as charm as the vastness universe. Free and easy to use. .... Free download of Flash flip book theme of Stars 1.0

OpenUniverse 1.0 Beta 3 Raúl Alonso    

... released on Nov 1997 with the intention to create a rotating Earth display on a main stream ... the user's eye (camera) within Solar System's virtual universe and last but not least better textures for ... development of the program: Open for the whole Universe, not just the solar system. .... Free download of OpenUniverse 1.0 Beta 3

Excel Grade Book Template Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... offers a solution to users who want to create Excel templates for professors and teachers to track grades. By generating an easy-to-read spreadsheet you will save time to grade and track individual progress. Grades modified directly in Excel will be automatically recalculated. Excel 2000 or higher required. .... Free download of Excel Grade Book Template Software 7.0

Free Network Device Monitor 1.0.1 SolarWinds    

In the universe of your WAN, network devices are constantly under ... by your side, you can quickly and easily create a custom monitoring template for your chosen network device and then share it with your fellow IT geeks on thwack, SolarWinds online community. Or, simply browse the extensive library of .... Free download of Free Network Device Monitor 1.0.1

AMC Buttons 2 Plugin 2.0a.05 Alchemy Mindworks    

Create buttons to suit your web pages, e-mail messages, ... extreme button styles. Each one infinitely configurable to create graphics that stand out like a laser with ... now and it will be filling your personal universe with superb button graphics by tea time, even if you don't like tea. This plugin .... Free download of AMC Buttons 2 Plugin 2.0a.05

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